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Europe may adopt Hamilton’s ‘Debt’ Model!

June 22, 2015

Today’s Wall Street Journal presented an article entitled:  ‘Eurozone Unveils Plan to Withstand Shocks’ (see page A5, Monday, June 22, 2015). Basically, the message is that Eurozone leaders will develop a ‘common’ budget for the entire Eurozone and then a ‘common’ treasury that would make collective decisions for the entire block. This model could be viewed as similar to Alexander Hamilton’s debt scheme for America back in 1789-92. Hamilton desired that all our State’s junk debt be pooled and combined and then made an obligation of the U.S. Treasury. This corrupt model may develop over in the Eurozone!

Hamilton’s scheme to reward the speculators (at full value) destroyed a key principle of Capitalism (responsibility for one’s decisions)!

The WSJ article states: European officials released a long-awaited plan to address flaws in the Eurozone’s makeup that would see its members sacrifice more of their national sovereignty for the economic good of the entire currency block.  The plan released on Sunday envisions deepening the bloc’s integration and improving its ability to absorb shocks such as the debt crisis that now threatens to push Greece out of the Eurozone. This sounds like a model similar to Hamilton’s during our first Congress.

Greece may be selling its ‘soul’ (including the Greek bodies) so as to become part of the Greater Eurozone hierarchy! Will this lead to a free market economy? Who benefits as this hierarchy becomes dictatorial?

What the Eurozone is proposing may temporarily solve the Greek debt crisis but it will also create a centralized hierarchy for this block of countries. This centralized hierarchy will promote a huge STATE at the expense of a free market society. The people will become slaves to this new centralized hierarchy and it is unlikely to solve any longer term issues within economics. Demonstrators in Brussels showed their displeasure for this plan of austerity for Greece. The European elites, however, control Europe and a collectivized model is what they desire. Few European citizens, however, can do anything about these plans coming from the elites! They are victims!

Eurozone hierarchy rules and who can challenge when push comes to shove?

The new leaders of Greece appear to have been checkmated by the stronger elites who control the greater system. I don’t think any of these ‘common’ policies will lead to free markets for our global system. The trends are now towards Global Governance with select elites enslaving the entire planet so as to promote their vision of economics and politics. Those of us who discern these trends recognize that all these centralization schemes lead directly to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ where economic survival will be dictated to the masses…who are under the control of these elites. Buying and selling will be controlled via bit-currencies and special policy rules administered by this dictatorship.

Actually we have some Global Governance right now in 2015!

America and its citizens are also heading for this centralized global system. All of economics and money is now interconnected via a global cyber computer system. This cyber system needs a centralized Authority to administer the system. All our global institutions are now being connected via a network of computers where bit-currencies rule over all our markets. Bit-currencies are ideal for being centralized under the auspices of ONE hierarchical control system. ONE master computer (the Beast) could administer all these bit-currencies (which are created and destroyed via a computer keyboard).

Global Governance and Control is administered by private (unelected banksters) and select institutional policymakers! Free markets have disappeared!

The Greece markets increased some 9% today on emotion and hoopla. All Euro markets also increased some 3-4% on emotional robo-trading. Did any real ‘wealth’ (goods) get produced to reflect this hoopla? I don’t think so! Our electronic cyber markets are now mostly decoupled from the reality of real production and real growth. Bit-currencies rule over all trading and traders are unaware of what they do! Our markets are imaginary and delusional but our robo-traders can earn bit-money from clicking their computer mouse. Personally, I watch all the markets with my Bloomberg app within the screen of my smart phone!

Emotion rules over our electronic robo-markets! A 9% increase over in Greece today! Euro markets increased some 3-4%. Where are the new goods (wealth)? Are cyber markets decoupled from wealth creation?

All global markets are now interconnected via a web of cyber cables. Bit-money can be earned merely by clicking a computer mouse and watching one’s algorithm as it trades automatically. Machines drive our markets and our Central Banks manipulate all the central computer machines. Manipulation of our markets is now mostly a Central Bank activity and these elites can create their bit-money OUT OF NOTHING. What a game of fantasy and who are the Casino players? Think of our private (dark room) central banksters as the behind the scenes manipulators!

Robots do most trading today using algorithms for execution of trades! The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is here!

This robo-trading and Central Bank manipulation can continue until a BIG player chooses to get out of the game. Who might choose to crash this robo-trading (centralized) con game? Could the BIS desire to crash the system so that their Global Governance system emerges from the ashes? Could our Central Bank (the Fed) desire to crash this system? The next few months should be interesting to watch! Some traders are starting to wake-up to the con-game and the Casino controls. But the majority continue to think in the dark and live in Plato’s allegorical CAVE! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Plato’s allegorical Cave speaks to all our imaginary (inner) bit-currencies which deceive the masses from the reality of the sunshine (our outer reality…such as silver and gold)! Who comprehends?

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