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Cyberspace – explained and defined!

May 23, 2015

We all experience ‘physical’ space when we walk, ride, fly, play, and work. We witness all the objects within our physical space…such as trees, cars, birds, moon, sun, stars, etc. But what is ‘cyberspace’? This term was not ubiquitous until around 1990 and after. Today, everyone is talking and thinking about this new memory space called ‘cyberspace’. Let’s see if we can define this non-physical space for better understanding. First of all, if there were no people on our planet, cyberspace would not be an issue. Human life and consciousness is central to experiencing cyberspace.

People create this notional space and without people there is ‘no’ cyberspace. Physical space, however, would likely exist without any people on our planet. Our earth would still move through space and travel around our sun. Stars would still exist in our sky. Planets would still revolve around the Sun. Trees, water, land, and sky would still exist. Objects in physical space continue to exist with or without human consciousness (live people). People, communication, and data make cyberspace an experience which we all enjoy! Witness the Internet, Facebook, and all the social media websites.

We can also conclude that cyberspace is a ‘name’ which denotes ‘no’ substance (no physical ‘thing’). We can not hold cyberspace in our hand, for example. This ‘name’ (cyberspace) describes that which we humans create after connecting all our computers into a network and turning on power. Our Internet is a good example of a network of computers. When I communicate and send my words to you via an email I am utilizing cyberspace. My words and thinking travels from my consciousness (mind) to my typing fingers and then into cyberspace and then to you. The medium which gets my message to you is what we call ‘cyberspace’. We could also say that cyberspace is a ‘memory’ space which extends my thinking (conscious thoughts) from me to you for purposes of understanding.

Speed of light communication and data circulation now describes Cyberspace!

Today, practically all of our economic activities and operations are being stored and manipulated in cyberspace. We could say that all our monetary instruments have been converted from physical space to cyberspace. This conversion (1990 to 2015) means that all paper mortgage documents, bond certificates, stock certificates, paper currencies are now out of physical reality (this space) and into our non-physical cyberspace (the computer screen). The paper substance which stored all our data in files, accounting books, and desk drawers is now eliminated (mostly) and all our data are stored and manipulated within this cyber memory space created by our computer networks.

Simulated reality is what cyberspace is all about! This space extends our consciousness by allowing our words to flow immediately from sender to receiver!

The significance of this conversion from physical space to cyber space is monumental. We now have the capability to delete all our financial debt and the entire global financial system with the click of a master computer mouse. Cyberspace is ‘simulated’ space. Cyberspace is similar to ‘virtual’ space. Cyberspace is man created for purposes of communication and data manipulation. This simulated (non-physical) space (all the cyber objects) can be destroyed, turned off, and removed from realtime reality. All ‘objects’ within this space can be deleted. These objects are mere simulations of physical reality! This is monumental for economics going forward!

Today, all global debt and deficits are mere cyber objects (units of consciousness) which can be deleted from our realtime reality with the click of a computer mouse. All our currencies are now cyber units which can be eliminated, deleted, and abolished with a political decision. These ‘nothing’ units are temporarily stored within this simulated cyber environment as data and metadata. All our national and global DEBT and our MONEY are now subject to elimination, destruction, deletion with the stoke of a computer key. A political decision or agreement could cause the total destruction and elimination of all our imaginary debt, deficits, currencies, and trading activity. It’s a Human decision to make!

Cyberspace units (the bits, bytes, digits, data) are basically stored within a memory space which can be totally erased with the stroke of a computer key. All the cyber objects are basically imaginary and simulations of physical reality. They are NOT physical or real (in any material sense). Our SENSE realities (touch, taste, feeling, smell, and sight) are not affected if we erase all the cyber objects from our computer screens. Cyber objects are part of a higher spiritual reality which is non-physical and/or metaphysical. These objects have no substance which responds to our physical SENSES. Simulated reality is not PHYSICAL reality!  Virtual reality is not the same as MATERIAL reality.

Beware of simulated realities! The human mind is subject to HUGE deceptions!

All our global fiat bit currencies (which we use as legal tender for goods and services) are simulations of prior physical currencies (silver coins, gold coins, paper notes). These bit currencies are not within our physical universe which we call our Space/Time Universe. These currencies are within our consciousness and our extended consciousness (cyberspace). We can eliminate and destroy all these bit currencies with a political decision and then the stroke of a computer key. What we now use as legal tender can be eliminated in one day via a political decision. The coming financial cyber crash will likely wake-up the masses to the ‘nature’ of cyberspace and this simulation of physical reality!

The dark side of cyberspace needs exposure! The Mark of the Beast is one of these DARK possibilities given that all our money units are now within CYBERSPACE! Beware of centralized computer deceptions coming from our banksters and politicians!

Think about this new world of CYBERSPACE! Think about the SIMULATED space where all our currencies, money, debt, and assets now reside. Think about the need for money (of any form) going forward! Think about the spiritual nature of our words, ideas, and our daily communication! Think about the coming Mark of the Beast mentality which our politicians and banksters are foisting upon the masses. Think about the CONTROL society which is emerging because of our hierarchical cyber money system. Think about getting educated on the current Ponzi Financial System which is now collapsing! Think about our Central Banksters who administer this phony cyber monetary system! Think and grow! Enjoy! I am:

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