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Philosophy: The ‘paradox’ of political Unity!

June 23, 2015

Everyone desires ‘unity’ … right? Everyone desires that leaders come together and agree on fixed solutions … right? Group think and unity is what our political/religious leaders desire … why? In real life this mindset produces freedom for the hierarchy (select leaders) but slavery for the masses who must be subjected to this delusional ‘unity’ and ‘group think’. What appears as right results in wrong (a philosophical paradox). I have witnessed this mindset in all the religious denominations which I have experienced. The religious leaders desire ‘unity’ and ‘community’ prior to freedom for the enslaved parishioners. The enslaved (under the illusion of ‘unity’ and ‘group think’) tend to buy into this ‘group think’ and ‘unity’ so as to preserve their mental delusions/insecurities! But who comprehends any of this?

What is now emerging over in Europe is this ‘paradox’. The political leaders desire that Greece buy into the collective ‘unity’ and ‘group think’ of the hierarchy. This ‘unity’ and ‘group think’ then preserves the status quo and protects the elite from the masses who desire real personal freedom (but can’t achieve it)! What delusion and illusion operates at the highest levels of POWER. Let’s create ‘unity’ so that the status quo can be preserved for the select elites who govern the masses. Dictatorship of the proletariat is the price for this false ‘unity’. Group think (also called political correctness) follows to preserve this delusional ‘unity’! The deceptions and paradoxes must continue as WORDS rule our planet!

The Eurozone hierarchy will likely prevail over any real independence for the people of Greece!

Who could be against the concept of UNITY and COMMUNITY? One must be insane to desire diversity and disunity (multiple viewpoints and opinions)! The leadership who RULES must have followers! Followers want delusional ‘unity’ and ‘group think’ so as everyone FEELS together and compatible. This paradox has continued from the beginning of time. Those in POWER must have followers and in order to govern rightly the elite must have a false ‘unity’ and a false ‘community’ to govern and RULE! All this leads to more CONTROL over the masses and a desire to destroy this hierarchy which rules and controls (ISIS is one example; Russian belligerence over sanctions is another; Chinese cyber warfare over America dominance and hegemony is another). The desire for political ‘unity’ actually produces DISUNITY!

The ruling hierarchy desires ‘unity’ at the expense of subjective ‘individuality’!

Individual FREEDOM demands diversity and unique points of view (what the elite dislike if carried beyond their ken). Our elite needs to RULE and govern over the proletariat and this means that a false ‘unity’ must prevail over individual freedom and real diversity! This paradox is not recognized by our elite power brokers (religious, political, or scientific). These elite must create a false objectivity which deludes the masses and the sheep. Today, this objectivity is mostly created by our robotic artificial computers and those who program the algorithms which create this delusional objectivity. The reality of our marketplace is that all viewpoints (including all the elites) are SUBJECTIVE! Our elites, however, do not want to recognize the realities of experience or our diverse marketplace!

The hierarchy of rulers desire political correctness rather than real subjective diversity! Why?

The end result of this dichotomy is that the ELITE rule over the SHEEP who can not overcome the deceptive ‘words’ of these elite rulers. Life is mostly a ‘word’ game and those with rhetoric and charisma can delude the sheep with their deceptive ‘words’. Few discern these deceptions within our greater political system. This allows the deceptive ‘words’ coming from the mouths of the elite to rule, control, and dominate the lowly SHEEP (you and I). Think about ‘human nature’ if you desire to discern what is really happening on our planet! Human nature is deceived and insecure! This allows those in power and rulership to maintain their dominance over the greater marketplace of sheep. Who comprehends?

Watch what happens over in the Eurozone as they finalize their deceptions over the Greece debt and deficits. My sense is that the elites who rule from their HIERARCHY in Brussels, Frankfort, Basel, and Strasburg will prevail using deception and confusion to control the people of Greece. Few will comprehend the ‘word’ games which will be played. Reading the documents does not mean (necessarily) what is really meant by the elites who rule. To discern the message put yourself in the shoes of the elites and think like a ruler who desires ‘unity’, ‘conformity’, and ‘group think’ for the sheep. That is my suggestion! Think for yourself and recognize these paradoxes which our ‘words’ create! Enjoy! I am:

The champaign has started and ‘words’ will most likely deceive the sheep in 2016! Who can prevail?

Mitt Romney may or may not choose to join this subjective group of Americans! Who should rule over the American Sheep? This will soon be the issue come August 2015! Debates and ‘words’ will fly!

P.S. The people to watch going forward in America are those running for a position of rulership in 2016. Today, we have some 20 or more candidates who desire to rule over the American sheep. Who will emerge and who can deceive the public more convincingly with their WORDS. Watch and listen to Hillary, Jeb, Donald, Scott, Rick, Ted, John, Pete, Bobby, Lindsey, Joe, Martin, Bernie, Jim, Ben, Chris, Bob, Mark, Carly, George, Rand, and Marco. Who will convince the 50.1% that they know what America (this subjective group of individuals) desires? Who has the rhetoric/charisma and ‘words’ that can ‘appear’ objective yet mean that which is ‘subjective’ (their inner delusions of reality so as to rule over the many)? The debates start in August and the rhetoric will FLOW from their subjective mouths! Enjoy and learn!

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