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‘Best Bets’ (for next 7 yrs.) – Soup and Silver! Why?

June 12, 2015

We are entering a time period of significant seriousness…like none other in our recorded history! This time period of seven plus years (+-) could start in 2015. This means that all the official investment programs and/or financial strategies (which we all follow) could prove to be ephemeral…when the coming crashes in our markets occur. Prophecy rules over economics and politics IMO! All this is likely to start this YEAR or early next! A time of ‘trouble’ like none other in recorded history is approaching. All this is based upon the idea that ‘man’ is at-effect!

History (in my view) is determined by spiritual forces and sources! Give this view some reflection! The study is called eschatology!

The HORSES are out! The RIDERS are invisible! The REALITY is now! We all need to prepare for this soon to arrive time period called the ENDTIME. I call it: JACOB’S TROUBLE! This missive is only for those who discern the spiritual nature of man and view history as determined by a Creator Source! I don’t expect most readers of this missive to understand or desire to follow the prophetic issues of eschatology! I, however, do follow this unique study (within theology)! This is my personal view of reality for the next few years! The nations (on our planet) which have descended from Jacob (this historical patriarch) are the following (mostly). The period of Jacob’s Trouble is designed for these descendants and others! Give my view some reflection! Agreement is not expected!

People IMO derive their reality from prior life! I call this the reality of Biogenesis! Nations are made up of individuals! All history is determined (ultimately)! 

Nations which could experience the Time of Jacob’s Trouble!

1. United States of America (descended mostly from Jacob’s off-spring)

2. Israel (descendants from the Hebrew tribes)

3. Great Britain (a tribe of Israel mostly)

4. Most of Western/Northern Europe (descendants from prior tribes of Israel mostly)

5. Australia and New Zealand (also descendants mostly from tribes of Israel)

6. Canada (also descendants mostly)

This tree is based upon biblical history! The idea of Macro-evolution is based upon a different perspective! Origins are a special subject within philosophy!

All the above nations and a few additional will experience this seven-year time of ‘trouble’…prophesied to happen to all the descendants from this Patriarch called Jacob. This person was basically good and bad. His bad part (character flaws) were made up of deception and lying. We witness these character flaws in our leaders (descendants) from the above nations (especially). The above descendants are now experiencing their ‘human nature’ (deception and lies) which evolved from this historical person. The Creator Source (which works within) is now setting the stage for this coming time of Jacob’s Trouble! That is my opinion! It’s time to prepare! Reality is NOW!

A possible flow of tribes (people) from the Fertile Crescent area where creation occurred! This assumes a flow (migration) after the Great Flood (time of Noah)!

What are the BEST investments (now) to ride out this coming transition period? My personal suggestion is SOUP and SILVER. Soup is a food item and Silver is a currency for these times of trouble! We can’t eat silver but we can eat soup. Soup is also easy to store as we can purchase from Amazon in dried form. Soup is also nutritious and easy to store. It can be bartered in a time of serious shortages and it is ideal for survival when easy access to a grocery store is not available. Personally, I could live on SOUP if push came to shove. Buy some NOW if you agree with my perspective! Check out this website for details:  (insert the words ‘dried soup’ in the search strip).

Soup is nutritious and inexpensive to store! It is demanded by everyone who is hungry in a time of trouble!

The other items to invest/purchase (my view) are 1 ounce silver coins (1 oz. gold coins if you have lots of digits in your account). If my scenario is valid then all your bit/cyber money could be worthless at some point down the road. Bit money is imaginary and can be deleted from your bit-accounts (IRA, 401K, savings, checking, etc.). Soup and Silver coins do not disappear or vanish. Our banksters will not claim these items in this time of serious trouble! One ounce silver coins are especially attractive for this time period as they are easy to exchange and easy to barter. One ounce gold coins could also be attractive for larger exchanges, trades, purchases. So where can you stock up on these physical items?

The American Silver Eagle is great as a store of value and also for barter! Now is the time to BUY! Until a new economic system is created, silver should flourish!

Personally, I purchase my one ounce silver coins from: This Dallas company has treated me well this past year. I have also purchased silver coins from: Check out their websites and place an order. Delivery is often free from Why is NOW the time to act? The current spot price of silver is unbelievably low! Since the price is manipulated by our Central Banks (as of now) this is the PERFECT time to buy large supplies. I have placed orders the past two weeks and plan to continue if silver prices stay this low. Right now silver is priced below the cost of production. This can not continue indefinitely. At some point this metal will explode upward (for a short time period).

The Canadian Maple Leaf is another great choice! Convert your unneeded Bit-money to Silver (now)! All our Bit-money is destined to vanish over time!

But even if the silver price remains low (below $20/ounce), I plan to BUY, BUY, BUY! Silver is physical and a substance whereas my bit-accounts (IRA, savings, etc.) are units of imagination stored within cyberspace. All this bit-money can disappear or be controlled by our commercial banksters and their political proxies. NOW is the time to convert all your extra bit-money (savings not needed for immediate living) into physical silver coins (like the American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf) before the price exceeds $20/ounce. The BUY of a century is here! So NOW is the time to act (if you discern the times). Now is the time to prepare for this time of trouble (like none other in all recorded history). I call it the time of Jacob’s Trouble! All the above nations and their people could be subject to this discipline (wrath) from our Creator/Providential Source!

A possible scenario for this time of trouble!

Prophecy shows that man is not in control of history! This is evident to those who discern spiritual reality! This view can also be called ‘man’ at-effect!

The battle in our Middle East is a spiritual battle (going back to Esau and Jacob)!

Modern day descendants of Esau! These nations will battle the descendants of Jacob!

The likely human source of trouble and the trouble makers (for the nations from Jacob) could come from the descendants of ESAU. Esau was the brother of Jacob and he experienced some of the lies and character flaws of Jacob directly. The descendants of Esau are the Muslims and Arabs who have been victims of Jacob’s lies and deceit for centuries! The end game is now upon us and the battle between Jacob and Esau has begun. ISIS is part of Esau. All muslim/Arab descendents have experienced this deceit (to varying degrees) from the descendants of Jacob. This must be resolved and the time of Jacob’s Trouble is now here! Soup and Silver is my suggestion for the next 7 years! Think and Act! I am:

P.S. The above is only my current scenario of end time events! I will update as I grow in this study over the coming weeks and months! If any of you have input, please contribute!

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