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Our Planet’s Search for Reality! Who is God? Let’s Think!

June 1, 2015

The greatest question in all of history is now facing mankind! The question is:  WHO IS GOD or Creator of mankind? Since the dawn of history mankind (generally) has recognized that they are servants of a Higher Source (also called a Higher Power). The ‘name’ for this Source or Power is generally called GOD! Today, there are some 1.6 billion servants of Allah on our planet. This number is growing daily. In addition to these folks (who believe that Allah is God) we have some 2.2 billion Christians who have a different belief system. These 2.2 billion believers basically worship an exalted human being called Yeshua and/or Jesus/Isa (this is another God…in their mind). In reality, there can be ONLY ‘one’ God or ultimate Source for planet Earth.  So now is the time in our History when the greatest battle of all time will be staged. Who is the ultimate Source of our Being! Who is God?

The above claim is Central within Islam! Allah is viewed as the ONLY Creator or God! Is this reality or not? The history of mankind depends on answers to this question!

Basically, Armageddon, the concept of an Endtime period where final ‘truths’ are challenged is now right in front of all mankind. Our internet Age now connects all mankind to one social media operation which allows all of mankind (some 7 billion persons) to connect and discuss the ultimate issues facing our planet. The greatest issue of ALL is the issue of:  WHO IS GOD? With 1.6 billion Muslims and 2.2 billion Christians on our planet this amounts to some 3.8 billion persons (54% of all mankind as of today who bow to a Higher Power). If we add all the other believers in a Higher Power as their Source we can estimate that some 60 – 65% of all mankind (as of today) believe in a Higher Power (called God or Creator by most)! Who are the various Gods and Ultimate Authorities over mankind?

Christians claim that Yeshua (Jesus/Isa) is God! Is this reality? Can a human being be exalted to the level of God or Creator? Could you and I be God Almighty…the Creator of heaven and earth?

A growing percentage of Americans are now rejecting this concept of a Higher Source (as they think about the implications). Today, the latest poll seems to suggest that only 74% of all Americans believe in God. This is down from 82% just 10 years ago. Atheism is growing in America and Worldwide and recent estimates place this belief system at around 8 – 13% of all mankind. All other thinkers tend to fall in the area of agnostics or those who claim no understanding on this issue (say 20% of mankind). The % of believers tends to change with each poll and with the questions asked. If I ask the question as Socrates might ask (for example): Is there an Intelligent Source which transcends the human MIND? Then the results could change significantly! The question tends to create one’s thinking and one’s response follows from the ???!

The images in our Mind often derive from a Word! Words and Images derive from my spiritual Consciousness (not my Brain matter)! Think on this issue!

And if I were is ask people from all walks of life the question:  Where do my ‘words’, ‘ideas’, and ‘imaginary concepts’ derive from? … then another response would emerge from each mouth (mind) being questioned. Each person tends to respond differently depending upon the question asked. Socrates, way back in 375 B.C., recognized that human beings tend to get befuddled and uncertain when questions continue to probe more deeply. The issue of ‘where do my/your ‘WORDS’ derive from ultimately is a deep question which most philosophers and thinkers have not really considered. Yet this question is essential to the issue of WHO AM I? WHO ARE YOU? Think upon this question!

Words appear to derive from MY and YOUR ‘mind’! We can also call this our CONSCIOUSNESS! What is ‘consciousness’? What is my/your ‘mind’?

Yeshua, way back in 30 A.D. stated quite clearly that his ‘Words’ were Spirit (implying that they were transcendent). You can read this in the Gospel of John, John 6:63, 12:49, and 15: 4. This question is what our neuroscientists should now focus upon. Just where do our ‘WORDS’ derive from? Do my words derive from my neurons and synapses? Does my brain matter create my words, ideas, and my inner imaginary concepts? Think about your own inner self! Where do YOUR words derive from (ultimately)? Are these emergent nothings coming from one’s MOUTH a ‘thing’ which is physical (matter/energy) or are these units of consciousness within a different realm of reality (the spiritual realm)? Think on this issue! It could be the source of understanding on who we are as persons!

Are the above ‘words’ reality? Do our ‘words’ derive from our inner ‘spirit’ (consciousness)? Are ‘words’ spiritual phenomena? What do you think?

Do my/your ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ derive from our Brain neurons and synapses? How could my complex thinking and language derive from mere brain matter/energy? Is this reality or deception? What do you think?

My sense is that Yeshua had it right when he stated: my words are spirit! This means that ‘words’ are not derived from one’s BRAIN or one’s neurons, but from one’s INNER being (self) which is our spiritual MIND. Brain and Mind are not identical! Brain is physical/material and Mind is non-physical/spiritual. This revelation is key to understanding reality as we live it today (in my humble opinion)! Think about the ‘nature’ of words! Think about the ultimate Source of your ‘words’! Think about the meaning of the question: Where do our WORDS derive from? This is my message for today! I think that a search for understanding and meaning will lead to the issue of WHO IS GOD? The ultimate Source of all ‘words’ is likely this spiritual/transcendent Source! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Isn’t it strange and paradoxical that we humans have lived on this planet for some 6,000 revolutions around our Sun and we still have not discerned WHO WE ARE? Isn’t this strange? Why all the confusion and mystery? Isn’t it time to discern REALITY? Are we beings who evolved from inorganic/dead matter or are we beings who were created by a Higher Power/Higher Intelligence? Where does the evidence lead?

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