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All Global Currencies: Now ‘Bit-currencies’! Why?

June 3, 2015

Our Central Banks have created a new system of finance (now global) based mostly upon ‘simulated’ and/or ‘virtual’ currencies. This system/operation has emerged mostly in the past 15 years. Paper notes are rapidly being replaced with ‘bits’ or ‘digits’ which get created ‘out of nothing’. All our global currencies should now be called ‘Bit-currencies’ as they are now virtual/imaginary/bits of information (units of nothing) circulating within a space called Cyberspace. We witness these virtual bits within our computer screens as we invest/trade/speculate. These ‘no thing’ units (bits) derive from the minds of our bankster administrators as they ‘click’ their computer mouse and type numbers into their master computer accounts (located within private/closed-door trading rooms).

The coming Global Bankster Bank which could enslave all mankind! Who is aware? What is now emerging rapidly? Could the ‘Mark of the Beast’ be a good metaphor for this entity?

The Central Bank of all Central Banks is located in Basel, Switzerland. This Bank (now a computer operation with three locations…Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Basel) has two trading room locations where daily manipulations of our markets can and do occur. The trading rooms are located in Basel and Hong Kong. Go to their website for further information: The website states:  BIS financial services are provided out of two linked trading rooms: one at its Basel head office and one at its office in Hong Kong SAR. The Bank also transacts foreign exchange and gold on behalf of its customers.

In addition, the BIS offers a range of asset management services in sovereign securities or high-grade assets. These may be either a specific portfolio mandate negotiated between the BIS and a central bank or an open-end fund structure – the BIS Investment Pool (BISIP) – allowing customers to invest in a common pool of assets. The BIS extends short-term credits to central banks, usually on a collateralised basis. From time to time, the BIS also coordinates emergency short-term lending to countries in financial crisis. The BIS is also involved in trading various assets, including gold.

Foreign exchange and gold services. Services offered by the BIS are:

  • spot deals, swaps, outright forwards, options, FX-linked deposits
  • foreign exchange overnight orders
  • safekeeping and settlements facilities available loco London, Berne or New York
  • purchases and sales of gold: spot, outright, swap or options

Check out the BIS website and read about their operations (! This entity is the real ‘head’ of the snake which rules over all global finance, money, and bit-currencies! Our Fed is involved with this entity!

What seems logical, after reviewing the BIS website is that this institution (which represents some 60 Central Banks), has a mandate to create and maintain our international global currency system (now using their Bit-currencies) for the purpose of manipulating and maintaining stability in this new simulated monetary system. The BIS is emerging into the Global Central Bank which will likely create a single World Bit-currency for the entire planet (after the coming financial stock market crash). Their operations are rapidly becoming global and their mandate is global governance over all planet Earth’s money and finance. Their MO (mode of operation) will be via these simulated/virtual/bit currencies now in vogue internationally. Enslavement of all mankind could be the end result! Who has voted for this centralized control entity?

The entire global economic system has been hi-jacked by a cartel of criminal banksters! Who is AWARE!

Yes, banksters now RULE over all finance and money on our planet. The core hierarchy operates out of Basel, Switzerland and our FED administrators are now part of this global system/operation. The CEO of the New York Fed (William C. Dudley) and our Chairperson of the U.S. Fed (Janet L. Yellen) meet regularly with this international body of manipulators to further their Global Hegemony over all humanity. Money rules this planet and the few who control all our Bit-currencies (via their computer trading rooms) can manipulate and control the entire global marketplace (to a significant degree). Who understands what is now emerging globally? Who comprehends the enslavement of mankind which is emerging? Probably just a very few! Those who RULE over our money control our economic destiny! Think!

These are merely a representation of our RULERS who determine our economic destiny! Are they even aware that their policies are enslaving the human race? They don’t appear to be AWARE!

Computers, bit-currencies, and deceptive simulations (such as our bit-dollar) now fool the majority of investors, traders, savers, and finance experts. Our Bit-dollar is created ‘out of nothing’ and from mere closed-door thinking of a select elite few. Loans can be extended by merely increasing a Bit-account (also called a digital on-line account) where Bit-money is created ‘out of nothing’ by these bankster administrators. All is done behind closed doors with minimal transparency. Banksters THINK and then create Bit-money (dollars, euros, yen, etc.) for their own computer account prior to spending this Bit-money to purchase virtual Bit-assets from one of their select dealer institutions. Many call this operation QE. What a scam on the public and all investors who comprehend what is happening behind closed doors!

Hard currencies are now Bit-currencies (created ‘out of nothing’ from ‘nothing’)!

All our key hard currencies (globally) are now Bit-currencies. The Euro is a Bit-currency. The Pound is a Bit-currency. The Yen is a Bit-currency. The Dollar is a Bit-currency. All international currencies are becoming Bit-currencies which circulate totally within a simulated space called Cyberspace. The vast majority of mankind are deceived and unaware of what is happening within the DARK rooms within select Central Banks on this planet. Our U.S. FED (a private entity legally) is part of this international SCAM and criminal activity (as it is administered without any vote from the public). Who is aware that William C. Dudley at our New York Fed meets privately with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) on a regular basis? Where is his loyalty (to Americans) given that he is unelected (by Americans) for his mission!

