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Algorithms, Bit-money, Robots, Suppression, Cyberspace!

June 30, 2015

What is now happening over in Greece is very instructive for those who desire to understand money. Greece has adopted capital controls and this means that Greeks can not use their bit-money (credit cards, mobile payments, and such) outside their own country. If they travel outside Greece they now need paper euro’s or coins to pay for a hotel room, dinner, or a drink. This reveals what? I would suggest that this reveals the nature of our bit-currencies (all these units are imaginary and within the computer screen). We can not ‘take’ a bit-currency from the computer screen (cyberspace). Try and snatch it! Try hold it! Try put a bit-unit in your wallet! Can you discern the ‘nature’ of our bit-money? It’s imaginary!!! It has no substance! It has no existence outside the computer screen!

Greeks now under Capital Controls! They need paper euro’s to survive! Bit-money can only be used within the country! Paper euro’s must be used outside Greece!

Greeks are now being limited to some 20 – 60 paper euros per day. This is a form of capital controls. This does reveal, however, the ‘nature’ of monetary reality when debt and political events take over the economy. We could see this same situation in all global markets at some point down the road. All the trillions of bit-units (cyber bits of nothing) VANISH and disappear when the computer screen is unavailable for monetary transactions (now transactions outside Greece). We then must change our thinking and focus on what exists within space/time. Paper currencies exist. Coins exist. Silver coins exist. Gold coins exist. Bit-units (in your computer screen) DO NOT exist. They live in cyberspace! Think and learn!

Bit-money is within the computer screen! Can I reach into the screen and take out my money? If not, what does this mean? Where are my IRA bit-units stored? Where are my savings now stored? What are these bit-units?

We now use ‘algorithms’ mostly for realtime trading in our electronic markets. Algorithms are codes which can execute trades, monitor bit-prices, suppress bit-silver prices, and manipulate all financial accounts. All this is done WITHIN the computer screen in what we call Cyberspace. Cyberspace is not the same as OUTSIDE space (where paper, metals, physical things exist). Cyberspace is an extension of my/your Consciousness! Consciousness and cyber money units now circulate within all our global markets. I call these units within cyberspace BIT units. Bits/bytes (digits) are now our money for most transactions and nearly every trading activity. All this has emerged in just the past 15-20 years!

Greeks can not use their bit-money OUTSIDE of the country! Why? Are the bank computers shut down? What does this signify?

Most managers of bit-money now use robots and algorithms to execute trades in realtime daily. All this happens WITHIN the computer screen (in cyberspace). Our entire financial system is now mostly a cyberspace financial system where bit-money prevails. Bit-units are what determines the price of our silver and gold today. Electronic trading, using bit-currencies, creates all our imaginary asset values and determines a good’s price. Price discovery is mostly a computer screen activity today. Since our Central Banks now have entered the trading markets with their huge trading rooms and high-speed computers, these shadow entities can RULE over all our markets, trading, and prices. Supply and Demand is not relevant for our Central Bank manipulators. Why? Think about what has changed in just the past 15 – 20 years!

Robo trading and algorithms execute most trades today! Bit-money is the medium of circulation! Imaginary bit-prices are the result! It’s all done within Cyberspace (inside the computer screen)! What does this mean when a country’s computers are shut down? What happens to my bit-money in my bank, IRA, savings account?

Robots, algorithms, bit-money, cyberspace, globalization, central bank trading rooms, price suppression, asset value manipulation, and a financial system which is IMAGINARY (within the computer screen) reveals today’s global markets! Virtual stocks, virtual bonds, virtual mortgages, virtual settlement, and virtual investments and savings make up my portfolio and accounting. All this has emerged subtly and without any official media promotion. Who on God’s green earth is behind all this corruption, price suppression, and manipulation? This, to me, is the 64,000 question! Who controls our markets? Who suppresses bit-prices of silver/gold? Who has access to unlimited units of bit-money? What is QE and who creates the bit-currencies for this operation? Think about the changes and all the centralization in recent years!

Will the vote on July 5 be YES or will it be NO? The elites in Brussels want a ‘yes’ vote! The leaders of Greece are asking for a ‘no’ vote! Which will prevail? What will follow? Will contagion result?

The situation over in Greece is very instructive as our Authorities must alter their models to accommodate these unique events in realtime. The elite are not generally wishing for serious changes or unexpected events. The elite desire Control and Unity within the overall system. Disunity and disintermediation is not helpful to our elite rulers. Watch the events over in Greece so as to LEARN from these events. I find the Greece situation very interesting and fascinating! What will happen on July 5 with the vote situation? Will our Greek friends choose some risk and vote NO or will they fall into fear and insecurity and vote YES? My suggestion is to vote, NO! Enjoy!

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