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American Character – seriously flawed! Why?

May 9, 2015

What America portrays to the world (via our actions) is an image of Hubris, Arrogance, Pridefulness, and Absolutism. Let’s think about our leadership since the end of WWII and the image we have presented to the greater global community (other nations and cultures). Americans talk about their Exceptionalism and their values of Democracy. They think that these ‘values’ are right for everyone on this planet. But what are we actually doing to the people of our planet who dislike American Hubris, American Might, American War Machinery, and American Control over the political/economic systems on this planet. Do we portray an image which encourages acceptance or an image which encourages rejection?

Does America have some responsibility for the hatred of those who oppose our Philosophy of Might makes Right? Where do our actions lead?

When I look back at the history of prior Nations who attempted to impose their ‘values’ upon others, the people of Germany and Japan during WWII come to mind. Germany and their leaders felt that their ‘values’ should be imposed upon everyone. Their Final Solution mentality created HELL on earth for all those who attempted to oppose the German ‘might’, ‘power’, and ‘control’. Hitler and Germany felt that they were ‘exceptional’ and more ‘enlightened’ than others. This same mindset was evident in Japan as they moved to conquer and control the Asian communities on our planet. Japanese leaders thought that their ‘values’ and ‘image’ should be imposed upon all Asians. Think about these mindsets of just a few years ago!

The hubris and arrogance of Japan’s leaders during WWII led to shame and defeat!

The mindset of Germany and Japan led to the killing of millions of innocent people and in the end both these administrations were totally defeated and shamed. Hitler, Himmler, Goring, Goebbels led Germany via their mindset of Exceptionalism and Hubris. Hirohito, Tojo, Konoe, Yonai, and Araki led Japan via their mindset of Hubris and Exceptionalism. These administrations (and also Benito Mussolini of Italy) were all eventually defeated and shamed for their attempt at a FINAL SOLUTION. But today we have another Super Power Nation which is attempting to impose a similar philosophy upon the entire planet. Who is this Nation and Super Power?

The War machine of Germany ended in defeat and shame! Is America heading to a similar fate?

Think about the Exceptionalism and Hubris of the Nation called America! What is this Nation and its leaders attempting to create today? Are you aware that America has some 800 to 1,000 military bases on our planet (located in some 134 countries)? Just what is America attempting to do and upon WHOM? Think: American might is viewed by others as a mindset of Hubris and Arrogance! American Power is not creating a better world for the many!  The Worldwide control of humanity’s economic, social and political activities is under the helm of US corporate and military power. Underlying this process are various schemes of direct and indirect military intervention. These US sponsored strategies ultimately consist in a process of global subordination. Source:

What END will America’s philosophy of Might makes Right create? Does the Means of War create an End of Peace? What do you think?

Yes, America has a mindset of Absolutism and Control which is extremely dangerous and destructive for our planet. America assumes that their strategy of Might makes Right will create a planet of freedom and prosperity for all mankind. In reality, however, this mindset of Hubris and Arrogance is leading to more conflict, death, destruction, and misery for the entire planet. Why is the mindset of a FINAL SOLUTION a mindset of mental illness? Why does this mindset lead to the opposite of what is intended? Today, the ‘values’ of Americans (real freedom and liberty) are not being realized and the leadership within America (those in Power) are creating a World of War, Chaos, Misery, and Destruction for our planet.

America’s dream of democracy for everyone is leading to what? Do our leaders comprehend that their actions have consequences? Can ‘values’ be imposed by Military Might and Political Power?

The entire philosophy of Might makes Right (America’s elitist mindset) is leading to enslavement for the entire planet and great destruction for those who oppose this elitist mindset of Hubris, Arrogance, and so-called Exceptionalism. War can not bring us peace, freedom, or a better global economy. The idea that there is some FINAL SOLUTION that will create these ‘values’ is pure myth and delusion! Yet, Americans and their leaders continue on this Road which leads to death and destruction! Look at what is happening today over in the Middle East? Look at the hatred which is developing in Russia and those punished by our economic sanctions? Look at the military build-up in Iran and those nations who view us as the Great Satan! Will our Might makes Right philosophy create that which we think?

Putin and Russia are unlikely to bow to American economic sanctions or our Military Might! Why? Where does American Might lead?

Wisdom says that America is definitely on the wrong road! American might and their economic sanctions can not create peace, happiness, and freedom. We now need a completely new mindset! A mindset which focuses on our OWN problems (not those of others). A mindset which sets an example of humility and not one of pride and arrogance. A mindset which focuses on non-military and non-war approaches! A mindset which focuses on PROBLEMS first and not some FINAL SOLUTION. Yes, America needs a NEW mindset and a total withdrawal from the mindset of MILITARY MIGHT (as a Means to our END). Either change or the END will force us to change! Think! I am:

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  1. Alan Ponelli permalink
    May 10, 2015 6:25 am

    Excellent article Don ! But I’m afraid that most Americans are deaf, dumb and blinded to the truth. My experience has taught me that the hubris, arrogance, pridefulness and absolutism that you speak of is not limited to the U.S. gov’t. Carefully it has been instilled into the minds of the citizens. The few people like ourselves whom are sensitive and reactive to the problems of America are but a drop in the bucket and unfortunately we can only preach to each other because the rest will not hear.

    Alan Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 22:41:07 +0000 To:


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