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Price Discovery – now a total Sham! Look!

April 30, 2015

After the spot silver price had two days of an upward movement (the trading action for silver), our Central Bank slammed the price back down some 90 cents (5.5%) within minutes. This is done with a ‘naked short’ sale on the CME/Nymex electronic market, most likely in New York. This illegal and corrupt strategy of slamming prices via algorithmic trading on our electronic markets is becoming ubiquitous and obvious to those of us who have followed the Price Discovery process of silver these past four years. Yes, our Central Bank operation (on the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve building, 33 Liberty Street), has a huge trading operation where this type of slamming most likely occurs. This can now be done automatically using an Algorithm to slam the price whenever it reaches a pre-set level (set by a code within an algorithm). Look at this ‘tick’ chart for the slam in realtime:

Notice the slam in price around 9 a.m. This type of price drop is not the result of supply/demand! Select traders can slam a commodity price via a ‘naked’ short strategy!

This google chart shows the same slam of some 5.5% on the Nymex electronic exchange (around 9 a.m.)! Why is this being done? This is obviously the action of an algorithm which is used to execute a ‘naked short’ transaction! Today, this is done within seconds/minutes via speed of light HFT trading!

Why do our elite monetary administrators desire for silver and gold to remain within a price range (for silver this has been between $15 and $17 for months)? My suggestion is that these monetary officials do not want any of our historical monies to acquire confidence within our markets. If our phony digit currencies are to remain viable, then our officials desire for our historical monies to be controlled (within acceptable trading ranges). This type of control should be totally illegal, but who can challenge a secret operation administered by a Central Bank???

Algorithmic traders set price manipulation as part of their goal! This should be illegal! Think about what is happening in today’s markets! All our markets are rigged by algorithms and Central Bank manipulations! How can this be called: Capitalism???

Today, all our markets are totally rigged by computers and algorithms. The trading desks within select Central Banks are the culprits. These criminal operations now control prices and prevent any meaningful ‘price discovery’ from occurring. Silver and gold investors are being manipulated daily by these criminal operations behind closed doors.Price Discovery is now a SHAM and an ILLUSION for investors/speculators within the silver/gold markets. Think about what is happening today to our markets. All are rigged and controlled by algorithms and decisions from trading desks operating behind closed doors. Wake-up investors! The SHAM is obvious if you LOOK! I am:

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