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Kingdom Economics, Part XIV, Digital Money Schemes!

April 21, 2015

If the Kingdom Economics model were to be adopted, all digital, chip card, cyber money will be abolished. The reason is that this type of money creates criminal behavior among the Administrators. Think about what is happening NOW. We have some 10 – 20 global banking policymakers creating digital/cyber units (called money) from their inner Consciousness (their MIND). They then type ‘numbers’ into their Central Bank Computer Screen to increase their digital banking account. This crime is being implemented in a host of countries as I write this blog. Policymakers (being corrupt to a degree) create digits/cyber money (out-of-nothing…their thinking) and then increase their own Digital Account so they can manipulate our markets and rig our trading venues. What kind of behavior is this? I call it CRIMINAL behavior! Let’s identify a few of these monetary criminals who are/have participated in Official Counterfeiting of their currencies and rigging of our markets:

The Ten Most Wanted Monetary Criminals (as of today)!

1. Ex-Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, U.S.A. (2008 initiator of QE)

2. Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, U.S.A. (acquiescent)

3. Ex-Central Banker, Mervyn King, Great Britain (initiator of QE)

4. Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the G20’s Financial Stability Board, Mark Carney

5.  President of the European Central Bank (19 countries), Mario Draghi (initiator of QE)

6. Governor of Central Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda (initiator of QE)

7. Governor of Peoples Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan (initiator of QE)

8. Governor of Sweden’s Riksbank, Stephan Ingves (initiator of QE)

9. President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley (rigging markets)

10. Board of Directors, Bank for International Settlements, Jean-Claude Trichet (rigging markets)

The above 10 Most Wanted criminals and probably dozens more who are now participating in the policy of rigging our trading markets, rigging silver/gold markets, rigging interest rate markets, distorting asset values, and counterfeiting our various national digital currencies (via their algorithms and computer software programs) need to be identified for these monetary crimes (which our official Media desire to ignore). Why are these policy-makers participating in criminal activities with no repercussions from the public? Let’s think about the purpose of MONEY; the role of ‘price discovery’; the morality of ‘counterfeiting’; and the concept of ‘value’! These concepts are now mostly corrupted by our Keynesian policy-makers at the highest levels of Authority! Few seem to understand!

Read the History of the Federal Reserve Act for evidence of the crimes!

Today, all our global markets are mostly ‘rigged’ by computer Algorithms and overt administrative policies of our Central Banks. At the center of all this rigging and counterfeiting is the Central Bank of all Central Bank’s called the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, in Basel Switzerland). Visit their website at: Review their role and their current policies. Think about the purpose and philosophy of how REAL Capitalism is supposed to work. Do we have any REAL Capitalism today? Do we have any REAL ‘price discovery’ today? Are ‘interest rates’ set by the market? Are ‘values’ of collateral and assets determined by a free market? Are Central Banks suppressing asset ‘prices’ like Silver and Gold (via computer Algorithms)? Like Foreign Currencies (via Algorithms)? Like Oil prices (via Algorithms)? Think about who is ‘rigging’ all our markets today! Are not these the REAL criminals?

The Master Mind’s were Paul Moritz Warburg (middle right) and Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich (Senate Republican leader…not pictured)!

Have any of the citizens of these countries ELECTED and voted for the above monetary criminals? Who selects these policymakers and why do most meet in SECRET for their decision-making activities? Have you studied the HISTORY of these financial institutions and their non-transparent ACTIVITIES? Have you read the history of the U.S. Federal Reserve Act? Who was behind the creation of this ‘unconstitutional’ ACT? The history is now available if you Google the Jekyll Island secret conference! Have you researched the HISTORY of the Bank for International Settlements? Have you thought about the recent Libor (interest rate) rigging? What about HSBC and other banking scandals? The evidence is everywhere for those who desire to LOOK!

This image says in all! Who occupies the ‘bottom’ of the pyramid? Why?

Yes, the evolution of money from Silver coins, to Paper notes, to Gold backed currencies, and now to ‘imaginary’ cyber money is available to study for those interested. The new trend now emerging are millions of Chip Cards (plastic cards with computer chips enclosed). Starting this October, 2015, all banks are supposed to convert their existing magnetic strip cards to the new Chip Cards. All this digital money may seem great for individuals who lack a full understanding of the Hierarchy which creates all this ‘funny money’. But for us who understand and who discern the inner workings of these operations, we realize that the Mark of the Beast will follow these operations. Now is the time to start thinking about what is happening within our global markets. It’s TIME to voice your opinion! Enjoy! I am:

Some websites to copy into your URL box for review (these will provide evidence of the criminal activity taking place)! Take the time to do your own research so you understand this issue prior to the election of 2016.


2.  (documented evidence of price manipulations)



5.  (documented evidence of suppression and manipulations)







12.  (Ron Paul speaks out on debt, manipulation, coming WAR)

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