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A Message from Ron Paul and Me!

August 28, 2015

After listening to the message from prior Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, I have decided that I should publish his video for all my blog viewers to consider. Watch at: I have followed Ron Paul and his concern for our monetary situation since the 70’s. I even invited him to a conference which I was arranging in Madison, Wisconsin in the late 70’s. His message is similar to mine as he recognizes that ‘confidence’ is the key to currencies and our economic situation. Ron served some 22 years in Congress and he knows how our American financial system works! He understands Central Banking better than most Central Bankers and he understands the core problems which our Central Banks have created for all Americans and the World!

Ron understands that gold is foundational to money and value! Our Central Bankers dislike the discipline of a ‘standard of value’ for their currencies! Why?

The above statement also represents my view! Self government under our Creator is the key to individual freedom and prosperity going forward!

Take the time to listen to his video which gives a good overview of our problems and why now is the time to prepare for major change. Go to: Thanks for watching and keep following my blog for the latest information on our World economic and political situation. Enjoy! I am:

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