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Kingdom Economics, Part XV, Money does not EXIST!

April 22, 2015

Few pundits or the general public are aware of the ‘nature’ of money! Are you AWARE that money (in reality) does not EXIST? Yes, the word ‘money’ is merely a metaphysical ‘word’. This is the beginning point for understanding our monetary system. What we humans do is take a ‘word’ like MONEY and then choose some ‘thing’ within nature to represent this ‘word’. What items within ‘nature’ have humans chosen within the past 6000 years? Think of wheat, oats, cows, chickens, cowrie shells, wampum, nails, beads, tobacco, peanuts, silver, gold, copper, iron, lead, and today an ‘imaginary’ digit within cyberspace. All the above are within ‘nature’ except the ‘digits’ which we now display with cyberspace.

Our money today is created and transferred within cyberspace as imaginary ‘digits’! Who discerns the Bankster Ponzi Scheme behind the operations? FEW!

Yes, in reality, the ‘word’ MONEY has been used to represent all kinds of objects and images. Today, the extreme has arrived. We now use an ‘imaginary’ unit of our consciousness for MONEY. Who, however, is aware of what these ‘digits’ really are? Who understands the ‘nature’ of cyberspace. My mobile smart phone now transfers money ‘digits’ from my ‘digital’ banking account to whomever I choose. I can email ‘digits’ to my son. I can pay my groceries with ‘digits’. I can speculate in the stock market with ‘digits’. I can borrow ‘digits’ from a bank. I store my ‘digits’ as savings within a ‘digital account’. Digits have emerged as our MONEY and what does this allow our elite BANKERS to do?

Our entire planet is now a Cyberspace communication system of ‘imaginary’ digits! Our banksters have assumed control and their global Ponzi Scheme is destined to enslave all mankind! Think!

Bankers can make me a loan of ‘digits’ from NOTHING (their thinking). A banker can provide me with a mortgage loan by merely creating a ‘digital’ account for me and then in-putting ‘digits’ as both an Asset and a Liability within the bank ‘digital’ books. The loan is viewed as an Asset and the ‘digital’ dollars (mere numbers) are viewed as a Liability. Wau Lau, I now have financing for my house, or my car, or a personal loan. What we call MONEY is now created ‘out-of-nothing’ and in-putted into a computer ‘digital’ account. There is no real cost to the banker as the ‘digits’ (in reality) do not EXIST. What a neat Ponzi Scheme our bankers have created.

Digital bankster money is now global and all is created (freely) OUT-OF-NOTHING!

Banksters can now create MONEY…’out-of-nothing’…and input numbers (called dollars) into their computer account simultaneously. This is so easy and free that one’s MIND can not grasp the process. The WORDS that are used by our banksters confuse everyone. I SEE a number (like $1.00) in my digital account and I immediately THINK that this number is real. In reality, this ‘number’ and all the ‘numbers’ are created from the MIND of banksters who then survive by forcing me to pay ‘interest’ digits to the bankster. The bankster than makes NEW loans (out-of-nothing) to other borrowers to expand their ‘imaginary’ wealth and control over the community, society, nation, and world. What a neat Ponzi Scheme banksters have created.

Imaginary symbols, digits, numbers are created from the MIND of banksters! The ultimate goal is enslavement of all mankind under their bankster Ponzi Scheme!

Furthermore, our banksters now do all this manipulation within a non-physical space called CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is NOT within our Space/time universe and this means that banksters can now make us all SLAVES to their metaphysical/controlling schemes and shenanigans. In reality, the entire bankster Ponzi Scheme is so subtle that few seem to discern the charade. Why should we consumers even pay any TAXES to our government today! Think about it! Digital MONEY can now be created ‘out-of-nothing’ (the bankster MIND) and then given to whomever and whenever! Why should we pay TAXES, or any rent, mortgage payments, grocery bills, gas bills, etc. Money from BANKSTERS is basically FREE (when we discern the Big Picture)! Think about what is now transpiring in our markets (locally and globally)!

Have you done any research on the history of our Federal Reserve Act of 1913? How was this operation conceived and who were the original actors? 

Who are the banksters? Do our banksters even KNOW what they are doing? Could they have ‘good’ intentions and yet be unaware of their bankster Ponzi Scheme? What do you think? How can we change this Ponzi operation? Will a market crash of historic proportions create the opportunity?

Do bankster operations (done mostly in secret) allow this Ponzi Scheme to go unnoticed? Why the non-transparency within our bankster network (now global)?

He tried (but failed) to EXPOSE the bankster Ponzi Scheme! Why? Are the people partly to blame? The ultimate global Ponzi Scheme continues as of NOW! Enjoy!

Is it now time for ACTION by the voting public? What do you think?

All our ‘digital’ MONEY is now totally IMAGINARY and DIGITAL. We should call this bankster money CYBER MONEY. It’s created from the MIND of banksters and credited to bankster clients by merely typing numbers into ‘imaginary’ digital computer accounts. We call the process ASSETS and LIABILITIES as banksters…and borrowings or credit as clients. The entire SYSTEM is so ludicrous that any THINKING person is shocked into accepting the system by PURE confusion of the ‘words’! Yes, WORDS are used to deceive and manipulate all of us. We see these manipulations in science, religion, economics, politics, and education. WORDS are really spiritual and/or metaphysical creations. Think about the illusions that we all live with! Enjoy this day! I am:

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