This unelected bankster operates in New York and also is part of the BIS in Basel, Switzerland! Where do you think he puts his loyalty? Have the American voters chosen this elite bankster for their fiduciary?

Who is aware that our Fed Chairperson, Janet Louise Yellen, meets privately on a regular basis in Basel, Switzerland to further this international criminal activity…which enslaves all Americans to this corrupt system and operation? Who is Janet reporting to and why are Americans unaware of her role within this International body of manipulated finance? Who understands that our Congress and our Executive branch of government does not control the real-time decision-making of our private Fed? Banksters can operate behind closed doors and scheme up various deceptions and financial manipulations to enslave all of us without any vote or input from the general public. Is this ‘democracy’? Think!

Janet and Mario (banksters and members of the BIS)! Where do you think their loyalties reside? Are they even aware of the trends now developing which enslave all of mankind to their banking cartel hierarchy?

Why should our currency (called the ‘dollar’ or whatever ‘name’) be used to manipulate prices (such as silver and gold) and enslave the common citizen of a country (think of all the common people who must survive economically with simulated/manipulated bankster Bit-money)? Why should our money be ‘created out of nothing’…the mind of unelected bureaucrats who scheme up simulated financial operations behind closed doors (to protect the 1% mostly)? Think of QE as one scheme which was created from the MIND of our prior Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke. This scheme is now ubiquitous internationally! Bit-currencies give select private banksters (we should call them private money cartel schemers) the options of controlling everyone (now some 7 billion human beings) who must survive via all these Bit-currencies.

Bit-currencies are also Digital currencies and also Virtual currencies and also Simulated currencies! Economics and money have entered a new realm called Cyberspace! This space is not within our material space/time universe! Think!

Personally, my Social Security funds ($$$) are now sent monthly via our Bit-currency (the Bit-dollar) now stored within my Bit-financial account at Wells Fargo Bank. My investments at Fidelity and TDAmeritrade are nothing but ‘Bit-units’ within my on-line bit-account at these institutions. When I trade stocks or commodities I trade using a Bit-dollar (within my Bit-financial accounts) and I receive virtual stocks as my asset (as a representation of my ownership). Where does all this lead going forward? I would suggest that it leads to a CONTROLLED global society where we each become enslaved to our Bit-masters (the computer and those who operate these centralized computer machines). Think about where all this is leading! What happened to all our historical physical money (coins, paper notes, silver, gold)?

Money started out as silver (mostly). Then it became paper (mostly). Now it is nothing (a cyber unit). Look at these three (3) dollars to discern what has evolved since our Founding!

Bits and bytes (digits) have replaced physical money! Our bankster finance is now within CYBERSPACE! Who understands? Where does this lead? Think, ENSLAVEMENT!

The game of MONEY started in America with a physical silver dollar (1792)! This unit was given the ‘name’ dollar after being defined in terms of SILVER. This dollar was minted from a resource derived from our land. This minted coin was called MONEY because the people chose SILVER as the best representation of VALUE. Our Congress then defined our currency unit as 371.25 grains of SILVER. This created real money from nature and also created a decentralized system of commerce. Wealth was measured in real silver dollars (later gold dollars) and every American had the right to pan, mine, and search for silver and gold so as to bring to the MINT. Remember the gold rush of 1848? California was created from this rush! Today, we have nothing but ‘simulated’ money which is created OUT OF NOTHING AND FROM NOTHING! Think about this history! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Persons who predicted a One World Government and Currency system back in 1910 – 50!

This American must have understood the emergence of centralized banking way back in 1910!

This American counseled Franklin D. Roosevelt on issues of money and finance!

This philosopher had a sense of what happens within groups and societies where the media is controlled!

The BIS Board of Directors 1

Chairman: Christian Noyer, Paris

Mark Carney, London
Agustín Carstens, Mexico City
Jon Cunliffe, London
Andreas Dombret, Frankfurt am Main
Mario Draghi, Frankfurt am Main
William C Dudley, New York Federal Reserve Bank
Stefan Ingves, Stockholm
Thomas Jordan, Zurich
Klaas Knot, Amsterdam
Haruhiko Kuroda, Tokyo
Anne Le Lorier, Paris
Fabio Panetta, Rome
Stephen S Poloz, Ottawa
Raghuram Rajan, Mumbai
Jan Smets, Brussels
Alexandre A Tombini, Brasília
Ignazio Visco, Rome
Jens Weidmann, Frankfurt am Main
Janet L Yellen, Washington Federal Reserve Bank
Zhou Xiaochuan, Beijing

The above Board of Directors is a good old boys club with two females (Janet Yellen and Ann Le Lorier). Why all this POWER in the hands of these elite? The human race is subservient to this body of unelected banksters! Is this a dictatorship of the proletariat? Money rules our planet! Think!

Note: It appears that the BIS has dumped some 70 tons of gold on the global markets in the past two years! Could this dumping have contributed to some ‘price’ suppression of gold? I derived this estimate (approximation) from the BIS statements of account from their website.

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