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Money Show Special – Peter Schiff Presentation!

May 14, 2015

Peter Schiff at Money Show – Las Vegas!

Today’s talk by Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital was given to a full room and his message definitely deserves more media attention than it is getting. I found his talk to be very realistic and very comprehensive for all investors and traders. Every American investor/trader should have heard this talk. I will try to summarize the talk with bullet points that cover the jest of his message. You can probably request a copy of the talk by going to his website at: (although this is not guaranteed). The Money Show attracted some 6,500 registrants this year. Investors are concerned and I suspect that many are rebalancing their portfolios after hearing from all the various speakers. Here are the bullet points of Peter’s talk:

1. Our economy is mostly a paradox in that the official numbers do not reveal the real underlying events taking place. Essentially, our economy is in much worse shape than our government officials reveal and most of the official numbers are bogus and unreal.

2. The coming crash will be much worse than 2008. The current bubble stock market hides what is happening in our real economy.

3. The Fed is essentially creating the bubble stock markets with new debt called QE (with current help from the ECB, BOJ, and others who continue with quantitative easing policies).

4. Our economy is addicted to cheap credit and zero interest rates. As the heroine (Fed liquidity) is withdrawn the greater problems emerge and this leads our Fed to inject new heroine (stimulus). The cycle is likely to continue indefinitely.

5. The Fed rate hikes are mere talk. The market conditions will not allow our Fed to increase interest rates. All the American people have been in denial of what is really happening beneath the surface.

6. The real story going forward is the Dollar. Our dollar will totally crash in the Foreign Exchange Markets. This has now started. Our dollar index is now 94 and this index dollar could eventually go to zero.

7. America had the worst Trade Deficit this month and this reveals that Americans continue to consume but not produce sufficiently. The Fed prints dollars and Americans consume goods but American production is not growing. Foreigners produce our goods and we consume excessively without an equal exchange.

8. If our Fed were to increase interest rates this would lead to mass defaults. Also, increasing taxes will not help. Basically, our government has no integrity and this is our main problem.

9. Foreign countries who produce surplus products will prosper going forward. I recommend that investors purchase the currencies of Foreign Nations which are producing surplus goods. An example is Singapore and China.

10. Buy stocks in Foreign markets. Also buy gold/silver mining stocks. The dollar rally of recent will not last. Crash coming in the $. Mining stocks will increase from 20 to 50 times down the road. Now would be a good time to purchase Foreign stocks, foreign currencies, and gold/silver mining stocks. Hold 5% to 10% of your portfolio in physical gold/silver coins/bullion.

11. I am interested in helping investors and speculators with their portfolios. I can help with portfolios of $250,000 and up but I also have programs for $50,000 portfolios. You can also invest in Euro Pacific programs at Fidelity, Ameritrade, and other brokerage houses.

12. The trends going forward are more QE, ZIRP, and inflation…along with a Crashing Dollar! Read my book on the Coming Crash! The real Crash is not the Stock Market…but the $$$$$$! The crashing ‘value’ of the $ is what everyone needs to understand as this unit is going to Crash from its current level of 94 too much lower levels…potentially to zero! Prepare now for what is coming!!!

The talk of Peter Schiff was excellent in that he covered all the markets and also the underlying economies. His message was presented with conviction and emotion! Personally, I found that his talk and message was equal with that of Steven Hochberg of See my prior blog missive for Steve’s message! Enjoy and stay Alert! I am:

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