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April 30, 1945 – Hitler’s Final Solution ends via ‘Suicide’!

April 30, 2015

It has been 70 years to the day since Hitler and his ideology of a Final Solution ended. He committed suicide in his bunker in Germany on April 30, 1945. Also, on April 30, 1975 (40 years to the day) America withdrew from Vietnam with a final air-lift to end this war. What do these events teach us? Basically, they teach me that political efforts of ‘Might’ to accomplish some End are fruitless and end with shame upon the perpetrator. Germany and their Third Reich was destined to fail and so was America’s attempt to rid the world of ideological Communism. As a Vietnam veteran, I do not feel any empathy for those who started the Vietnam conflict.  This war was mostly a shameful event on America’s part.

Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945 (70 years prior to today)! His ideology of Nazism failed and his Rule ended in flames!

40 years prior to today the Vietnam conflict ended! America’s role ended with shame!

Hitler and his administration of ideologues had a vision of expansion via ‘Might’ and subjugation. They desired to rule the World with a philosophy of conquering their imaginary mental enemies to maintain their hubris and superiority over the other. All this visionary zeal ended up in killing some 58 million people. Was this a wise and prudent endeavor? History speaks loudly, NO! Since 1945, the new Nation of hubris has been the United States of America. Yes, the U.S.A. has evolved into a Nation where ‘Might’ and military power (as well as Economic dominance) has been their means to their End (democracy for everyone on our planet). Has this been a wise and prudent ideology? Just what is Democracy for everyone? What does this mean…in reality?

Democracy for everyone appears to drive America (politically and economically)! Is this a wise and prudent strategy for Ruling our planet?

This philosophy of democracy for everyone is America’s Final Solution for our planet. Democracy (as our Founding Fathers concluded) is nothing more than Mob Rule of the 50.1% over the 49.9%. The goal of individual freedom for the masses is subjugated to those who Rule over the 49.1% and the 50.1%. We can now witness the results of Democracy within our Western World. These nations are mostly bankrupt with unpayable Debt and they continue to create new chaos via their ‘Might makes Right’ ideology (their war machine). The Final Solution mentality has merely been transferred from a German politician to an American politician. The End will likely be similar in time! What a shame!

America’s war machine is attempting to create an END via a corrupt MEANS! This is not likely to work!

Yes, the mentality of our political Rulers has not changed over these past 70 years. Hitler attempted to Rule the World via his corrupted ideology called Nazism and now America is attempting to Rule the World via another corrupted ideology called Democracy for Everyone! Both are destined for destruction as failed ideologies/philosophies. We now need to wait and watch as the American ideology collapses and crashes in the next few years. The coming Financial Crash will set off the coming ideological Crash. We could witness the beginning of the Financial Crash in 2015. Enjoy and learn! I am:

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