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High Alert!!! Global ‘BEAR’ has begun!!!

August 22, 2015

Some $1.4 trillion of market value vanished the last 5 days in the USA and some $4 trillion vanished over in China. If we add all markets on our planet we would witness many more trillions. The message is loud and clear! The trend has changed and we have now entered a global ‘bear’ market for the forseeable future (for our stock markets). Rallies will now be into this global BEAR which will accelerate (downward) in the coming weeks and months. A TREND change is huge and this is based on my analysis of global cycles.

The Global ‘BEAR’ reveals a change in TREND! This is a High Alert!

The macro picture is now clear and the trend has reversed. We could witness exponential declines between now and the end of 2015. 2016 will be more of the same as rallies are times to sell…not buy! Financial Armageddon is approaching and those with a ‘spiritual’ Worldview can recognize this reality. The vast majority of pundits, however, lack this ‘spiritual’ Worldview and perspective on events and history. The brain can not discern what is emerging but the ‘spiritual’ mind can. Get prepared for the ride of all history in the next few years!

The TREND can be your friend or it can ‘eat’ all your prior cyber digits!

In reality, all market values are inner/subjective/spiritual. The concept of ‘value’ is a spiritual concept. All our cyber currencies are also spiritual (or we could say Metaphysical) units. Our ‘dollar’ is a spiritual/metaphysical unit of consciousness. Many call our ‘dollar’ a mental abstraction. This is valid. Mental abstractions, however, reveal the spiritual nature of these currency units. To discern our times it is necessary to develop a ‘spiritual’ Worldview of reality. Few of our leaders, bankers, economists, and pundits seem to discern these spiritual realities. Watch and witness the coming trend change!

One website which reveals a spiritual perspective on coming events and trends is this website: Take the time to review this website and also the book called: The Coming Economic Ice Age. The author is Robert McHugh, Ph.D. This technical expert has indicators which point clearly to my view of a CHANGE in trend. The time to get out of stocks and into a safe haven investment is NOW. Historical safe havens will likely be the best for the next 5-7 years. Ride the wave and protect your purchasing power. Enjoy! I am:

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