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Kingdom Economics, The FIVE behind Suppression of ‘Gold’ Prices!

April 24, 2015

It’s now time to speculate on which computer trading rooms are behind the suppression of the gold/silver markets. I have watched this Algorithmic suppression (of gold and silver prices) for some five years and I am convinced that select Central Bank trading rooms are the culprits. But who (specifically) has given the instructions for the suppression scheme? Let’s speculate on specific names for this missive! I don’t think I will be proven too far off! We all now know that trading manipulations are ubiquitous. The single day trader from London, England who was recently indicted as a participant (trigger) in the May 6, 2010 FLASH CRASH (of some $1 trillion in losses within the stock markets) was Navinder Sarao. This single individual used ‘spoofing’ and ‘layering’ strategies to gain some $40 million in profits from his day trading platform. Is he or similar individuals responsible for all the trading manipulations/price suppression schemes today?

Navinder Sarao was the Flash Crash trader accused of being a trigger to the $1 trillion drop in prices!

Is this individual responsible for all these trading manipulations which we now witness within our cyber trading markets? I would suggest, NO! This one individual, however, may help us better understand how our current cyber monetary system works. My sense is that the real monetary/trading criminals behind all the price suppression schemes (like within our gold/silver markets) are really the HUGE trading rooms within key Central Banks on our planet. Are you aware that our Federal Reserve Bank in New York has a huge trading operation at 33 Liberty Street (9th floor)? What are they trading? Are you aware that the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland has trading rooms in Basel and also Hong Kong? What are these secret trading rooms doing and what are they trading? Why are Central Banks trading in our markets and who can compete with their trading platforms and cash?

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange was used by Navinder Sarao to trade futures! He claims his quickness to click the mouse button allowed him to use ‘spoofing’ strategies to gain his trading profits! Who else might be using these strategies? What about our Central Bank trading operations?

The New York Fed has a huge trading room (similar to above) for trading stocks, bonds, derivatives, and possibly also suppressing our gold/silver prices! Who can compete (freely) with a Central Bank trading operation?

My sense is that these trading rooms and many others are directly involved in the price suppression schemes of our silver and gold markets. These banksters hate gold and its history and they also hate silver and its history. Both these metals have been the choice of the common people but our bankster elite hate these metals (as they create discipline within the price discovery markets). What our bankster elite prefer is to manipulate all our markets as a Central Planning process with currencies that they can create ‘out of nothing’. This, to me, is criminal behavior. Let’s now speculate on WHO might be behind the decision-making to suppress the gold and silver markets. I will start with five individuals who I have followed for some time and who seem like candidates for this illegal suppression scheme. I use the word ‘illegal’ as an economist and philosopher who teaches the principles of Capitalism! Capitalism should involve Decentralized markets and a money item which comes from nature!

1. William C. Dudley – Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 33 Liberty Street.

2. Jean-Claude Trichet – Director of the International Bank of Settlements, Basel, Switzerland.

3. Stanley Fischer – Vice Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.

4. Jacob Lew – Treasury Secretary of the United States of America, Washington D.C.

5. Mark Carney – Governor of the Bank of England, London.

Prior elite who are now out of office who also may have been behind this illegal and criminal price suppression scheme are: Ben Shalom Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Mervyn King, and also Alan Greenspan. All these elite understand the history and attractions of gold for retaining historical value over time. They also recognize that these metals do not allow them to do their Central Planning of the markets via their Algorithms and Keynesian econometrics. Will the price suppression scheme eventually END? Yes, it could if countries like Russia, India, China, and others desire to rid the world of the ‘faith’ based currency called the U.S. Dollar. What now needs to happen is for other countries to BUY up all the gold and/or silver (the physical coins/bars) being offered within our markets to EXPOSE these manipulative criminals! Think about what these elite are doing in their secret TRADING ROOMS! This, to me, is criminal behavior!

Prior Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King! Candidate for price suppression scheme of gold and silver prices.

Prior Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke. Candidate for price suppression scheme of gold/silver!

Prior U.S. Treasury Secretary. Candidate for the suppression of gold/silver prices!

Prior Fed Chairman for twenty years, Alan Greenspan. A candidate who understands the role of gold!

In reality, all these Central Bank trading rooms should be ILLEGAL. Who can compete against entities which can create unlimited trading currencies OUT OF NOTHING? Answer: none! Think! Today, we do not have any real Capitalism. All our markets are ‘rigged’ via computer Algorithms, high frequency trading, spoofing and layering trading strategies, naked short selling, and many other computer trading gimmicks. The entire house of cards needs to be exposed for what it is: CRIMINAL! I am:

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