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Black Swans Emerging! Greece, Russia, EU, 911 ?

June 28, 2015

In the fullness of time, consequences for prior irresponsibilities develop! Could this be the time for Greece to set off a series of dominos (but where)? The events over in Europe are now reaching their fullness and this means that consequences for prior bad behaviors will be felt in our markets soon. A controlled demolition will likely develop as our Central Banks monitor all markets closely going forward. Circuit breakers (delaying the fall) could develop at some point down the road to prevent excessive trader emotions from emerging on the downside. The cup of indignation has arrived for some markets. We will now need to watch closely to discern which dominos fall and which stand! Will the July 5 referendum (over in Greece) resolve any of the serious debt issues of this nation? That is the question!

The question for our Greek friends on July 5 is Yes or NO! Do they desire more austerity and false accommodations from the elite in Brussels, Frankfurt, and Washington or do they desire market risk so as to become a free and independent people under self-government! Will fear and security prevail from this referendum (a Yes vote) or will risk and freedom prevail (a No vote)? The entire eurozone system is destined for elimination and collapse at some point down the road…so why not vote NO and then seek to become a free and independent people? The road will be difficult but the rewards could be equally special! I will watch the outcome with serious interest to discern if ‘Fear’ wins or if ‘Freedom’ wins!

Building 7 imploded into its foot print in 7 seconds! No plane hit this building! Was this planned? By whom? Why? The physics behind this collapse suggests a controlled demolition (some heard the words ‘pull it’ just prior to the implosion)!

A controlled demolition was what likely happened on 911 with our South, North, and Building 7 towers in New York. You can watch as building 7 imploded into its footprint via preprogrammed explosives. Go to YouTube and watch! My sense is that all three buildings were pre-programmed for demolition and this means that the events of 911 were mostly staged by some shadow cartel with puppet acquiescence from the administration in power. When I look at the behavior of our President (Bush) at the Florida elementary school after being notified of the Attack, I notice some bizarre behavior which is not presidential! Was he aware of the events prior to them happening? You make your own assessment!

Notification, from Andrew Card, came shortly after the first plane hit the North Tower and Bush continued to sit and contemplate for some 7 minutes! Why? America is under attack were the words whispered!

Bush sits and contemplates and seems rather uncertain and confused as time for action is squandered?

Bush said he witnessed the first plane on TV, yet this video had not been made public at the time of his statement? Did he mis-speak? 

His responses and behavior after the 911 event seemed mostly presidential! 

We are now at the point in history where we have reached the Fullness of Time…and the Cup of Indignation could follow (over time)! This message is not pretty and we all need to think seriously about all political and economic events going forward. Who is behind all the corruption and false flag events (politically and economically)? Are events covertly orchestrated? This question can not be discerned with certainty but assumptions can be made based on continuing evidence! It appears that 911 is a story which has not been revealed fully. Those who are seriously looking into all the happenings now discern many false flags. I tend to agree that this story is rather incomplete!

The silver price has declined from $48/oz. to $15 + today. Is a lack of demand the cause? 

The corruptions within our silver and gold markets is also likely orchestrated by some shadow group. My sense is that one of more Central Bank trading rooms are behind all the price suppression schemes over the past four years. The evidence is building that price suppression is being orchestrated at the highest levels so as to deceive traders and the public into accepting our fantasy funny money (bits and bytes within our computer screens). Subjective units of nothing are what the elites desire for our global markets. This is becoming rather evident and abandonment of all historical monies is part of the scheme. Silver and gold are viewed by these shadow elites as a barbarous relic! In reality, the bit-currencies should be viewed as barbarous and delusional. But those in control rule as of now!

Debt is our biggest economic issue going forward! All our debt is now stored in cyberspace! What does this mean? Can the bits/bytes be deleted? What is debt (and money) in today’s world?

The next couple of months should be enlightening and instructive for those who desire wisdom and understanding. As our markets fluctuate and waver from day-to-day we should be able to discern who is behind all these centralized events! My sense is that global centralization will reveal who desires to create the real change in our markets. A downward trend in our markets going forward should help with discerning who controls the system and what their goals and vision is for the future of their system. Central controls and Central Banking is where I will be watching! Money rules this planet and our Central Banks create all these units which we call MONEY! Watch and discern! I am:

P.S. Watch and think (successive building implosions)!;;

Watch and think! ;

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