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Kingdom Economics, Part XIII, Past/Future thinking – a deception!

April 19, 2015

After attending my weekly church service in Tucson, I noticed some serious flaws in the ‘thinking’ of these religious leaders (pastors) behind the Pulpit!  Religion promotes a mindset of Past/Future thinking…this has been my revelation. This mindset has been part of the Christian religion since the death of Yeshua in 31 A.D. Christian believers constantly focus on Past events (from scripture) to provide evidence for their sermons. Then the audience of believers in the pews are supposed to internalize these sermons (messages) as Gospel Truth for the present. When these leaders are not talking about the Past (via historical scripture passages), they usually talk about a Future where their Messiah will return to create their new World. This Past/Future thinking appears to me to be a HUGE deception as it has no relation to the NOW (present moment) realities of life. Isn’t reality a life within the NOW?

Rick Warren is only one Pastor/Teacher within Christendom who preaches Absolutes!

Preaching behind a Pulpit protects the speaker from contrarian points-of’-view!  Deception can emerge from the Pulpit and the ‘group think’ sheep would not understand! Why not allow contrarian viewpoints?

Furthermore, these religious leaders (pastors and teachers) have created a venue (the church facility) where the audience (in the pews) are mostly ‘passive’ and ‘accepting’ of all the enunciations coming from the pulpit. This format within most of our churches of Christendom creates a ‘group think’ atmosphere among their followers and creates a waiting mentality when it comes to action in the NOW. It appears that this controlled mentality at the top and the passive mentality at the bottom, is beneficial for the top leaders (the elite) in that these leaders can assume a God-like image over their flock (called the sheep). What deception! Yet the believers (mostly ‘group think’ believers) tend to accept this format (system) as they assume this is normal behavior. They ‘assume’ that TRUTH (in some final form) is being presented! What deception!

Those in the pews rarely can Challenge the elite behind the Pulpits! Group-Think emerges! What deception! Who is capable of enunciating ABSOLUTE Truth within Christendom?

Who can ‘interpret’ Scripture in some FINAL/ABSOLUTE form? Socrates says NONE! I agree! Words can be given Spiritual ‘spin’ from any PhD pastor/teacher and/or highly educated presenter! Deception emerges! The Sheep remain confused!

In reality, there is NO ‘past/future’ dimension that I/you live within on this planet. This is pure realtime ‘deception’! The Past is always a Now Memory and the Future is always a Now Expectation. There is NO reality to this type of Past/Future thinking, yet the churches of this world continue with this false deception via their hierarchical system of control. Pastors and teachers have created venues and formats where the audiences in the pews (the Sheep) are totally PASSIVE and unable to challenge this THINKING at the top. The idea that all these pastors/teachers are preaching Absolute Truth is pure myth and fantasy! Why the thousands of denominations and millions of different perspectives on their scriptural interpretations? None of these leaders seem to discern the falsity of their system and the destructive nature of their teachings! Why? What deception!

Was Socrates (who died in 399 B.C.) basically correct with the above statement?

Socrates displayed Wisdom with the above words! Christendom displays foolishness under the myth that Truth is ABSOLUTE! Who, in reality, knows the mind of God?

The reality of LIFE is that I/you live our lives in the NOW (always). The ‘present moment’ is reality and ‘successive moments of Now’ is how we live our lives. I do not live in some Past dimension (other than within my memory)…which I experience in the Now.  I also do not live in some Future dimension (other than within my imaginary mind)…which is also a Now event. In reality, I live in the NOW (always)…and successive moments of NOW. There is NO ‘past’ and there is NO ‘future’ which I experience while on this planet! All is NOW and successive moments of NOW. So all these religious leaders (pastors and teachers) are perpetuating a False Reality for all their ‘group think’ followers (called the Sheep). This is shameful and pure deception! How can this change going forward?

Did Bill Cosby say the above? If so, I agree! The NOW is reality (always)!

The Now reveals that TRUTH is subjective and relative! Past/Future thinking is also a deception! Yet, our religious elite continue with the myth! 

What now needs to happen is that ALL these pastor/teacher elite need to Step Down from their assume positions of Authority and allow contrarian viewpoints within their halls of ‘group think’! This may create some chaos for a season, but eventually this would allow the controlled followers (called the Sheep) to grow and learn and contribute their own voices on what is Real and Active within their inner spiritual souls. As of Now, the elite leaders ASSUME that they must be in control so that their version of TRUTH (their imperfect perspective) will prevail (at all costs to that which is REAL)! Those in the pews need to inform their elite leader(s) that opinions (even from Scripture) are SUBJECTIVE/relative…and that each person has a right to their subjective/relative OPINION.

Think about the above statement! Who can prove that God is within themselves or another person? Isn’t God a subjective reality (assumed on FAITH)? Why call subjective reality a FACT? Think! Also, the ‘word’ existence seems inappropriate when describing an inner reality!

Yes, ‘interpretations’ of words in scripture (and all the various Versions of scripture) are subjective and individual! Today, we have hundreds of different Versions of historical Scripture and millions/billions of different ‘interpretations’. Turn on the Web or TV for evidence! All these ‘interpretations’ are somewhat SUBJECTIVE and personal to each reader of scripture. Who has the ABSOLUTE truth on any set of ‘words’ from Scripture? Who can enunciate the precise TRUTH of the Creator God…by reading historical ‘words’? Who is all-knowing and fully knowledgeable to discern the MIND of the All-Mighty Creator? How can anyone claim that their INTERPRETATION is the final/absolute/correct ‘interpretation’? Who (in the final analysis) should PLAY GOD? Think about these ideas on your own!

Versions/Translations of Scripture (also called the Bible)! Each is different!

What is the ‘absolute’ interpretation of the above scripture? Are their many voices/interpretations?

Image result for versions of the Bible

What is the ‘absolute’ interpretation of the above words? Is there any voice which can claim absolute/final/correct TRUTH?

The vast ‘deceptions’ within religion/science/philosophy are available for everyone to discern today. We can listen to experts/elite from all parts of our planet and discern that NONE knows anything with surety. Socrates was totally CORRECT in 375 B.C. when he enunciate that Wisdom emerges when I recognize that ‘I KNOW NOTHING’ (with surety)! Reality is NOW and we can all discern that opinions are subjective and relative! Pastors and moral teachers should STEP DOWN from their lofty positions of ‘assumed’ Authority and open up the debate on reality to EVERYONE (all the Sheep sitting humbly in their pews)! The Past/Future myth needs exposure in the NOW! That is my suggestion and relative opinion! Yes, my view is also Subjective and Relative! Enjoy! I am:

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