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Who ‘voted’ for Central Bank Rulership (over planet earth)?

June 14, 2015

Central Banks now rule over all economics and economics rules over all the people! Our survival is dependent on the decisions of merely a ‘few’ elites within the dark halls of our Central banks. Who, however, ‘voted’ for this result? Did the people choose this reality for our marketplace? I don’t think so! Think about what has evolved these past 40+ years. All our money has become bit-money (now circulating within cyberspace). How did this happen? Did anyone ‘vote’ for this result? Who has created the current hierarchy which now RULES over all economies and all the people on this planet? Let’s think on this issue! Let’s explore this evolution!

The Central Bank of all Central banks is the BIS! Location: Basel, Switzerland!

Today, our markets are totally dependent on decisions by a few bankster elites. All our markets are now mostly electronic and machine driven. The central computers within our Central Banks have the final say on who gets what within our markets. Money is the ‘tool’ of Capitalism which rules over all our markets (as well as all political events). And bit-money is now the standard within all nations on our planet. Bit-money is created artificially by select elites within our Central Banks. Nature no longer controls our supply of money for our markets. Today, all is decided within the ‘dark’ halls of our Central banks. Bit-money gets created and destroyed at the whim of a few select elites!

When I review the history of Central Banking (especially these past 40+ years) I can discern how our system has become ‘centralized’ and machine driven. When I started my career in finance some 50 years prior to today, most of my monetary transactions were done using coins and paper notes. All this has evolved slowly and gradually into our current system of bit-currencies. Coins and paper are being replaced with bits/bytes which circulate within our computer screens. Today, some 96% of all monetary transactions are (in some fashion) resolved within our computer screens. Bit-money is what I call the units circulating within our computer screens.

Paper notes are being removed and bit-currencies are being promoted as our money!

Since our money is now within cyberspace and not created by nature (like paper and metal) our economic system has evolved into a CONTROL system where select Central Bankers can administer their bit-money units to their liking. Gradually, the 1% who have direct relationships with the Central Bank administrators get advantages which the common people can not enjoy. The evolution of money, finance, banking, and economics has created this machine driven system (bit-money and bit-wealth) which allows a select few (Central Bankers) to control the entire SYSTEM. Is this healthy and represented of free markets? I don’t think so!

Select Central banksters can create their bit-money OUT-OF-NOTHING! Is this a free market? Who benefits? Who is enslaved? Think!

Money rules over all activities to a great extent. Money rules over all our political systems. Money rules over religion, science, education, and culture. If I ‘follow’ the money I can discern who gets what and what events will transpire. Capitalism is now controlled by bit-money and those who have access to the select elites who operate this manipulated system. Did anyone ‘vote’ for this system? Do the voters recognize what has transpired within the dark halls of our Central Banks these past 40+ years? Who are these Central Bankers and who benefits from their control and manipulations?

This history is partial and incomplete but banking does start with people of power!

We can identify the big players on our planet by identifying the big banksters! The biggest and basest of all appears to be our own Federal Reserve System. This system was created some 100 years prior to today by a ‘vote’ which never received the approval of the American people. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed by President Woodrow Wilson and the American people woke up on December 24, 1913 with no revealed knowledge on what had transpired the night before in our dark halls of Congress. This Act was passed and it has gradually led to our current Centrally Planned financial system. Most of us are now becoming AWARE of this history!

With the closing of the gold window in 1971, by our then President Richard Nixon, the role of money has been changed from a unit from nature (silver coins and gold coins) to our current bit-currencies (now global). Cyberspace and computer machines have replaced ‘nature’ as the medium for money circulation and price discovery. Our system has evolved into a cyber system which is mostly INNER. We now create our bit-money from consciousness and our citizens buy/sell/invest/save using these bit units which we all create ‘out-of-nothing’ (our inner consciousness)! Is this sound economics? Does this lead to a free enterprise marketplace? Think about this evolution!

Bit-currencies evolved after the closing of the gold window!

This decision in 1933-34 set in motion the evolution of a Centralized bankster system!

Many of our elites at the Bilderberg conference over in Austria are now debating this evolution and secretly planning to promote a Cashless Global Society for our planet. This is now possible with the emergence of all our bit-currencies and our bit-wealth (controlled mostly by the 1%). The Bilderberg group attracts some 150 global elites to discuss the trends in politics and finance. The biggest issue today is our digital evolution and our cyber markets. Central banksters are now in control of all money on our planet. Who ‘voted’ for this? I didn’t! Did you? So where does all this lead going forward?

This conference of some 150 elites is happening now (June 11-14, 2015)!

Bit-money and Central banking leads to a centrally planned planet with select (unelected) elites in control of the entire planet! Take the time to look into the Bilderberg conference agenda and the attendance at this conference. The agenda and attendees are public but the meeting is secret! Where do these elites desire for economics, finance, and politics to go in 2015 – 16? Who do they desire to be in control of politics in America and Europe? Is Hillary their candidate for 2016 or is there a public servant (of their interest) within the Republican realm (now some 20 candidates). Bit-money now rules over politics and bit-wealth rules over all our markets (domestically and globally)! Think and learn! Enjoy! I am:

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