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Bit-currencies are ‘Imaginary’! Why? Let’s Think!

June 15, 2015

Within science we have the concept called ‘rest mass’. This concept describes the existence of an object in our space/time universe. A positive ‘rest mass’ means that the object EXISTS. An object with ‘zero’ rest mass, however, would have no physical existence within our space/time universe. An example of ‘zero’ rest mass is a photon. This unit of light has ‘zero’ rest mass and could not exist as a physical object within our space/time universe (if at rest). Now let’s think about the current bit-currency called the ‘dollar’. Does this bit-unit contain any ‘rest mass’? I would suggest, NO! A bit-dollar or any other bit-currency is ‘massless’ (and without any ‘matter’). In other words, a bit-dollar DOES NOT EXIST within our space/time universe! Think!

Data has no mass (a unit of info has no mass)? A ‘word’ has no mass!

Does a ‘bit-dollar’ have zero rest mass? Do ‘virtual’ units have zero rest mass? 

When I think of our current bit-dollar I think about this unit as a ‘mental abstraction’ ($1.00). The unit ($) is within my inner consciousness, but it is NOT an object of nature (a material particle which I can hold in my hand). This unit ($) should really be viewed as IMAGINARY! We now live with ‘imaginary’ money (globally) which gets created from banksters ‘imagination’ (their ‘mind’). Is this sound monetary policy? Does this represent sound economics? Let’s think seriously about the ‘nature’ of all our current bit-currencies (dollar, euro, yen, pound, krona, ruble, peso, real, dong, etc.). Just what are these currencies and where do they derive from? Try to possess these units!

Do images within my mind qualify as physical ‘objects’ (within space/time)?

What happens today is that many of our commercial banksters create bit-money ($$$) from their inner consciousness (imagination). They think up a ‘number’ (say $1,000,000,000,000) and then they type this number into their computer screen (as a representation of legal tender money). This ‘number’ then gets located in their bit-computer account (a virtual reality) as an accumulation of bits/bytes ($1 billion units of imagination). In other words, our legal tender money gets actualized within our computer screen via the punching of computer keys. We then SEE virtual numbers (called bit-money) in our bit-account. Is this sound monetary policy? Does this represent real WEALTH? Can this type of money prevail as a form of meaningful ‘wealth’? I don’t think so!

Bit-currencies are ‘virtual’ objects (units of our imagination)! Are they representations of real wealth or capable of measuring economic ‘value’?

What happens today is that our bankster elite create ‘imaginary’ money for their clients from their inner consciousness (out of their imagination). Subjective ‘imagination’ produces virtual legal tender units (numbers) in the computer screen (which we all are supposed to accept as our representations of ‘wealth’). In economics, wealth is supposed to be some physical creation from nature. Today, however, virtual wealth gets created (within the computer screen) and then it gets circulated to bit-customers who are part of a computer NETWORK (all within this nebulous space called ‘CYBERSPACE’)! Does this process of money creation represent SOUND monetary policy? Sound economics? Do imaginary units of nothing help create a better global economic system? Think!

Can bit-money (within a computer screen) represent the ‘value’ or ‘price’ of real physical production? How about when our banksters create unlimited units from their imagination (so that select clients can manipulate our markets)?

Notice how physical paper money is being replaced with virtual bit-money!

The best example of this process and operation is all the QE policies now in vogue among our bankster elite. Mario Draghi is now creating some $1.2 trillion of these virtual legal tender units from his ‘imagination’. He calls these bit-units by the name ‘Euros’. This ‘name’ called the euro is now a bit-currency unit created from the MIND of Mr. Draghi (a bankster within the ECB). Is this sound monetary policy? Is this sound economics? This entire process of creating bit-currencies from one’s imagination started with the elite bankster called Mr. Ben Shalom Bernanke in 2008. Ben desired to SAVE all the banksters who were financially heading for insolvency!

The bit-euro can be created from the imagination of Mr. Mario Draghi (in unlimited amounts)! Is this a crime which the ICC should investigate?

This imaginary process (QE) has now spread to the imagination of Mr. Mario Draghi (of the European Central Bank), Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda (of the Japanese Central Bank), Mr. Stephan Ingves (of the Swedish Riksbank), Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan (of the Peoples Bank of China), and who knows how many others. Money created out of one’s imagination now manifests as our bit-money (within the computer screen) and these units of nothing get circulated as our WEALTH internationally. Does this sound like prudent monetary policy or prudent economic policy? Not in my book! I see this entire process/operation as OFFICIAL COUNTERFEITING! Think about what is happening at the highest levels of monetary policy! This is fantasy/corruption at the highest level!

Does this mindset (from a prior time) represent sound monetary policy going forward? Who should be in control of money? The people or the elite?

If all these bit-currencies were at ‘rest’ we would discover that none EXIST. These units have ‘zero’ rest mass and zero matter. They are really ‘nothing’ and located ‘nowhere’! Most of us think of a location as some area within our Space/time universe. Washington D.C. is a location. Frankfurt, Germany is a location. All land areas (on our planet) are specific locations within Space/time. But what location does a bit-currency have when at ‘rest’? I would suggest that a bit-currency ‘vanishes’ into nothingness when at ‘rest’. Bit-currencies ‘disappear’ when at ‘rest’! This is because bit-units have ZERO rest mass. The units should be viewed as NO THING units (of our imagination). Think on this issue! What do you THINK? Enjoy! I am:

Economist, Hans Hoppe, of the Mises Institute claims that Central Bankers are criminals! Watch! 

P.S. The International Criminal Court was established in 2002 ( and now has some 123 member States. This court is located at The Hague in the Netherlands. This court is supposed to enforce crimes against humanity and other behaviors which are detrimental to human progress. Should this court consider Central Bank financial crimes? What do you think? The United States and Israel have not officially joined this international court, but most Nations on our planet have joined. Will the Prosecutor’s at The Hague desire to look into monetary policy crimes? I wonder! I doubt it! Why? Think! Money rules our planet! Monetary enslavement is emerging!

The International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague (Netherlands)!

The evolution of man’s New World Order can be discerned now that the above legal entity has been formed. Global Governance is rapidly emerging! Do Americans comprehend what is evolving internationally? Do Americans discern the evolution to a New World Order under Global Governance? Our current President is moving us rapidly towards Global Governance! Who is aware? Who has ‘voted’ for this result? Think! Which candidates for 2016 will advance this trend towards Global Governance? Will Americans vote with understanding on these issues or will deception continue? Now may be a good time to WAKE-UP!

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