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Philosophy: Hamilton/Obama vs. Jefferson/Swenson!

June 20, 2015

To understand why our Nation is in political and economic trouble we need to go back to the start. The current news is that our Treasury desires to replace the image of Alexander Hamilton on our paper ten-dollar note (for a female image). I don’t know the entire reasons for this change but it may have much to do with ‘PHILOSOPHY’. If we go back to the beginning of our Nation we can discern that there was a huge philosophical battle between the Hamilton (Statist) forces and the Jeffersonian (Individualist) forces. This philosophical battle has played out throughout our 226 year history. The Statist forces have mostly prevailed against the Jeffersonian (individualist) forces. We witness the results today!

We can thank the mindset of Alexander Hamilton for the huge Central Government today…as well as our Central Planning institution called The Federal Reserve!

Hamilton’s view for American mostly prevailed and today we are experiencing the end game of Centralization! The final step is Global Governance under a New World Order governed by the elite! 

Alexander Hamilton and his statist philosophy has mostly prevailed in America. Hamilton desired a strong Central Government and a strong Central Bank. Jefferson desired just the opposite. When our Nation became an Independent country (after the Revolution) in 1789, our Constitution became the SUPREME law of the land (overruling the individual States). From 1776 until our Constitution was signed, the biggest problems were mostly economic. Our individual States had created their own money and currency and this hodge-podge of mixed monies and currencies was intolerable for our new Nation.

America’s First Central Bank (this set in motion what we witness today)! Washington and Hamilton’s philosophy prevailed in our First Congress!

Jefferson’s First Mint in Philadelphia! Our dollar was defined as 371.25 grains of silver!

At the time when decisions had to be made to resolve this mess within economics, the key philosophical battle was between these forces of Hamilton (a strong central State) vs. Jefferson (a weak and limited State). A key issue was what to do with all the DEBT which the individual States had accumulated and could not repay. The State debts were basically JUNK debt (bonds) at the time when Washington became our first President. The issue was: should this debt be eliminated via default or should the new Central Government (the U.S.A.) assume this junk debt and repay all the speculators which owned this junk.

Two Founding Fathers (with opposing views on reality, government, and economics)!

After debate and tussle within our first Congress, the conclusion was that Hamilton’s philosophy should prevail over Jefferson’s. Hamilton and Washington backed the idea of a Central Bank which would be mostly privately owned and which would assume all the junk debt of the individual States. Hamilton and Washington were close bedfellows philosophically. Hamilton was chosen as our FIRST Secretary of the Treasury with Jefferson as our FIRST Secretary of State. Jefferson viewed Hamilton as corrupt and I imagine Hamilton viewed Jefferson as corrupt. Philosophically they were mostly at loggerheads.

Hamilton (Central Bank is necessary) vs Jefferson (Central Bank is not in our Constitution)!

Since the Statist philosophy of Hamilton prevailed within our FIRST Congress, this set the tone for most subsequent decisions in economics and also politics. A progressive Statist philosophy was reinforced with the decisions of Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and with Franklin Roosevelt in 1934. Bigness and Centralization of money prevailed over Jefferson’s ideas of the individual, a coin based money system, and a mostly farm based economic system. Industrialization and manufacturing (Hamilton’s ideas) prevailed. Credit and funny money (paper) prevailed over hard currencies. All this has evolved from this starting point way back in 1789 – 1795. Washington supported Hamilton’s ideas and Jefferson had to take a back seat!

Division emerged at the START of America. The big issues were over POWER and CONTROL! Alexander Hamilton won the biggest issues of all (Big State over Little State, Central Bank over None)!

Today, our Nation is a huge Statist entity (  with a single Central Bank which basically OWNS our economy and our political system. The philosophical forces of Hamilton, Wilson, Roosevelt, Obama have won over Jefferson, Jackson, Ron Paul and Swenson. My philosophy is based mostly upon the INDIVIDUAL being supreme and the STATE withering into the sunset. Today, we witness the Obama philosophy (Statist and Community centered) winning over those who view the Individual as being supreme. The current battle in our Congress over a new TRADE agreement is central to this philosophical battle. TPP (this trade legislation) is a promotion of trade so as to create a global economic system under the auspices of a Global Government. Do Americans desire this future?

The issue of a Central Bank has not ended. Who should control our economy is still the issue today! Do Americans desire Central Planning or Individual Planning? My view is for the Individual first!

Ron and his son Rand Paul are still attempting to get our Congress to seek a full audit of The Fed! So far the special interests have not allowed this to happen! Let’s support Ron and Rand in this effort!

Global Governance and global control over economics and politics is part of the Obama philosophical mindset. Alexander Hamilton, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt would applaud the actions and policies of the Obama Administration. Jefferson, Jackson, Paul, and Swenson would view these statist actions as anathema to individual freedom and a free market economy. When push comes to shove, all goes back to First Principles (that which started the process) and if we desire to change our direction going forward we will need to get back to these First Principles. In my view, we are heading in the WRONG direction and our destiny (if continued) will lead to a few ELITE ruling and controlling the entire planet!

The TPP trade appears innocuous but is it? Why can’t the American people read the 1700 page document prior to any power grab by Mr. Obama and his administration? Why all the secrecy?

Philosophically, I can not support the mindset of our Obama Administration (on economics, trade, or globalization) or on the concept of putting the State before the Individual. The attempts to change direction in our country started with Thomas Jefferson (unsuccessfully) and then Andrew Jackson (unsuccessfully). Today, we witness a corrupt Central Bank called the Federal Reserve Bank and its System of Central Planning. Our money is now created OUT OF NOTHING and from nothing (mere bits and bytes within the computer screen). Is this sound economic policy going forward? All this has evolved gradually from the core Statist philosophy of our first Founding Father, Mr. Alexander Hamilton ( Enjoy and reflect!

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