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$40 billion in ‘Value’ lost in two days! Why?

May 22, 2015

The Wall Street Journal article called ‘No Goldin Moment in Hong Kong’ reveals the ‘nature’ of today’s cyber markets. Three stocks lost over $40 billion in market value as sellers dumped the stocks for various reasons. Today, all our stocks are within a memory space which we call cyberspace. This space is ‘imaginary’ and this means that ‘value’ can disappear in milliseconds. Our markets are now mostly within our ‘extended’ consciousness and not within our material universe. This means that stock values can drop by 10, 20, 30 or more % in seconds. Think!

This stock lost $6.6 billion in seconds/minutes/hours on the Hong Kong electronic market! Why? Money vanishes and disappears into money heaven! Our money today is ‘imaginary’!

Three stocks called Hanergy, Goldin Financial, and Goldin Properties were examples of what can happen in today’s imaginary cyber trading markets.  Go to the May 22, 2015 WSJ article on page C10 to get all the details. What we need to learn from this event is that all our stock prices are susceptible to collapse in a succession of ‘flash crashes’ as trader confidence is lost and algorithms execute the selling. All our stock prices are now ‘valued’ with our ‘bit’ currencies (digits in cyberspace) and this means that our markets have entered a new realm of reality.

This stock lost $15.7 billion in seconds/minutes/hours on the Hong Kong electronic exchange! An algo can execute this trade within milliseconds!

We live within two realms of reality today within finance and economics. Realm #1 is our ‘sense’ realm. This is the realm of touch, feel, taste, hearing, and seeing. We can also call this the observable material realm and/or the realm of space/time. Realm #2 is our ‘consciousness’ realm which is inner and can also be viewed as the realm of our ‘mind’. Realm #2 is where all our so-called ‘bit’ money resides. Our Bit-dollar is now a unit within cyberspace and gets there via conscious input from our banksters.  Imaginary numbers are punched (typed) into a computer screen to simulate our historical paper dollar.

This stock lost $23 billion (47%) on the Hong Kong electronic exchange! Think of the ‘nature’ of money, value, and our currencies today! Our markets live within our extended consciousness (not space/time reality)!

The result of entering ‘bit’ data into a computer screen and calling this info by the ‘name’ dollar is rather deceptive and illusionary. All the info entered into a computer screen goes into a memory space which we call cyberspace. Cyberspace is a simulation of our ‘consciousness’ and this means that cyberspace is really an extended memory space of our consciousness. All trading today is being done by computers, algorithms, and computer coding software. Entering a trade and exiting a trade happens within micro and/or milli- seconds today…and this causes stock prices to rise or drop instantaneously. We witness the numerical result in our computer screen as a ‘flash’ up or a ‘flash’ down in the stock price.

Our financial markets are now mostly within cyberspace…where entering and exiting stock trades are accomplished via algorithms and high frequency trading! Machines drive our markets today!

Yes, our trading markets are now within a completely different REALM of reality than when our money was paper and coin. Bits and Bytes (mere units of information derived from consciousness) now represent our currencies and this means that ‘values’ can vanish and disappear when a market crashes. Values vanish or disappear for individual stocks, for individual bonds, and for all asset classes which operate within our cyber markets. The entire stock exchange system can also crash and this means all the imaginary stock/bond/derivative ‘values’ vanish from sense reality.

China’s richest financial guru lost half his net worth in seconds, minutes, hours! Our money today is imaginary and within cyberspace!

Few comprehend the ‘nature’ of our markets today. The top financial pundits and advisers still assume that our markets live within our material ‘sense’ realm. These pundits use the words ‘paper’ to reflect our currencies. All this semantic language is now a deception and an illusion. Today, our markets and all prices are residing within cyberspace (our extended consciousness) and our currencies are ‘bit’ units typed or clicked into our computer screens. QE is an obvious example of this situation. Central Bankers think up a QE amount (numbers) and then click these numbers into their master computer account and call the ‘bits’ dollars, pounds, yen, euros, krona, etc.

Our money is no longer paper (as above). Paper is a ‘sense’ item which we observe within our material universe! Bits/bytes are cyber data which reside within our extended consciousness (also called cyberspace)!

Look out at our material universe (right now) and see if you can find or locate a ‘bit’ dollar, a ‘bit’ euro, or a ‘bit’ pound. Our five ‘senses’ can not discover these bits and bytes within observable space/time. Our MIND, however, can visualize numbers and this allows us to assume that these bits and bytes exist. In reality, however, they do not exist. Bits and bytes are information (text data) within our extended consciousness. We visualize these bits and bytes in our computer screen and we then call the numbers in our account MONEY. What a deception! What a Ponzi Scheme! Who comprehends? Few! Enjoy! Http://

Paper money is history! Cyber money is our simulation! All this leads to hierarchical control and enslavement of the masses. Who understands?

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