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I can now RIG prices per my ‘Algorithm’ continuously!

August 31, 2015

Our computer machines and Algorithms make it easy for me to trade in our electronic markets today! I can rig oil prices, silver prices, gold prices, currency rates, stock markets, and much more. All I need is a computer platform and access to our electronic exchanges in real-time (with an ample supply of cyber money). If I can lever my trades with borrowed cyber funds this makes it even easier and more profitable. I can use my Algorithm to enter and exit trades in milliseconds and/or microseconds. My high-speed trading (using Algorithms) with an Algorithm at the other end of my trade makes it possible for me to enter and exit trades continuously and at near the speed of light. HFT is now ubiquitous!

This new computer trading system is ideal for me to ‘rig’ and ‘manipulate’ prices and our greater global markets. Think of trading via a computer Algorithm which enters and exits trades in less than a second. Think of Algorithms at the other end of my trade. I can instruct my Algorithm to trade based on math parameters which I have pre-selected. I then have these parameters coded into my Algorithm which then allows my Algorithm to trade automatically and continuously. My coded parameters allow me to trade without any human input. Algorithms are coded instructions built into my computer software and Algorithms now clear my trades at the opposite end. What a sophisticated operation!

I can now determine the parameters for the silver and gold prices (if I desire). I will allow the ‘price’ to fluctuate only within the parameters which I (say a Central Bank trading desk) allow. My computer Algorithm will dump ‘naked shorts’ per my pre-selected parameters. I can control the ‘price’ of any commodity via this pre-selected method via my coded Algorithm. Algorithmic trading is necessary and ubiquitous in today’s cyber markets. There is no need to CRY OUT a price per the old Open out-cry system. I can now do my trading privately and silently with my pre-coded Algorithm and my HFT computer. What a great way to ‘rig’ and ‘manipulate’ our markets (prices, exchange rates, oil, silver, gold, etc.). Who discerns these operations? Who is talking about these issues?

Few of our savvy financial pundits talk about the details of Algorithmic trading today. The implication is that trading is a human process and operation. Is this true today? In reality, humans are no longer involved in most trading or price discovery. All is via Algorithms and more Algorithms. Coded Algorithms and high-speed trading (with more Algorithms clearing a trade) are the methods used today. Algorithms determine our ‘prices’ and all ‘prices’ today can and are rigged to a great degree. Our electronic markets allow these Algorithms and Price rigging to occur. Who is aware of the codes which are pre-programmed into an Algorithm and what is being ‘rigged’?

We now need to think differently about our markets. All our markets are ‘rigged’ and ‘manipulated’ by sophisticated pre-coded Algorithms (at both ends of a trade). Algorithms are ideal for our computer CYBER markets. Our money is now in Cyber Space and our Prices emerge as Cyber prices. Look at your computer screen and watch our traders as they implement their coded Algorithms for automatic trading action. Algorithms, math, codes, software, electronic markets, cyberspace prices, imaginary money, makes up our global markets today! The coming CRASH will be within these cyberspace markets. An Algorithm is likely to set off the CRASH! Who controls this system? Think: our cyber traders and our Central Cyber banksters! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Oil prices today increased some 6% via trading action! Was this a supply/demand result from Open Out-Cry pricing? Not today! Price discovery now happens within our cyber trading markets with Algorithms creating most of our prices! Human beings are not involved! Think algorithms and rigging of our markets!

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