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Kingdom Economics, First Principles, for cousin Eric G. of Sweden!

April 20, 2015

This missive will cover some of the First Principles of economics and money for my 16-year-old cousin in Sweden. Eric G. has a real desire to get into politics and economics (down the road) and he desires to learn more about the fundamentals of historical Capitalism as part of his quest. After knowledge of the basic concepts of Capitalism are digested and understood, Eric may desire to delve into the current economic chaos (of today) which is not really economics but criminal behavior at the highest levels. But to discern what is transpiring NOW (today) one must first understand the history which has led to our current mess! So let’s start with the key (core) Principles and see where it leads! First I will outline only the key concepts:


1. Private property  (the start of Capitalism and Politics)

2. Production of goods (supplying basic needs…for survival on planet Earth)

3. Wealth (the core Goal of economics is production from our natural resources)

4. Marketplace (the stage where all productions are displayed/sold/negotiated)

5. Barter (the starting point for buy/sell transactions and the exchange of Value)

6. Exchange (that which happens via subjective negotiations between the parties)

7. Value (the core subjective concept within Capitalism which few comprehend)

8. Money (the invention which represents #7 above…also called a proxy for value)

9. Currency (a unit of money which allows for calculation of prices/values)

10. Valuation (the subjective process which leads to price discovery)

11. Price Discovery (the calculated number after negotiation is complete)

12. Surplus productivity (production which is not immediately consumed)

13. Savings (accumulated production which allows for new services/activities)

14. Good(s)  (physical things which are produced for the marketplace/consumers)

15. Services (activities like…teaching, painting, driving, writing, politicking, banking)

16. Gold/silver standard (a system of discipline for money/currency administration)

17. Entrepreneur (one who plays the game of economics with skill and efficiency)

18. Wealth effect (the imaginary illusion of prosperity created by debt/credit)

19. Inflation (the result of bidding up prices with excess currency in the marketplace)

20. Deflation (the result of value destruction due to lack of effective demand)

21. Intermediary (banks and other institutions who provide credit/financing)

22. Central Bank (the overall administrator over monies/currencies/finance)

23. Prosperity (when all consumers are well supplied with material products/services)

24. Depression (a breakdown in the logic/principles/administration of Capitalism)

25. Communism (where a central body administers/distributes all production)

26. Socialism (where Governmental polices dominate the marketplace/production)

27. Fascism (State domination/dictatorship/Central Bankism/Corporate domination)

28. Dictatorship (Central control over all money/finance/politics/trading activity)

29. Globalization (interdependency within finance/economics/money/trading)

30. Global Governance (hierarchical rulership over all politics/finance/economics)

31. New World Order (the idea of select elites ruling the entire planet)

32. Digital Money (currencies created by the computer and other mobile devices)

33. Cyberspace (a memory space within Consciousness which allows communication to flow via invisible frequencies from sender to receiver)

34. Space/time (that which we experience OUTSIDE our mind’s as Motion/Objects)

35. Consciousness (the inner core of our Being/thinking/awareness/abstracting)

If Eric G. comprehends the basics of the above concepts and principles he should be miles ahead of his age group and headed in the right direction to meet his future goals. Each of the above concepts can become a day’s discovery to fully comprehend and understand. The above is merely a general beginning of First Principles which must be understood if one is to function effectively within politics and economics going forward. I will expand upon these concepts if Eric desires to grow intellectually after this initial START. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. One suggestion for Eric:  Google each of the above concepts as you do your study/thinking. Write down what you discover that is important. We will discuss when I come to Sweden in July. D

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