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End of Shemitah Cycle: September 13, 2015!

August 19, 2015

Cycles are a reality but precise events are unpredictable. The first Shemitah cycle of 2001 was September 17. The second cycle was September 29, 2008. The third cycle ends on September 13, 2015. Many are now predicting that some great financial event will happen on or near this coming cycle of the 13th, September. The reasons are based on the prior cycles. Both 2001 and 2008 were huge events in our stock markets. Was the meaning of Shemitah a reason? The results were dire for our economy and the world on the past Shemitah cycles. Will the coming cycle ending on the 13th produce another dire event? We have less than a month to wait!

The Shemitah cycle is based upon a spiritual Worldview of reality!

Reality is mostly determined by forces and sources outside the control of human beings. Man likes to think that they control all financial events and happenings. But history demonstrates that events happen with few knowing that an event will happen. My personal view is that our economy and our markets are now near some dire event. This event could happen near or close to this next Shemitah cycle. Personally, I am out of the stock market (with the exception of some mining stocks). The fear indicator appears to be growing and this means that confidence is waning going forward. Watch the cyber markets for a major change in September, October, November, or December! Dates are not precise but my inner sense is telling me that some dire event is near!

This cycle is new to most financial pundits! Is it valid? Could a dire event be on the horizon? We need to be aware and then watch/act!

Dow drops on many of these Shemitah cycles? In 2001 the drop was 7%, in 2008 the drop was 777.7 points. What might happen on September 13, 2015?

Many religious leaders are predicting that gold will crash with the markets in the coming months. This prediction is based on the idea that gold can not be eaten. I think this mindset is flawed. Our cyber $ also can not be eaten. It fact our cyber $ does not even exist in space/time. I would rather have some gold and silver (which exists) rather than cyber money which does not exist. Try access our cyber $? Can you snatch this moving bit currency within your computer screen. Try it! I can not reach into my computer screen an fetch my cyber $$$ in my cyber accounts. Think about the nature of cyber money! What is it? Where is it? Think and learn!

Image result for End of Shemitah cycle is Sept 13, 2015

Are financial pundits aware of this cycle or its meaning?

The markets are now vulnerable to rapid changes in real-time as our markets are mostly within cyberspace. Speed of light movements of our cyber currencies mean that change UP or DOWN can be instantaneously. Our cyber markets are speed of light markets. Traders can enter and exit these markets in milliseconds and microseconds. The click of a computer mouse creates a buy and/or sell. A flash crash of our markets could happen on or about September 13. I don’t know! But I do sense that a dire event is on the horizon. I am prepared! Are you? Think and learn. I am:

P.S. Wisdom: man does not live by bread alone! There is a spiritual realm!

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