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Dematerialize ($), Deflation ($), Disappearance ($), Vanishment ($)!

June 10, 2015

The economic concept of ‘value’ is imaginary! Our Bit-currencies are imaginary! Our ‘money’ will eventually disappear, vanish, dematerialize, and become ZERO! Deflation will reveal  this reality! Our Central Banks FEAR deflation as they perceive (rightly) that all their phony cyber money will dematerialize and disappear into ‘money heaven’ (our inner ‘consciousness’) when our cyber stock markets CRASH. Who is aware of this reality? Who discerns the ‘imaginary’ nature of today’s Bit-currencies (created from the inner ‘consciousness’ of our banksters)? All our so-called ‘money’ is now within cyberspace and this means that these bits/bytes can vanish with the decisions of our electronic traders (into ‘nothingness’)! Deflation will reveal this reality to everyone!

Computer bits/bytes (digits/text) are units of consciousness! Think!

Our banksters have created a money system which is ‘imaginary’, ‘inner’, and a ‘fantasy’! Who is aware of the ‘nature’ of our current financial system (now global)? All paper, coin, and physical money is being rapidly replaced with bits/bytes (cyber money) which we witness within our MINDS as visualizations (numbers). Numbers derive from our Consciousness! Numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) and symbols ($$$) do not ‘exist’ within our space/time universe! Are you aware of this? Numbers and symbols derive from my/your ‘consciousness’ (also called our MIND). Mind and Brain are NOT the same! This means that all our cyber money within our computer screens are imaginary units of ‘nothing’! All will disappear during a major DEFLATION! It could happen in 2015!

Deflation reveals the ‘nature’ of VALUE and PRICES! Think ‘imaginary’!

The economic concept called VALUE is very ‘tricky’. We all give physical items (goods) a ‘value’ which most people call a ‘price’. But what is ‘value’ and ‘price’ (in reality)? In reality, ‘value’ and ‘prices’ are subjective/imaginary/invisible ideas! Prices are really units of ‘nothing’! Try to find/locate/discover the ‘value’ ($$$) of your house (for example)!  Where is this ‘value’ ($$$) located? Value can not be found/located/discovered within our space/time observable universe! Are you aware of this? There is ‘no such thing’ as VALUE ($$$) in nature! Value is made-up and imagined within our metaphysical MIND. Value does not EXIST! Think! When deflation occurs, value goes back into our ‘consciousness’!

Warren may discern the ‘nature’ of VALUE! But maybe he is also ‘deceived’!

Many are deceived when it comes to this inner concept which we call VALUE. This concept also deceives most traders into thinking that goods and objects contain VALUE. This is a myth and a fantasy! There is no such thing as ‘value’ anyplace or anywhere within our space/time universe! Look all around you (right now)! Where is ‘value’? Where are ‘prices’? Does your house or car ‘contain’ value? Do they ‘store’ value (intrinsically) anyplace? Is this concept called ‘value’ inherent within any object within nature? I don’t think so! Value is totally ‘imaginary’ and we all ‘make-up’ value when we buy/sell/trade/invest/speculate! Value is a ‘fantasy’ within our metaphysical MIND! Think!

Few discern the meaning and reality of this concept called VALUE! Why? 

Since ‘value’ and ‘prices’ are imaginary and INNER, deflation reveals the nature of ‘value’! When our Stock Markets CRASH (it’s coming), value and stock prices VANISH into our inner Consciousness! This can be called Disappearance, Vanishment, Dematerialization, or going to ZERO. Yes, eventually, all our phony cyber prices ($$$) and values ($$$) will GO to ZERO! This happens because deflation reveals the nature of VALUE. House prices (values) can go to ZERO! Car prices can go to ZERO! Stock prices can go to ZERO! All debts can go to ZERO! Look at your computer screen (right now)! What are the ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ (digits) composed of which you SEE with your eyes? Think! The word is ‘nothing’! Cyber digits are mere derivations (information) from our Consciousness (mind) Consciousness is spirit! Consciousness is metaphysical! Consciousness is not physical or material!

Our ‘dollar’ is now a bit-currency! This means it is ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’! Think!

Our bankster/manipulators probably realize this REALITY! They FEAR deflation as they recognize that all their so-called phony money ($$$) goes to ZERO. Value vanishes and disappears into the ‘nothingness’ from which they created these bits and bytes (called money). All their phony/fantasy/imaginary money ‘dematerializes’ into units of invisible consciousness! The computer screen goes blank! The computer terminals go blank! All the bank laptops go blank! MONEY (now units of ‘nothing’) disappear and vanish! Where is your money when the grid goes down? Where is your money when the master/electronic computer (at the Central Bank) deletes all the bits/bytes from your computer account? What happens if all power is turned off? Where are the bits/bytes?

Paper/coin money used to be ‘convertible’ into silver or gold! Our banksters dropped this reality and created Bit-currencies (units of ‘nothing’ created from ‘nothing’)! Think!

Few desire to discern the hard realities of money and finance! When America went off the physical gold exchange standard and the physical silver exchange standard, this set in motion the trend towards our current cyber/imaginary monetary system. Today, most of what is called ‘money’ is within CYBERSPACE! Cyberspace is not within our SPACE/TIME UNIVERSE! Cyberspace is really an ‘extension’ of our individual and collective CONSCIOUSNESS! Think! We now live with phony cyber money ($$$) which is ‘created’ OUT OF NOTHING! This money returns to its starting point when serious DEFLATION occurs. Get ready for a new world of Metaphysics! It’s HERE now! Enjoy! I am:

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