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How to Overcome ‘ISIS’ without Bullets!!

May 29, 2015

The beliefs of ISIS are what we call an ‘ideology’. Ideologies are core to one’s behavior. Ideologies are also mostly spiritual in nature. We all have beliefs that are core to our behavior. Christians have their beliefs. Atheists have theirs. Jews have theirs. Buddhists and Hindus have their beliefs. Humanists have theirs, etc., etc. All who adhere to some belief system tend to desire others to join. This joining creates harmony and unity to a degree. The problem with many organized beliefs is that the unity is superficial and not always serious. ISIS has a belief system which derives from their leaders. The leader’s hierarchy (ISIS) creates their beliefs and then this creates behavior for the followers or adherents of this ideology!

Image result for abu bakr al-baghdadi

Abu Bakr also had the name, Elliot Shimon (Jewish). What are his core beliefs? Why are one’s beliefs at the core to one’s actions?

Can Obama and his military strategy overcome ISIS with drones and body killing? I don’t think so! This will only create a more dire situation…long term! An ‘ideology’ derives from one’s metaphysical consciousness!

This ideology of ISIS can not be overcome with bullets or Obama drones. Killing the bodies of ISIS believers will not KILL the inner ideology (the belief system). There is only one sure way of dealing with an offensive ideology and that is to Challenge the core concepts of the ideology in an OPEN forum (a forum which is open to everyone). Today, this is possible via our Internet society and our Television broadcasting. A non-violent/open/public challenge system is the BEST alternative for eliminating negative behavior which stems from an ‘ideology’. The process may be difficult, but the end result could change negative behavior and the destruction of humanity! Think about the ‘nature’ of an ideology! Can bullets silence the inner beliefs of adherents to a serious Belief System? I don’t think so!

John_McCain with Syrian Al Qaeda / ISIS terrorists. ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi circled in red !

Senator John McCain with core ISIS leaders in June 2013! Abu Bakr is included! Why has McCain changed his intellectual behavior since 2013? How does more ‘body’ killing create peace?

Senator John McCain with ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (circled left) and terrorist Muahmmad Noor (circled right).

We are fighting these leaders using drones and ‘body’ killing! Is this a positive way to overcome the ‘ideology’ of ISIS? John McCain appears to desire this negative behavior! As a Vietnam veteran, I totally disagree! A ‘ideology is metaphysical! Killing select ‘bodies’ does not ‘kill’ the core beliefs of adherents who live on!

ISIS claims that their belief system is based upon ISLAM (submission to a Creator God). This ideology originates with the Biblical prophets of old. Abraham, Moses, and Yeshua preceded the prophet Mohammed. So what were the beliefs of these three prophets which preceded Mohammed…and the ideology of ISLAM? First of all the core belief of ISIS is ‘submission’ to the Creator God. So who is this Creator God? In reality, Abraham, Moses, and Yeshua worshipped the SAME (identical) Creator God as Mohammed. The leaders of ISIS would recognize this reality and think about this reality if challenged within an OPEN forum. Abu bakr al-baghdadi is the key leader of ISIS. Now is the time to challenge his core belief system! If this were done  (in a positive manner) than serious change could emerge!

Some of the beliefs of ISIS! A Caliphate is also a core belief! The above beliefs are mostly positive!

The additional belief of ISIS is the establishment of a Caliphate! The area above is being proposed! Essentially, ISIS hates American dominance over this portion of our planet and the Arabic people!

The Creator God which ISIS desires to serve is the SAME Creator God as that of Abraham, Moses, and Yeshua (Jesus). Did the prior three prophets advocate ‘beheading’ of those who dissented from their core belief system? I don’t think so! Moses gave us the 10 Commandments and Yeshua gave us the Golden Rule. These tenants or core beliefs did not advocate ‘beheading’ or forced enslavement of dissidents. Would Abu bakr al-baghdadi and his hierarchy recognize this principle if challenged within a public forum where everyone on planet Earth could consider these tenants? I think so! The negative behavior of ISIS leaders could be OVERCOME with this positive approach rather than the negative operations now employed by Obama and his administration. Think about it! How can current American policy achieve PEACE!

In reality, the Creator God is the same for all the core prophets (Abraham, Moses, Yeshua, Muhammad)! This needs to be made public for everyone to digest! There can be ONLY one Creator God!

The God of Abraham is also the God which ISIS desires to serve! ISIS leaders would claim this as a core belief! Who was the God of Abraham? The ‘name’ is not important! Names are different for every culture!

The God of Moses was also the God of Abraham and Yeshua! ISIS would likely agree with this tenant or core belief! The Creator God has been around for all human history!

Yeshua (Jesus) is praying to the God of Moses and the God of Abraham! His life on earth revealed that his God was YHWH and/or the Creator God (called ‘Father’ by Yeshua)! Note that the ‘name’ of God changes with one’s language! There are thousands of ‘names’ for the Creator God!

Muhammad claims he received a message from the Creator God (in Arabic this ‘name’ is Allah)! The message was ‘submission’! I don’t think ‘beheading’ was the message! Would ISIS agree?

Typical photo which portrays the body image of Muhammad! He was of Arabic nationality!

All behavior stems from core beliefs. If an Atheist changes from one who believes in NO Creator God to a belief which accepts the reality of a Creator God, then an Atheist’s behavior is likely to CHANGE. Behavior creates a new dynamic and different human actions.  The same goes for the opposite change of a belief (say from Christian to Atheist). All belief systems eventually create our daily behavior (also called human action). Positive behavior is usually preferred to negative behavior. Both, however, play a role within our human nature (reality as we live it). There is a time for negative behavior and a time for positive behavior. NOW is the time for non-violent behavior as the entire planet can be destroyed with the stroke of a computer key…a nuclear bomb! Think! I am:


P.S. The mindset of Thomas Jefferson re: a Creator God

This mindset is also mine! Everyone has to work out their own belief system (independently)!

Jefferson viewed a Creator God as self-evident! Is this why he used the word Creator as the giver of our RIGHTS (in our Declaration of Independence)? 

Shows Jefferson’s view on the issue of a Creator!

T.J. was a great philosopher and also a great statesman for human liberty! 

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  1. Alan Ponelli permalink
    May 29, 2015 12:11 pm

    “And in the beginning man created God in his own image !” ” More people have died in the name of God than all other causes combined !” “When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer, superstition is the way ” That’s my religious dogma . . . . I have broken away from many relationships when the other party starts yapping the God crap ! Sorry Don, but you are teetering dangerously on the edge of credibility with me when you open up this subject. And I refuse to have any debate on this matter, ever. In my humble opinion !!!

    Alan Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 18:56:47 +0000 To:


    • May 29, 2015 1:51 pm

      Alan: You apparently are not aware of the beliefs of ISIS. Their beliefs relate to their God Allah. This is what motivates them. My blog is not for you personally. It is for a process to create a non-violent approach to solving issues facing our planet. D

      On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 12:11 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



    • May 31, 2015 10:29 pm

      If you desire freedom for all , being open to alternative ideas is essential. D


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