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American Pharaoh: a ‘providential’ winner ???

June 7, 2015

What a great Belmont horse race where another Triple Crown Winner emerged. American Pharaoh (this horse and name) could be viewed as a providential winner in that the time for this race was 2:26. The time was only 2 seconds less than the Great Secretariat of 1973. The ‘name’ of this horse seems providential (to me) as America has been equivalent to a Pharaoh when it comes to our political/economic leadership (especially since 1973). America, our Nation, started in 1789 and we have been a ‘type’ of Pharaoh for some 226 years. Our destiny started with a providential win over the Brits in 1783 and currently America is the sole Super Power on our planet (2015)! All this has happened in 226 years (and the Belmont winner’s time was 2:26). Was this providential???

Another Triple Crown Winner! Time was 2:26. Second only to the Great Secretariat of 1973! Was this ‘providential? What do you think?

It appears that America’s reign as Pharaoh for the planet is now coming to a providential end. Our economic advantages (mostly since 1973) are being questioned by those who desire to overcome our providential hegemony over the planet. China, India, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa (along with a host of emerging nations) are all desiring that America’s reign be curtailed going forward. This is likely to happen gradually over the next few years as events play out. The American dollar is now strong (relatively) but the reserve status of this unit could change soon. I now witness many ‘signs’ which suggest that America is in serious trouble politically, morally, and economically! Let’s review a few of these ‘signs’!

This image is somewhat appropriate for today’s America! Select elite RULE over the planet in 2015! The trends now lead to a New World Order and Global Governance!

Sign #1:  American debt is at a historic peak and this has all happened mostly since 1973. If we look at this website:, we can witness our serious debt situation. Click on the link and notice that our National Debt is now $18.3 trillion, our Total Debt is $61.9 trillion, and our unfunded debt is $96.8 trillion. The word trillion means that none of this debt can be honored or repaid! If we look at our commercial banks credit derivatives the number is now $595.4 trillion, a 556% increase since 2000. Most of these derivative credits can not be settled if our stock markets should crash or if our economy collapses into a serious recession/depression/deflation! What does this suggest for our future?

Sign #2:  Our goals on poverty, health, and employment are not improving as in the past. Today, our poverty level is similar to the 1980’s. Living in poverty are 44 million Americans (there were 35.3 in 1983). Those without insurance now equals 40 million Americans. Those on food stamps is at 45.6 million (up some 20 million since 2008). Medicaid recipients have increased to 74.2 million Americans. Total receiving government benefits is now 159.6 million (that’s greater than our total work force of 148.8 million). Actually, our total work force has decreased some 5,000 since 2000. These trends are not representative of a real American Pharaoh nation. What does this suggest for our future?

Sign #3:  Our people are now mostly ‘dependent’ upon the huge State which has emerged since 1973. Our State has become the Pharaoh for the people and our people are now subservient to the State. The goal of our politicians is to grow the State and promote Socialism for our planet. The trends in banking reveal what is emerging. Today, our banking system monitors and controls (and manipulates) our entire economy. This trend has mostly emerged since 1973. Our historical Capitalism has been replaced with a Centralized monetary system where a few elite monitor and control the entire economy. This sign reveals that historical American republicanism is over! Where does this lead going forward?

Sign #4:  The emergence of the global Internet is possibly the greatest event which is changing all of politics, economics, and our future. The entire global society is now interconnected and all events are leading to a global society where all cultures and people participate in economics, politics, and communication. This is revolutionary and this changes how our future will develop. Can the historical Nation/State system survive in this type of environment? Personally, I don’t think so! The Internet and global communication changes everything! Secular politicians are now promoting a New World Order with a new reset of all monetary events. This could change our entire history going forward! Will a Global Governance System emerge where we all become subservient to a few elite who administer all events from a centralized hierarchy. Does this portent freedom or enslavement?

Sign #5:  War and rumors of war are everywhere and growing. Our Middle East friends are experiencing a huge sectarian war to discern who can prevail over the other. This mentality is supported by the corrupt administration within our White House and our mostly corrupted Congress. America is supporting Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and the official administration of Iraq. Our enemies are ISIS, parts of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, and Russia. China could soon be another enemy as they are demanding more control over islands and areas within their jurisdiction. China also is demanding that their currency be a reserve currency. All this is mostly anathema to U.S. policymakers. Where is this leading going forward? Does the mentality of our leaders create stability, peace, and freedom?

Sign #6:  Cyber hacking, cyber warfare, cyber money, identity theft, and cyber communication is another sign that our world has changed in the past 15 years. All of economics and money has entered a new realm of reality called Cyberspace. This space is really an extension of our individual and collective consciousness. We can now communicate ideas, words, text, sound, and images to anyone with a smart phone or similar cyber device. Our money has become bits and bytes within cyberspace. All our financial documents have been transferred into the virtual realm of our computer screens. High frequency trading, communication, and data flow is now near the speed of light. Frequencies of light (photons) transfer data from sender to recipient (instantaneously). This is new and is changing our entire planet. Where is this leading in the next few years? Who benefits and who becomes a slave to this technology?

Sign #7:  Finally, our global morality and moral philosophy is changing rapidly. All is becoming relative and subjective within our greater global marketplace. The old absolutes no longer work and they are mostly rejected by the growing hoard of dependent citizens (who desire benefits and entitlements from their Ruler…the State). Trust in all institutions is waning. Trust in politicians is eroding. Trust and confidence in our economic administrators is vanishing. The global hoard of citizens (now some 7 billion) desires a new governance structure for our planet. Our elite are working on a New World Order system for this hoard of dependent citizens. The beginning of Global Governance is here NOW! The key institutions which desire to Rule are the BIS, IMF, WTO, G20, U.N., EEA, the BRICS, and a few others. How will this play out as our current global economy falters and descends into the coming greater depression?

Human elite now desire to create Global Governance for our planet! Where does this lead? Who Rules? Can any of these (or similar) actually create confidence and stability for our planet?

In conclusion, our world is changing rapidly for good and ill. The good aspects are the positive benefits which we experience within  communication and our new computer technologies. The negative aspects are the growing sectarian wars, human fears and emotional strife, political corruption and lies, economic corruption and monetary manipulations, and moral corruption within all institutions (educational, scientific, and religious). The entire fabric of our societies require massive changes for this new global Internet Age. The coming CRASH and COLLAPSE within our monetary markets may help to bring some sanity to those who desire a New Direction for our World! Yes, the American Pharaoh horse race could be ‘providential’! The time of 2:26 may indicate that America (now 226 years since our founding) is about over! Give this missive some reflection at your leisure! I am:

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  1. Alan Ponelli permalink
    June 8, 2015 7:13 am

    Very interesting and insightful essay, Don !

    Alan Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2015 19:44:18 +0000 To:


    • June 8, 2015 11:19 am

      Thanks. It came to me after I recognized the ‘time’ on this race! D

      On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 7:13 AM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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