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How to Reverse ‘Price’ Suppression of Gold/Silver!

April 29, 2015

Yes, the prices of silver and gold have been suppressed for some 4 years by traders. Traders have used Algorithms to create a ‘naked short’ sale without any delivery of the metals. This strategy (the ‘naked short sale) when trading gold and silver suppresses the price in realtime in our ETF and Options markets. You can witness this strategy for yourself by looking a ‘tick’ chart in realtime where huge price drops are created via this trading strategy. But can this strategy be used in ‘reverse’ to off-set those who desire to suppress these precious metals prices? I would suggest YES!

Algorithmic trading makes up some 70% of all trading volume today!

What is now needed is for a well-healed silver/gold trader(s) to create an Algorithm to trade these metals on the long side…off-setting those who desire to suppress the prices. If prices can be suppressed via an Algorithm why not use another Algorithm to counter this trading strategy of our Central Banks or their proxies? Think about it! Algorithms now make up most of the volume within all our electronic trading markets. Algorithms are codes for executing trades automatically. A Quant is hired to create the ‘code’ and then this ‘code’ is used as software for trading in realtime. Our Central Banks now have their own trading rooms and platforms for manipulating and rigging our electronic markets.

This ‘tick’ chart is created by an Algorithm! Prices now reflect this trading strategy!

Since some 70% of all trading volume is now done via Algorithms (math based codes with invisible instructions) why not use an Algorithm or a multiple of Algorithms on the LONG SIDE to off-set the rigging of prices (of silver/gold) by our Central Bank traders? Any well-healed silver/gold trader on our planet could initiate this type of Algorithm and then use it to trade on our electronic exchanges (such as Globex or similar). This strategy could help to off-set the rigging mentality within our Central Bank trading rooms and create a semblance of price stability and an upward trend within our silver/gold prices.

The nature of our trading today is based on digits for our money, algorithms, codes, math, software, high-frequency trading, computer platforms, and electronic exchanges. Our markets are now Global, interconnected, networked, electronic, and within a new space called CYBERSPACE. All market prices are now mostly rigged and manipulated by High Frequency Traders using computers, co-location, low latency, front running, and Algorithms (automated software for executing all trades). Computers are trading with computers in realtime with NO human beings involved in the process. We truly have a Machine Driven market today…with computer rigging as the MO.

All our exchanges are now electronic and Algorithmic trading allows machines to trade with machines at near the speed of light in realtime. Some 70% of trading volume is now accomplish via Algorithms!

Give some thought to creating an automated program (an Algorithm) for executing trades within the silver/gold market on the LONG SIDE (off-setting those who desire to suppress these prices). I am surprised that this has not been done to date. At least I am unaware of anyone using this strategy. But if rigging is going to be ubiquitously used by our Central Planners then rigging must be used to counter rigging. It is a shame that our markets have evolved into this type of rigging, but when rigging is the MO then counter rigging is appropriate. Think about it! I am:

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