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Critical Thinking – sadly lacking in America today!

April 29, 2015

The grand deceptions continue in politics, economics, money, science, religion, and philosophy. Where are all these deceptions and misrepresentations of reality coming from? It appears that we are now in a metaphysical WAR of words, concepts, perceptions, and illusions. Let’s review just a few for those who seem to lack the desire for Critical thinking. Just HOW do I/you (we) live our daily lives and what is deception and what is reality? First let’s review a few of the gross deceptions which are present today (which I have discovered in my research). Yes, Critical thinking is a quality which seems lacking within many of today’s thinkers! That is my perception as I teach and visit with my friends and associates!

1. What’s happening within our economy? Are conditions getting better or worse. The Media, our Central Bankers, and our Politicians claim that the American economy is strong and growing. The expectation is that 2015 will be equal or better than 2014. Stocks are going up, up, and up! Our Fed is saying that they plan to increase interest rates (soon) as our economy is now growing and strong. Is this reality or deception? What do I think?

Comment: In reality, the view of our Central Planners and Politicians is mostly false and illusionary. Retail sales are starting to decline, employment is not growing, the real estate market is stagnating, global stock markets are in a huge bubble, prices of key commodities are rigged, Central Bankers are creating ‘digits’ (called money) Out-of-Nothing! The entire global marketplace is now being ‘manipulated’ by our Central Planners (called our elite thinkers)! This is much closer to reality than the perceptions of our elite IMO!

2. What is happening within our religious institutions? The perception of many is that ‘unity’ is emerging and people are coming together and desiring to work together. Many church leaders are presenting a message of prosperity and continual growth for the many religions of this world. Is this reality or deception? What do I think?

Comment: In reality, a division and a greater disunity is developing as strong leaders espouse contrarian views about End Time events. Churches are preaching contradictory messages from pulpit to pulpit. The book of Revelation is preached by some and shunned by the many. The members of these churches within Christendom desire contradictory social policies…with little unity within the main religious hierarchy. Some want abortion on demand, others want legislation eliminating almost all abortions. Some want the definition of ‘marriage’ to remain as it has been…and others want the ‘definition’ to change to allow same-sex marriages for the entire country. Some are preaching the message of End Time events as a gospel…and others are shunning this entire message as irrelevant. Confusion is growing everywhere within Christendom. Few, however, seem to discern the times!

3. What is happening within Science and Philosophy? Many scientists are stating that the origin of life is soon to be discovered. Science is stating that the idea of a Creator or God is a myth and a deception! The Delusions of religion are being presented by a growing body of Atheists and non-believers. The theory of Evolution is viewed as sacrosanct and a ‘fact’ by many within science and philosophy. The concept of millions and billions of years of history (time) is being presented as Gospel. The Hadron Collider (and the experiments thereof) in Switzerland is being viewed as the final straw in finding that which holds our universe together! What do I think?

Comment: In reality, the concept of an ‘origin’ of life is pure myth and illusion. Life, in reality, is ‘spirit’ and there is NO origin for that which is eternal. Scientists can not define ‘life’ and their view of its ‘origin’ is a false effort. Matter does not emerge into ‘life’. The physical can not produce the non-physical. Life derives from prior life and not from dead inorganic matter. The concept of a Creator as our Source for all life is dismissed within most of science and philosophy. The effort to promote Macro-Evolution as a replacement for a Creator is a huge deception and mistake within science. The idea that the Hadron Collider can find a God particle which is the final particle which holds our Universe together is pure myth and delusion! The entire issue of what is Consciousness is mostly shunned by our main body of scientists!

Yes, the deceptions are huge today. Critical thinking is lacking within our elite thinkers of today. The result of this is that our entire social/political/religious/scientific/philosophical paradigm is crashing and collapsing. The economic model for our society, called Keynesianism, is crashing. The paradigm within religion is crashing…and the paradigm within science is crashing. The result of all this will be a CRASH in the thinking of all our elite…and a CRASH of all our monetary markets! The trend is evident to those with DISCERNMENT skills. Unfortunately, the masses of our public and our elite seem to be living in a fog and a state of confusion/illusion/delusion. Enjoy this Day! I am:

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