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Money ($$$) has no ‘economic’ meaning! Time for Change!

June 12, 2015

The original purpose for money ($$$) was to help with growing our material wealth. Growth in material wealth was necessary for our survival and money was an important tool. Today, money ($$$) has become a tool for controlling people. The real purpose for money is now mostly over and we need a NEW ECONOMY which is free from all these bits/bytes (called money). Think about why money was invented in the first place. Our society needed production of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. These items of wealth get produced from work and human toil. Money was invented to help us get these items of production so that our growth and prosperity would emerge. But what is happening today? Who gets the bit-money (1%) and who are controlled (99%)?

Today, we have a system which is so corrupted by money that real material wealth is secondary to accumulations of political power and control over people. The 1% own most of our material wealth and the 99% is constrained and enslaved by this corrupted money/currency system (now global). Banksters can now create our phony bit-money ‘out of nothing’ and from ‘nothing’. They then transfer most of this so-called money to their wealthy bit-customers who mostly speculate and waste these units for their own aggrandisement. Is this economics? Is this real Capitalism? Think about this concept which we call ‘money’! Where does it come from and who gets it? Why has it become corrupted?

Libor scandals, interest rate manipulations, silver/gold price suppression, crony Capitalism, bank suicides at a record! Why?

Today, our stock markets get pumped up with corrupted bit-money which our banksters create from their inner consciousness (via loans and quantitative stimulations). The units which we call money do not necessarily help with increasing our material wealth or our prosperity. Often, these bit-units get used to speculate and waste on frivolous endeavors which do not help the people who are suffering and laboring. The controllers over our bit-money can funnel their bit-units to the 1% and not follow where these units end up. Often there is no real growth in our material wealth from all these corrupted units. Should we call this sound economics? Do our Central Planners (banksters) create a more prosperous society with all their daily manipulations of our markets? I don’t think so!

Today, our financial system has become totally corrupted and we witness this with all the unpayable debts, deficits, derivative bombs, and distorted values within all our markets. The real purposes for money are not being developed and people are gradually becoming slaves of this corrupted bit-system. The system has evolved from a real space/time system to an inner cyber system. The goals of the Central Planners are merely to keep this corrupted system from collapsing. In reality, the best event that could happen is for this false system to crash and burn (collapse). It is totally corrupt and dysfunctional! Many are waking up to this dysfunction but the process is slow!

Our Central Planners own the system and are enslaving the people! This was a prediction of Thomas Jefferson way back in 1800!

What investors and traders should do is ‘short’ this entire system and allow it to crash and burn (metaphorically). The entire bit-system is now within our collective consciousness and this means that it is virtual and unreal. Why would we desire to perpetuate this corrupted system any longer? Why not let it expire by ‘shorting’ the entire system (all the stock exchanges can now be ‘shorted’). Let this corrupted system expire so that a new and better alternative can emerge from these ‘ashes’. The only real beneficiaries of this bit-system are those who CONTROL the levers of power. The money cartels who elect our politicians and lend to select elite (so they can multiply their bit-wealth) are the real beneficiaries. The masses of human citizens (now near 7 billion) do not benefit from our current corrupted system. Why is serious CHANGE now needed?

Read some books on these issues for further enlightenment! Go to and search for books on a new economy and a new financial system.

1. A New Economy:

2. A New Financial System:

3. The End of the Free Market:

Europe is controlled by Central Planners who desire a bit-money system for everyone! This leads to enslavement of the masses by those who run the system! Is this what America desires? I think we can devise a much freer and better system! Think!

Now is the time to get educated on the existing corrupted system and also some new alternatives which might lead to a new prosperity for the entire planet. A review of my blog will also help with understanding the issues and the underlying problems. The goal of this blog is to promote understanding on the core issues of economics, finance, politics, education, and philosophy. Thanks for reading my missives and thinking about new alternatives! Kingdom Economics could be one great alternative going forward! Enjoy! I am:

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