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Let’s Philosophy about our Financial Markets!

May 7, 2015

Today, our global financial markets are getting ready to ‘vaporize’. Just these past few days some $2 trillion of asset value has ‘vaporized’ from the digital books of select financial entities. In time, we will witness many more $ trillions disappearing into money heaven. So why all this ‘vaporization’ and ‘disappearance’ of our money? Just what causes these digits within our computer screens to vanish? Who is aware and conscious of what is happening within finance today? First let me define the concept of philosophy (as I see it):

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. It also involves seeking after wisdom and understanding! 
My favorite philosopher from history is Socrates! He passed (died) in 399 B.C.! His ideas are still alive, however!
What many seem not to comprehend (today) is that our so-called ‘money’ is imaginary. What we use for most of our monetary transactions today are ‘digits’ within cyberspace (our computer screens). In reality, these digits (in cyberspace) do not ‘exist’ within our Space/Time Universe. What does this mean going forward? This means that most/many/all of these digits are subject to vaporizing, disappearing, and vanishing from our presence. Our money today is like a ‘dream’ within our mind/consciousness. We visualize all this so-called digital money (as numbers) within our computer screens and our mobile smart phones. But all these ‘digits’ can be created and deleted with the stroke of a computer key.
Symbols, names, numbers are imaginary units derived from our Consciousness! They vaporize or disappear when we hit the delete key! Are you aware that our ‘money’ is now mostly imaginary?
Millions, billions, trillions of these ‘digits’ (called money) are mostly meaningless and a fiction of our individual/collective imagination. Our banksters can now create these ‘digits’ with the stroke of a computer key and delete these ‘digits’ with a stroke of a computer key. What a world we now live in. Our money does not ‘exist’ and we pray that these ‘digits’ will remain within our personal on-line banking account so we can purchase our wants/needs. But, we have no control over these ‘digits’ today. Banksters can ‘turn-off’ a Server and all these ‘digits’ vanish/vaporize/disappear into money heaven. Who is aware of this reality? Who understand this philosophy?
A computer system can be shut down. This means no digital money is available! All our digits (called money) are now mostly in cyberspace! Select Authorities can ‘turn-off’ the money system!
First we need to comprehend the difference between Space/Time reality and Cyberspace reality. Those of you who own silver or gold coins recognize that these metal coins are within Space/Time reality and do not disappear or vanish. But today, 96% of our so-called money consists of cyber digits located within cyberspace. Cyberspace is a completely different realm of reality from Space/Time reality. Were you aware of this? All my/your cyber digits (called money/currency) reside within our extended consciousness…not within Space/Time observable reality. What does this mean?
Mobile banking is growing daily. These digits (within cyberspace) depend on the electro-magnetic frequencies continuing to arrive into our computer operating system. If the FCC shuts down the select spectrum needed, then all digits (which we call our money) disappear. Digital money depends on an interconnected internet system of frequencies! The internet is controlled by centralized Authorities!
What this means is that all our debt, credit, savings, investments, and derivative speculations are now virtual and within cyberland. Cyberland is actually similar to our extended consciousness. For those of you who comprehend ‘consciousness’, you realize that this concept does not ‘exist’. Consciousness describes my mental/mind/spirit reality. We could say that ‘consciousness’ describes my/your ‘inner’ self. This ‘inner’ self is not technically within Space/Time reality. Give this some reflection and thought! Consciousness is a separate reality from a silver coin or a gold coin (our historical money). Consciousness is not understood by most who operate within our financial markets!
Consciousness and cyber money go hand in hand. Both describe another dimension of reality! Those who understand recognize that we all LIVE within TWO realms of reality!
What all this means is that when our imagination changes from positive to negative or from Bull to Bear, then the digital vanishing/vaporizing/disappearance begins in earnest. Stocks decline, bonds decline, house values decline, asset values decline, and the process of financial vaporization begins. Greed turns to Fear and the emotion of selling overwhelms buying. This creates the crash and/or collapse which I have been predicting for some five years. Deflation develops as all asset values start to vaporize. We live in a financial universe which is mostly within our individual/collective IMAGINATION! Few, however, comprehend this reality!
Our current BULL market could change to a BEAR market! This change could happen soon! Cycles are part of finance and economics. Cycles change and then emotions change!
Our Central Banksters, however, do seem to understand this philosophy as they continue to suppress the prices of key commodities and our historical monies…in the false HOPE that the bubbles of today can last forever. All our markets are now in BUBBLES…however, those in authority pretend that this is not so! Pretend and extend is now being practiced (globally) to prolong this imaginary market which we live within. Get ready for a global VAPORIZATION of our money digits in the near future. I sense that the day of reckoning is near! Enjoy for now! Buy some silver coins and gold coins for the coming days of barter and friendly exchange of select needs/wants! Most of all, prepare yourself, mentally!!! I am:
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