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Cyber Mind Control, Phantom Currencies, Phantom Values!

May 25, 2015

The New World Order is Here! We now live with cyber mind control, cyber currencies, and cyber values/prices! What does all this mean going forward…that is the question! To understand what has emerged in recent years (primarily since 1971) we need to understand the evolution of the dollar. This history is key to discerning what is now emerging! The ‘name’ dollar started out as a definition derived from nature. Our first Congress defined the ‘name’ dollar as 371.25 grains of silver. Silver is a metal derived from the earth and then mined and minted into a coin. This made our original dollar a ‘thing’ perceived to contain ‘value’. Perception is reality!

Who (which institutions) will command loyalty so that the current system can survive? Watch geo-political events and the mindset of our elite administrators!

This concept of ‘intrinsic value’ within a silver coin was a mindset which the masses of market participants viewed as reality. Thomas Jefferson, our primary Founding Father of our money/currency also viewed a silver coin as an appropriate ‘thing’ for representing ‘value’ in the marketplace. This concept of ‘value’ (assumed to be intrinsic/inherent within a coin from nature) created American Capitalism and our price discovery process. Prices were derived (subjectively) in terms of a ‘thing’ (like a silver coin) and this created a relatively stable price structure for all goods and services.

America’s first Dollar (a silver coin containing 371.25 grains of pure silver)! Value was perceived to be intrinsic within this coin! The above a creation of Thomas Jefferson! What a great Founding Father!

The huge change in mentality started after our President, Richard Milhous Nixon, closed the gold window in 1971. Gradually, our currency (the dollar) evolved into a ‘no thing’ unit (merely a ‘number’ within our metaphysical mind). This evolved into our ‘index’ dollar and then all our ‘index’ measurements for ‘value’ and ‘prices’. In the 1900’s (and after) our fiat dollar (now merely an abstract ‘number’) evolved into our digital/cyber dollar. Today, we live with a phantom cyber dollar and a phantom concept of ‘value’ and ‘price discovery’. There is zero substance to our dollar, value, and our prices. What a monumental change from the dollar of our Founding Fathers.

Richard Milhous Nixon closed the gold window and this created our ‘index’ dollar in 1973 and after! This decision was monumental as it has led to today’s phantom dollar!

Today, we live with a Centralized system for currency creation (administered by our Central Banks) and the system has evolved into a Global Phantom Cyber System for trading currencies, value, and asset prices. Computers must now be used to manipulate all ‘values’ and ‘prices’ to maintain a mirage of stability within the overall system. This mirage is now starting to crumble and collapse due to the imaginary (phantom) nature of the entire monetary/currency system. There is now ‘no’ intrinsic value’ that can be promulgated by our economic elite (Keynesians). We have no ‘silver’ coins circulating as money or legal tender. We have no ‘gold’ coins circulating as money or legal tender. The entire system is made up of phantom cyber currencies, phantom values, and phantom prices.

The Tower of Basel (in Basel, Switzerland) is the Bank for all Central Banks! A world digital currency is likely to be administered from this facility! Who understands?

Now that all our entire money/currency creation process is Centralized and Controlled by a few select elite within the closed doors of our Central Banks, the system has evolved into a perfect regime for MIND control (via cyber/digital currencies) over the entire planet. A New World Order is already Here and few discern this reality! The Bank for International Settlements is the Central Bank of all Central Banks and this institution is likely to emerge into the entity for controlling all currencies on our planet. The masses of subservient people (now some 7 billion) will need to BOW to the dictates of a Centralized Hierarchy which rules over our economic survival. What a change from our Founding Fathers System!

Central banksters (now a criminal system) has evolved from the closing of the gold window in 1971. This is leading to a new world digital currency for the entire planet!

Few seem aware that our money/currency is now within cyberspace and that mind control is now possible. Money/currencies rule over all economic activity on this planet and those who administer our money/currencies CONTROL our destiny as human beings. Freedom and a free market system is impossible today (given what has evolved since 1971). The unaware masses spend and invest using imaginary cyber currencies, smart phones, laptop computers, and on-line computer screen accounts for their record keeping. The masses are totally unaware of the core issues beneath the surface!

Cyber currencies, cyber trading, cyberspace storage now ubiquitous globally! We live with phantom money and imaginary values!

All seems stable on the surface. Underneath this mirage, however, all is crumbling and collapsing. Stock markets (now virtual) are starting to collapse. Bond markets (now virtual) are in a bubble. Mortgage markets (now virtual) are meaningless as collateral for the longer term. Our derivative markets (used to hedge price changes) are all in huge bubbles (ready to collapse with the stroke of a computer key). All this change started mostly after the closing of the gold window in 1971. Our money/currency started its evolution into a phantom unit of nothing administered by Central Authorities within our secret Central Bank computer rooms. We now live with phantom (manipulated) values, phantom (manipulated)prices, and phantom (manipulated) currencies.

Digitization of paper currencies, paper stocks, paper bonds, paper mortgages has changed the nature of reality! All of finance is now mostly living within our metaphysical extended consciousness (called Cyberspace)! Look at your computer screen!

Capitalism is now essentially OVER and we now need to watch and pray as our entire global financial system starts its collapse into our spiritual/metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS. All of our economic principles started with sound philosophical logic, rules, and principles. This is now OVER and we wait and watch as we all (the system) descends into an economic/spiritual hell…administered by an immoral/criminal elite who seem unaware of the ‘nature’ of reality. All this is likely to lead to the COMING ‘Mark of the Beast’ and a spiritual hell prior to our ascension into a new and better economic MODEL. The coming transition could be scary for many. Now is the time to get yourself educated on what is emerging. Think for yourself and listen to those with wisdom, understanding, and discernment! I am:

P.S. Cyberspace is not Physical (observable) space. This is a key philosophical issue to understand! The other important ssue fo understand is the ‘nature’ of our mind (consciousness)! One website that will help you is:

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  1. Alan Ponelli permalink
    May 26, 2015 6:42 am

    D ~
    This ‘Closer to the Truth” site seems interesting and I am hoping to investigate it further in the near future . . . 👊


    Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 22:13:18 +0000


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