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Let’s call today’s currencies – ‘BIT’ currencies! Why?

May 21, 2015

We now have a digital currency called the Bitcoin and we also have a currency called Bitgold. We should now refer to all our global cyber currencies as Bit-currencies. We have the Bit-dollar, Bit-euro, Bit-pound, Bit-yen, Bit-krona, etc. Let’s call our currencies what they really are: bit units. These units are derived from our bankster’s thinking (their consciousness) and then they are ‘keyed’ (typed) into the computer screen as a phantom unit of ‘value’. What emerges in our computer screen is a ‘bit’ unit. Some call this a digit. But most computer geeks call the units ‘bits and bytes’. These ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ are now are so-called MONEY!

Definition: A bit is a single numeric value, either ‘1’ or ‘0’, that encodes a single unit of digital information. A byte is a sequence of bits; usually eight bits equal one byte.

Few seem to comprehend that our ‘Bit-dollar’ is now merely a unit of information within a simulated space called ‘cyberspace’. This unit of information is derived from a bankster’s invisible inner consciousness prior to becoming a ‘bit’ within the computer screen. We witness the ‘bit’ as a number(s) in our various investment/savings accounts. We ‘see’ the ‘bit’ (say a $1) within the computer screen and then we assume that this ‘bit’ is real. In reality, however, this ‘bit’ is nothing, nowhere, and not within our Space/time Universe. Why? Think!

Our Bit-dollar is similar to the Bit-coin. Both are digital and created from human consciousness. Algorithms also derive from human consciousness!

The reason a ‘bit’ is not within our space/time universe is because a ‘bit’ is a number. NUMBERS are derived from our intelligible inner space called our Consciousness (or mind). Consciousness is not within our material/physical universe. Are you aware of this? My consciousness and your consciousness is spirit. Spirit is not composed of matter/energy and it is not part of physical reality. Go back and read Socrates, Plato, Plotinus, Gary, and Descartes. Think about your own INNER self!

All our Bit-currencies are now within our extended ‘consciousness’ which we call by the ‘name’ Cyberspace.

My inner self (spirit) is not composed of matter or any sub-atomic particles. My spirit is also not part of the energy field which moves matter. Spirit is separate from the physical/material universe. Go inside your own consciousness and seek this invisible/non-physical memory space to discern this reality. Socrates claimed that his real self was immortal (spirit). He had no problem with drinking the Hemlock (poison)as he did not view his ‘body’ as his real self. This also goes for Plato and those that followed this Dualistic philosophy.

Plato derived his philosophy mostly from Socrates! Socrates said that his ‘body’ was not who he was! In reality, we are all spirit beings (immortal)!

Do you comprehend that economics and all issues on the subjects of money and value are based upon this philosophy called Dualism? Dualism is foundational to economic thinking and the history of Capitalism. Dualism is so obvious that most are unaware of this reality. Are you aware that objects in space are given a ‘name’? What is a ‘name’ (say the huge object which lights up our sky)? What is the ‘name’ of the ‘ball’ which we now rest upon? The ‘names’ are the Sun and Earth. Both these objects were given a ‘name’ derived from human consciousness (our inner memory space).

Objects in space are given ‘names’! Where do ‘names’ derive from? Think! How about our MIND and/or our Consciousness? Names are ‘spirit’ phenomena!

All ‘names’ are spirit in nature. Words are ‘spirit’. Ideas are ‘spirit’. All that emerges from our consciousness (mind) is ‘spirit’! Are you aware of this? Human beings are not their ‘bodies’ (flesh). Human beings (you and I) are ‘spirit’ beings. We ‘live’ and ‘move’ and have our ‘being’ within SPIRIT. Today, we live with Bit-currencies which are created from ‘spirit’. Our ‘Bit-dollar’ is a spirit unit. The Bit-euro is a ‘spirit’ unit. And almost all currencies circulating within our cyber computer environment are now ‘spirit’ units. We could also call these cyber currencies by the name ‘units of consciousness’ and/or ‘units of our mind’.

Our human mind is not the same as our brain. Mind is spirit and Brain is matter! Dualism is the philosophy of economics and money!

Another ‘name’ which we could use for today’s cyber currencies (all created from spirit) would be ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies. Why? Because the concept called ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a spiritual concept revealing the nature of these cyber currencies when implemented. These currencies create the enslavement of all mankind to NUMBERS, BITS, AND DIGITS. Those who administer these ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies desire to ‘control’ and ‘enslave’ the entire human race (accept the favored few) with these invisible/non-physical/spirit currencies.

Our mind is spirit and immortal. Go inside and discover!

Yes, money rules this planet…and those in control of official money (and the policies of money) decide who gets what and when. Politicians realize this! Banksters who understand money realize this! The big money cartels realize this! Our founding fathers (who understood money) realized this! Many discerning philosophers and serious thinkers realized this! Money, control, and rulership all go hand in hand. Those who control the issuance of money control the human marketplace and much of our law making, rule making, policy making. This is why the issues of money are so important to our liberty, freedom, and development.

Money rules and controls all human beings on this planet! We are all enslaved and controlled by units of administered money…now ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’! A new centralized hierarchy over money is now emerging!

The big problem today is that the vast majority of people have near zero understanding of economics and money. They are like ‘sheep’ with no discernment! They wander from moment to moment and day-to-day with no wisdom, understanding, or education on these crucial issues of life. What might wake-up the SHEEP? A huge and serious financial CRASH might wake-up a few. This event is now emerging! We will need to watch and see if this type of event wakes-up the masses! Enjoy! I am:

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