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Computers, Algorithms, Digits, Spoofing – is this Capitalism?

May 1, 2015

The real purpose of money is supposed to be to help us increase material wealth (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.). But today, wealth creation is not even part of our monetary systems functions. Think! Money digits are created ‘out-of-nothing’ via our bank computers and then these ‘digits’ are transferred from a bank’s digital account to a SELECT recipients digital account (also located within Cyberspace). All our trading activity is now done mostly via Algorithms  (mathematically coded instructions) and invisible computer software…which allows our computer machines to execute trades automatically (from machine to machine). Where is the real WEALTH creation today? Why are the 1% growing exponentially more ‘wealthy’ and the 99% becoming more constrained and dependent?

High Frequency Trading, Spoofing, Layering, Front-Running, Naked Shorts, QE are concepts which emerged from today’s Ponzi Cyber Casino system (managed by our bankster policymakers)! Where is the real ‘wealth’ creation and prosperity for the working consumer?

Yes, algorithmic trading, money digits, trading strategies (such as…spoofing, layering, naked shorts, QE, etc.) create our cyber PRICES today. Real ‘price discovery’ is now a myth and an illusion when it comes to many of our key commodities and virtual assets (nearly all of our trading assets are now mostly ‘virtual’ and located within cyberspace). I witness this clearly in the silver and gold markets and also within our rigged stock markets. An article in the Wall Street Journal today mentioned that growth in GDP for our first quarter was only 0.2%. All the QE and price manipulations via our computer trading has not improved real WEALTH creation for our Nation. What kind of Capitalism do we experience today? Where does this lead going forward?

Today’s markets are within Cyberspace! Trading is now Global! Spoofing/layering/QE strategies are part of a process of manipulating ‘prices’ and ‘information’ within our Cyber Markets! Why do these operations go straight to the TOP (our corrupt Central Banks)? Think about our SYSTEM today?

America started with real Capitalism in 1776 and the goals of our system were material WEALTH creation. We also had a monetary system where our MONEY was a unit of real material wealth (silver coins and backed paper notes). Our system had DISCIPLINE and goals which allowed America to prosper and become the greatest Nation on our planet (economically). Today, our system has evolved into a Ponzi Casino where cyber ‘digits’ (within cyberspace) have replaced real material MONEY. Silver coins, gold coins, paper notes (backed by silver/gold) are no longer part of our trading/exchange system. Our legal tender today consists primarily of cyber ‘digits’ created ‘out-of-nothing’ (consciousness) by select bankster administrators. Where does this lead? What happened to real Capitalism?

Real Constitutional Money has been eliminated from our Cyber Markets so that phony cyber ‘Digits’ can be used to enslave everyone! All monies are now cyber ‘Digits’! Who creates these ‘digits’ and HOW? Where does this lead? Is the Mark of the Beast soon coming?

We can now witness where this leads. Read this evidence from yesterday: 

By Ann Saphir
Thursday, April 30, 2015

CME Group Inc. on Thursday barred two traders from its markets for allegedly colluding to enter orders repeatedly with no intention of trading, a strategy that has been fingered as a key contributor to the 2010 Wall Street flash crash.

Heet Khara and Nasim Salim, both traders of CME Group’s gold and silver futures contracts on its Comex exchange in New York, are prohibited from trading for 60 days, according to a disciplinary notice released by the futures exchange giant.

Each trader, the notice said, “entered orders or layered multiple orders to encourage market participants to trade opposite his smaller orders resting on the opposite side of the book. … After receiving a fill on his smaller orders,” each trader “would then cancel the resting order or layered multiple orders that he had entered on the opposite side of the order book.” Reuters was not able to immediately contact either trader to comment on the CME notice.

CME is now an ELECTRONIC exchange where computers, digits, cyber trading strategies dominate all trading! See their website at:

How can this system of computer money last much longer? I would suggest that it can not! The entire system is so corrupted that Capitalism should now be viewed as a Ponzi Cyber Casino…within a metaphysical trading space called ‘virtual reality’. Cyberspace (a ‘virtual’ experience) is not even a part of our physical WORLD (that which we call Space/Time reality)! Does any of this make any COMMON sense when we think about the goals of economics? Not in my mind! Think about what traders, banksters, politicians, speculators, and algorithms are doing for our markets? Do we have any REAL ‘free’ markets today? What happened to Supply/Demand setting our Prices?

Think about the concepts of SPOOFING, LAYERING, FRONT-RUNNING, QE, RIGGED MARKETS and NAKED SHORTS! Do these actions sound like actions which increase our material WEALTH or create meaningful FREE MARKET PRICES? How can any meaningful ‘Price Discovery’ happen when most of our ‘prices’ are derived from manipulative trading strategies (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS)? And why are our Central Banks involved in all these manipulative trading activities? How can any ‘free market’ develop when Central Banks (who can create these money ‘digits’ out-of-nothing) are part of the trading/exchange Market? Who can compete against a Central Bank who desires to rig and manipulate our prices, interest rates, and economic values? Who is doing any Critical Thinking today? Think and then think some more! I am:

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