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Wisdom: My Silver Coins did not Vanish!

August 24, 2015

Our markets are now within cyberspace (imaginary) but my silver coins are not affected by cyber trading. My silver coins look the same today as they did the past four years. The market ‘price’ changes with our algorithmic trading (now in cyberspace), but my physical coin never changes. This should mean something for those who think about our markets and our money! Why is this important to understand?

My silver coins look the same today as yesterday! Why no change?

Our elite bankers have created cyber money (in recent years) which is really nothing but an extension of my consciousness (my imagination). These past few days we have witnessed cyber prices vanishing in the trillions. China, America, India, Russia, Brazil, plus all our global cyber markets now crash and burn when confidence crashes. This is all ‘within’ our consciousness (mind) as we watch our computer screens. What is the mystery?

Cyber markets crash in China, America, and around the Globe! Why?

The mystery is that all ‘market values’ and ‘prices’ are now being expressed with money that is ‘imaginary’. Our dollar is an ‘imaginary’ currency (a cyber unit of nothing). The euro is an ‘imaginary’ currency (a cyber unit of nothing). All the global currencies are now really units of nothing (displayed within a new virtual space called Cyberspace). This space is witnessed within our computer screens but it is virtual and really an extension of my/your consciousness. Who discerns?

Numbers (in cyberspace) are units of nothing! They are imaginary!

Our global currencies are really ‘no thing’ units. Think about cyberspace and the computer screen in front of your nose. What is cyberspace? What are these cyber units which we call dollars, euros, yen, pounds, rubles, etc.? Are they real? Are they physical? Are they within our Space/time Universe? Think about the ‘nature’ of these units. Why do they VANISH into thin air and disappear? What are they composed of? Is there any ‘substance’ to these units? Think!

We now live with BIT money (circulating within Cyberspace)!

Why do my silver coins stay the same from day-to-day (with no change in appearance or in substance)? My silver coins are material, physical, composed of matter! These coins (let’s say a 1 ounce coin) have physical substance to them. They used to be our MONEY. They used to set our PRICES. They used to be viewed as having INTRINSIC value. What has happened? Why are all our ‘prices’ and ‘values’ now determined within cyberspace and with cyber money? Is this important to understand?

We all now spend ‘bit money’ and ‘byte’ money! Our Central Bankers and our commercial bankers create these units OUT-OF-NOTHING!

I would suggest that the market crashes of this past week and continuing today are a RESULT of the type of money we now live with! We now live with CYBER money which circulates within cyberspace! We witness ‘prices’ within our computer screens (cyberland). These ‘prices’ are unstable and volatile as they change with our inner/subjective Consciousness (confidence). This emotion called ‘confidence’ creates changes in our markets as we ‘click’ our computer mouse to enter and exit our cyber trades.

Our MONEY today is unsound and imaginary! Is this a problem going forward? I would suggest, YES!

We no longer enjoy stability or regularity in our markets as we now trade with subjective/non-physical/immaterial units of nothing (called dollars, etc.) as our money/currency. This is scandalous for those of us who understand the history of our money. We used to use physical/material money (silver/gold) and we used to define our currency in terms of these physical metals. The definition of our dollar used to be 371.25 grains of SILVER. This created stable prices and regularity in our trading. This is now history!

Stable money is backed and convertible into a physical object (like silver or gold)! Today, we have units of nothing…created from nothing! Think!

Yes, we now need a RESET of all our financial markets and if we desire to use money going forward, we need to ‘tie’ each UNIT to some material object which the people view as having VALUE. What commodities have had historical VALUE from our past? Think: silver coins, gold coins, copper coins and similar physical commodities derived from the SOIL of planet earth. Now may be a good time to BUY some silver or gold coins for the coming ‘ride’ down into the abyss of our inner self! Enjoy the ride down these next few years! I am:

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