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My New Mindset: I ‘Agree’ to disagree! Why?

May 27, 2015

All of reality is ‘relative’ and ‘subjective. This, to me, is obvious! I have my unique viewpoint and you have yours. We agree on many events and issues… and we also ‘disagree’ on many events and issues! This is the reality in our world of ‘relativity’ today. To ignore this reality and assume that MY view is the ONLY view is a huge deception and an illusion. If my view is always final and absolute, then your view is subservient and meaningless! In reality, however, my view is not ABSOLUTE and/or FINAL. I am incapable of enunciating a viewpoint that encompasses all VIEWPOINTS! Let’s explore further!

The above belief was the mantra of our Founding Father (Thomas Jefferson)! 

This means that I need to AGREE to disagree with each person whom I relate with on many issues. I have had many conversations about my blog and my topics with a friend in the Philippines. This friend does not agree with my views on many issues. I also disagree with this person’s view on many issues. Why is this so? Why all the unique viewpoints on the issues? Why is this reality in 2015? It seems that our ‘words’, ‘concepts’, and our ‘perceptions’ are interpreted differently (on many issues) and this leads to disagreement. Basically, our thinking and our beliefs are somewhat different and this creates our different perspectives on the issues! This is reality in 2015! Is this good or bad?

Crossfire reveals the reality of differing viewpoints and perspectives on issues of life!

Let’s take a basic philosophical issue to illustrate why we need to AGREE to disagree. My view is that the concept of Dualism (two realms of reality) is valid and real. This concept of Dualism is my reality when interpreting events and issues. I witness Dualism (mind separate from matter) as an obvious reality and at the core of my interpretation of economics and human nature. Dualism is real…to me! My friend in the Philippines, however, does not accept my view on this philosophy or on many other issues of reality. Is he wrong and I right? I don’t think so! This mindset of right/wrong is no longer realistic in today’s world of relativity. Let’s explore further!

Thinking people differ on the nature of reality! Some adopt a monistic view of reality and some adopt or believe in a dualistic view of reality! Who is right?

What I perceive as right (is based upon MY assumptions/perceptions within a NOW environment) and what my friend thinks is right is based on HIS/her assumptions/perceptions. We both think and discern reality within a NOW environment (at the moment) and due to ‘relativity’ we do not SEE or DISCERN reality identically (always)! Our viewpoints are different, our perspectives are different, and our interpretations are different! This is reality in 2015! My perceptions and assumptions derive from my prior education and social background. Another person has his/her background and education which is always somewhat different. This results in unique perspectives and also some disagreement!

Many have the above view! But is this realistic in a world of complexity and a world of individuals with unique worldviews and interpretations of reality?

The concept of absolute TRUTH (capital T) is just not realistic in today’s world of complexity and multiple viewpoints. What seems obvious and logical to me may seem absurd and illogical to another thinker. I have witnessed this reality within my own family for decades. My sisters have assumptions and viewpoints which totally differ from my viewpoint (on many core issues of life and beliefs). Why is this so? My sense is that we all derive our beliefs and assumptions so that we can continue to live within the NOW moment and live with a POSITIVE frame of reference. None of us can or will live with a complete nihilistic view which makes all of reality NEGATIVE. We need to live positively and then ‘let live’ so the ‘other’ can also live positively! Our views and interpretations, however, will often differ significantly! This makes relationships and rulership difficult (nearly impossible)!

The above mantra is also my mantra! But can I impose this belief on you (on the world community)! Can my concept of ‘truth’ be imposed/mandated/administered/inforced? 

Some thinkers like to SEEK reality (truth) with a vengeance (a serious desire) and others have NO desire to SEEK that which can not be finalized (as a firm Solution). Relativity prevents me from creating an environment of total AGREEMENT with the ‘other’. Every person thinks as an INDIVIDUAL and this means that thinking and discernment (of reality) are unique and somewhat different. What I SEE as obvious and real may seem illusionary to another thinker (you). I now realize this reality when I talk and visit with another human being. I need to AGREE to disagree on many issues and interpretations of reality! I am gradually becoming more understanding of this reality! I hope to improve with age! I don’t think that the ‘relative’ nature of reality will change anytime soon!

This lady reveals her perspective on religion…but what about politics, science, economics, philosophy, and education? Who has the ‘right’ to impose one’s views upon the ‘other’?  Who?

Human Nature is very interesting! It seems like our elite (administrators within government)…who occupy positions of Rulership and Authority desire to impose their concepts of reality on the ‘other’. I am the ‘other’. You may also be the ‘other’. We discover that select elite administrators (say President Obama, President Putin, or Xi Jinping) desire to impose their views on the ‘other’…and govern so that their unique views can prevail in the marketplace. This mindset of governing so that one’s select viewpoint can be imposed on the ‘other’ is ubiquitous in every country and with every key ruler/administrator on this planet. We all witness the absolute mindset of the hated group called ISIS. Why do we tend to ‘hate’ this mindset? Why do so many hate the religious hierarchies?

Who started the concept of ‘absolutism’ and ‘imposition’ of views? Did ISIS start this mindset? Or are they following the mindset of all RULERS on this planet? Think!

The leader of ISIS is called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This ruler/leader/elite person seems to desire that every Muslim adopt his viewpoints on the major issues of life (beliefs). His solution for disagreement (with his perspective) is to cut off the HEAD of the dissenter. Is this a workable philosophy for governing this planet? What if every Ruler followed this policy? What would be the result? We likely would end up with ONE ruler (say Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) and mere clones of this person for the ‘other’. What a great world this would create! One RULER with clones (zombies) for followers! Is this the core reality within Human Nature? Do our Rulers want clones (zombies) for their subjects?

ISIS vows to cut off the head of Obama (eventually)! Will this mindset create peace and happiness on this planet? What do you think? The above person appears to be an American! Why this hatred of America and our leaders???

Think about all our current politicians, economists, banksters, and policy administrators! Do we find that many desire to IMPOSE their policies, rules, laws, regulations, etc. upon others? Why this mentality? Why do Rulers need zombie followers to survive in today’s age of RELATIVISM? This is the 64,000 $ question! Is it now time to AGREE to disagree? Is it time to allow each INDIVIDUAL to have their OWN unique perspective on reality? What do you think? Can a world of individuals be created where each person is Sovereign over their own perspective and thinking? This is the GOAL of Kingdom Economics!

SELF GOVERNMENT (that is what Thomas Jefferson desired)! The ‘individual’ comes PRIOR to the State! The philosophy of the individual must prevail over that of the State/Community/Group. Group think is what we witness today in politics, religion, science, and education. Every elite leader seems to desire to impose their view upon the ‘other’. Does any of this mentality WORK? Does it promote Freedom? What do you think? One planet under our Creator (that is my view)! Think about this issue! I am:

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