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The Purpose for ‘Money’ now totally Corrupted!

May 2, 2015

The real role for ‘money’ is to measure the ‘value’ of new wealth being created and existing wealth being exchanged within a marketplace. Money has historically been a proxy for VALUE. As I create new wealth from the land (via mining, quarrying, lumbering, farming, manufacturing, etc.) I need to ‘value’ this wealth for the marketplace. Money is invented to serve this role. A currency is then invented to calculate and/or measure this ‘value’. Since the concept of ‘value’ is subjective and metaphysical, MONEY is invented as our proxy for this subjective/invisible concept called ‘value’.

Money started out as a servant of society, today it is creating enslavement for the masses!

What has evolved since the closing of the gold/silver markets as our MONEY is a cyberspace currency (still called ‘dollar’) which has corrupted all the functions of money and created a Cyber Casino of digits which get created ‘out-of-nothing’ by our banksters and then traded within a cyberspace marketplace. The Cyber money today has NO ‘value’ and does not measure ‘value’ (as did silver coins and gold coins of old). This has led to a hodge podge of trading strategies which have little to do with economics and reality. The Wall Street Journal covered the new cyber trading strategies which now have corrupted all of economics. Let’s think about what has emerged in recent years within our Global Casino Cyber Marketplace.

Today our money is mostly in cyberspace and a servant of the corrupt money cartel!

The WSJ article on May 2, 2015 was entitled: Warnings on ‘Spoofing’ Aren’t New. The abusive and corrupted trading strategies which were listed by CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, included: spoofing, flickering, flipping, layering, latency periods, stuffing, order book fading, momentum ignition, naked shorting, etc. We could also add: front running, manipulating prices/interest rates, quantitative easing, and value distorting. Done of these activities have anything to do with helping our economy grow or helping our country to prosper…so as to create a better society for the masses. All these spoofing and similar trading gimmicks help select individual speculators rape the system and distort all prices within our marketplaces. The public is unable to benefit from any of these corrupt practices!

Vote for more of the same! It’s dependency at its worst!

Bankers and Politicians have an invested interest in the enslavement of the 99%!

Yes, the real purpose for MONEY in the first place was to serve as a ‘tool’ for valuation. We invented ‘money’ to serve as a proxy for ‘value’ and then we invented a currency to serve as a tool for calculating ‘value’. Today, we have no real MONEY and our ‘currency’ is a unit of nothing created from nothing by our banksters. The 1% benefit and the 99% become ‘slaves’ of the system. Enslavement is what is now occurring globally. Wealth creation from the land is waning and speculations dominate all global trading. In time the entire planet of 7 billion citizens could be ‘slaves’ of the money cartel which runs this corrupt system. Money rules this planet and today the entire system is corrupted and mostly criminal.

Today’s cyber currencies fulfill NONE of the above functions of money!

Think about the real purpose for MONEY. Why did we ‘invent’ this concept in the first place? Why did we ‘invent’ a currency? What is the role for money and what is ‘value’? Those who do not understand our history will likely perish from our corrupt administrators actions…and those who administer our policies for a select few. Think about the above concepts as well as: quantitative easing, counterfeiting national legal tender, digital cyber currencies, price manipulations, interest rate manipulations, malinvestments, price distortions, bubble stock markets, criminal  banking policies, unsustainable debt, etc. In time we will need a NEW MODEL for all of economics! Enjoy! I am:

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