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Three (3) ‘dollars’ compared and contrasted!

June 18, 2015

The word ‘dollar’ does not do justice to what is happening today. I have discovered from those who respond to my missives that most (secular/science based) thinkers can not discern the imaginary nature of our bit-dollar. To me, this reality is obvious and easy to discern. Yet the majority of those who read this blog probably can not discern the metaphysical nature of reality when it comes to our money. So today, I would like to review and also compare the three ‘dollars’ which we experience in our markets. Those who are ‘born’ of the spirit should discern these realities. Those who are not aware of their inner spiritual nature probably can not discern or comprehend (this is what I have concluded from multiple experiences with people who have commented on by prior missives). Reality is spiritual, yet few comprehend!

The Three Dollars to compare are the following:

1. The Silver coin dollar (such as the American Silver Eagle 1 oz. coin)

2. The Fiat paper dollar (such as the one with the image of George Washington on the front)

3. The Bit-dollar (such as that which we experience within our computer screen)

Today, we live with mostly a spiritual (metaphysical) bit-dollar for most of our transactions. This bit-dollar is much different from our prior silver dollar and our paper dollar. When I started by search for monetary reality (back in the 1950’s) I mostly exchanged silver and copper money for my purchases. Many of my purchases at the local grocery store where also made with a silver coin dollar. This metal coin dollar was minted from real silver (Ag) and then imprinted with the word ‘dollar’ on its face. When I exchanged this coin for another item at the store the exchange was from my pocket (hand) to the recipients hand. Today, this dollar is still legal tender at our commercial banks but it can only be exchanged for a paper dollar or the equivalent in metal coins. I tried this exchange at my Wells Fargo bank to discover this reality!

The silver coin dollar can also be viewed as a currency unit which exists within our space/time universe. We dig up rocks, crush these rocks, process these rocks, smelt them, and finally mint a coin. This process is physical and the items used derive from nature. Nature is the source of our silver coin dollar. I am sure everyone can discern this reality! The next dollar to compare is our paper note dollar (the one with a picture of George Washington). This paper dollar is legal tender but not convertible into anything which we dig up from the land. I call this dollar the fiat paper dollar as it is created by our BEP (bureau of engraving and printing). Our Fed requests this printing mostly to replace existing paper dollars now in circulation. Only some 4% of all monetary transactions occur using this currency unit.

When comparing the silver coin dollar and the paper note dollar we can discern that both are legal tender and both can be used in a similar manner to purchase goods and services. Both exist within our space/time universe and both are material objects which we can place in our pockets and hold in our hand. I think all of us can discern the nature of these two dollars. When we get to our third dollar (which I call our bit-dollar) we enter a new realm of reality (which few seem to discern). This bit-dollar is metaphysical (spiritual) and is circulated with this nebulous space called ‘cyberspace’. This bit-dollar is not material (like the silver coin dollar and the paper note dollar). It is a metaphysical creation which derives from a special source called our banking elite. This bit unit does not exist with our space/time universe!

If I try to hold this bit-unit I discover that I can not access this space called cyberspace with my hand. I can see a bit-dollar ($1.00) in my computer screen but I can not access this unit. How does this unit get into my computer screen? To discern this reality we need to think about special elite banksters who have the authority to either speak this unit into the computer screen (this technology is now here) and/or type this unit into the computer screen (much as I am now doing with this text). Select elite banksters which have the authority can make me a loan (today with no reserve requirement) and these bit-units (dollars) enter my computer account automatically. Bit units magically appear in my account as a result of my bankster elite friend who enters the numbers via the spoken word and/or the typed numbers.

The nature of today’s technology allows select banksters (loan officers and central bankers) to speak units of bit-money ($$$) into the computer screen so as to serve as legal tender money for purchases and other monetary transactions and/or type (key punch) numbers ($$$) into a bit-account (specially designed for me). My recent mortgage loan on my house was created by a bankster elite who had the authority to create a bit-account for me with bit-dollars to use for purchasing my house (property). The big boys at our Central Banks can create billions and trillions of bit-units (dollars, yen, pounds, euros, etc.) with the mere spoken word and/or the punched computer key. What magic has emerged in recent years!

The BIG difference between our silver coin dollar, our paper note dollar, and our bit-dollar is monumental. The first two dollars are within our space/time universe as material objects. Our bit-dollar and all the other bit-currencies, however, are not within space/time but within this nebulous space called ‘cyberspace’. This space is actually an extension of our metaphysical consciousness (mind). This makes it a spiritual dollar which circulates within the spiritual realm of our ‘consciousness’ (this inner space which many call the human ‘mind’). Bit-units can not be held in one’s hand and carried in one’s pocket. We can witness an ‘image’ of the unit (the bit) within our computer screen but we can not apply any material substance to this bit-unit. The unit is metaphysical (spiritual) and is located within our inner self (our consciousness).

Speaking bit-money ($$$) into a computer screen is now possible!

So let’s conclude with these comments. The silver coin dollar is legal tender and can be used today for purchasing goods and services (priced in bit-dollar units). The paper note dollar can be used also to purchase goods and services (priced in bit-dollar units). Both these dollars are material currencies which exist within our space/time universe. The exception to this is our bit-dollar which is circulated within cyberspace. This bit-unit is metaphysical and derives from select elite banksters (who have the authority to create these bit-units for the computer screen). These units are legal tender (it appears) although I don’t think our Congress has officially made these bit-currencies official legal tender.

Comparing the three dollars may help some with discerning the differences and also help some to discern the ‘nature’ of each unit. The dangers of bit-currencies is that these units can be created by select bankster elites (in unlimited amounts) and then transferred to select bit-customers who appeal to these bankster elites. This bit-money tends to gravitate to the super wealthy (who already have more than enough bit-money in their computer accounts). We witness the corruption of this bit-money system when we think about all the QE operations which our Central Banks have created recently. These elites have created trillions of bit-units and called them legal tender. This corruption is unnoticed by most of our corrupt politicians and the corrupt economic profession.

Bit-dollars can now be created in unlimited amounts by mere speaking or typing!

I hope many now discern the nature of cyberspace money and the control factor which is given to our bankster elites over the entire global economy. All this bit-money is likely to lead to the ‘mark of the beast’ and control over buying and selling within our markets. Politicians and banksters need control to administer their global governance over the people. The New World Order is now here for those who can discern these realities. Money rules our planet and the elite control the system. Think and reflect! I am:

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