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New Currency being ‘invented’ – the Hayek!

May 19, 2015

The Financial Times had a full-page article entitled ‘Brother, can you spare a Hayek?’ This article states that a new digital currency is now being invented to provide people with a gold backed currency unit. The definition of the Hayek (its ‘name’) is 1 gram of gold. This would mean that 31 Hayek’s would equal one troy ounce of gold. This new currency is being promoted by the son of the late Jim Blanchard with financial support from Sprott Investments and from Soros Brothers Investments. The concept of a digital currency backed by gold is not new but this invention may take off as it will provide users with the illusion of real ‘value’.

Hayek and Rothbard desired Free Markets and Sound Money (backed by real ‘value’)!

The ‘name’ Hayek is a take-off from the Austrian economist by the name of Friedrich Hayek. Friedrich was a strong supporter of free market economics with a sound standard of value for any currency. Friedrich wrote the books entitled: The Road to Serfdom and Denationalization of Money. Many private investors are now becoming aware that our current phantom ‘dollar’ (which is created out of nothing) is unsound and unstable. This creates demand for new currencies such as Bitcoin and this new Hayek. Will our authorities allow these alternative currencies to flourish? This is my question?

Money to many means Gold! The denomination or legal tender is called a Currency! The Hayek will be backed by 1 gram of gold! Thirty-one Hayek’s would equal one ounce of gold (when converted)! The above coin is a Swedish gold Kronor! The market price of one ounce of physical gold is currently $1200 bit dollars!

Our current Bit Dollar and all the other Bit Currencies on our planet are in various stages of collapse. The entire currency system is now vulnerable to collapse as all these bit currencies are unbacked and traded merely as symbols and numbers within our computer screens. All these symbols $$$$$ and numbers 1,2,3,4,5 are, in reality, metaphysical phenomena. The units are created OUT of NOTHING and merely ‘typed’ into a computer for circulation. This is unsound and criminal when we think about the purpose and role of a currency. Our Central Banks, however, have abandoned sound moral principles and this has led to our current ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies. We can think of bits and bytes as the foundation for all our currencies today!

Mark of the Beast currencies are cyber digits (bits) under a Centralized Control System which mandates that people use these digital numbers to Buy and Sell! Control is the MO of man’s RULE!

I call these digital/cyber currencies ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies as they are derived from banksters Consciousness (their inner spirit self) and then used to manipulate/control all our markets (prices, interest rates, and asset values). Eventually, they lead to a centralized electronic currency system for the entire planet under the administration of a Centralized Control Hierarchy. This evolution of money into a Control System is prophesied to happen under man’s desire to RULE over our planet and all seven billion citizens. The precursor for this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system is now here…waiting for a serious financial collapse prior to being implemented. The collapse is now rather near!

Get ready for a Global Digital Currency (similar to Bitcoin) which is computer driven and created from the MIND of a Centralized Control Hierarchy! The Cashless society is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast!

You can follow this new invention called the Hayek currency as it develops later this year. Personally, I support the efforts of Anthem Blanchard and his team of advisors in creating this new currency. At least this currency has a definition (1 gram of gold) for each unit. Our so-called American Dollar is merely a ‘name’, ‘number’, and a ‘symbol’ (a phantom). Plato would call our phantom dollar an ‘intelligible FORM’ (experienced totally within our mind) which derives from the Spiritual Realm of Reality. Our current phantom Dollar ($1.00) is invisible, non-physical, and metaphysical in its nature. This makes it worthless, valueless, no thing, and subject to going to ZERO. The new Hayek is backed by gold and defined as 1 gram of physical gold. A step in the right direction! Enjoy this new unit if it becomes a reality! I am:

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