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Kingdom Economics, Part XII, Dual Realms of Reality!

April 16, 2015

How many of our elite educated people have discovered their mind and/or consciousness? The SOURCE of reality is my/your MIND (also part of our Consciousness). Yet our elite educators attempt to foist the concept that my BRAIN is the source of my thinking. Yes, neuroscientists, our most educated elite…THINK that my brain neurons and the extensions thereof are the source of my ‘words’, ‘ideas’, ‘thoughts’, ‘concepts’, ‘notions’, and ‘mental images’. Intelligible information, according to these elite comes from my physical/material BRAIN. Is this wisdom or confused fantasy? What do YOU think? Do I live within my BRAIN or is there a realm beyond my BRAIN (a separate realm) which creates my realtime realities? Think about the SOURCE of our ‘words’ and ‘mental’ images as a starting reference point. Where do my ‘words’ derive from? What are WORDS? Where do these realities come from?

Brain or Mind which is it? Do ‘numbers’ and ‘words’ emerge from Brain or Mind? Why is this important? Are there TWO realms of reality or just one? Wisdom may be needed!

Does ‘pain’ (or music) get realized within our Brain or our Mind? Are there TWO realms of reality? Click on the below link for more details! and  Focus on the ‘words’ coming from the speaker. Do his ‘words’ come from his Brain or his Mind?

Words seem to create most of our realities on this planet. Let’s take the ‘word’ MONEY as our example. This ‘word’ is so important to mostly everyone as it gives us groceries, clothes, transportation, etc. Without the ‘word’ MONEY where would we get all these items which we enjoy and cherish? The history of money is very interesting. The ‘word’ MONEY emerges from our MIND when we trade or exchange products from person to person. Prior to money we think about the ‘word’ VALUE. If I exchange my cow for your plow we would conclude that this was a ‘value for value’ transaction. But what happens when we desire to exchange items which another person or marketplace does not have to exchange? We run into a PROBLEM! There is no ‘value for value’ available! So what do we INVENT?

Historical paper (with a currency ‘name’ engraved thereon) was invented to serve as MONEY! Physical paper (with the ‘name’ Dollar engraved) works for a time! Why? Who prints the paper? Why the ‘name’ Dollar?

The problem (of valuation) gets resolved when we INVENT the ‘word’ money…and then choose some physical item to represent the subjective concept of VALUE. If we choose a weight of silver to represent this ‘word’ called VALUE, then we can advertise to others that we have INVENTED money. Money (the word) has now taken on a physical definition which allows us to trade, exchange, and value all items within a marketplace. Valuation is done via a ‘currency’. What a great invention! A mere WORD (derived from the Mind) becomes a tool for economic trade, labor, wages, income, savings, and investment. All our economic concepts evolve after we INVENT the concept of MONEY/currency. But who or what should determine who gets MONEY/currency and when? Should it be the material marketplace or a money Dictator?

This European lady screamed DICTATOR at Mario Draghi (April 14, 2015). She appears to know more about MONEY than all our elite policymakers! Why is Mario viewed as a Centralized Dictator? What about Yellen, Carney, Kuroda, Ingves, etc.? Aren’t they ALL Dictators (within their respective realms)?

The face of a Central Bank Dictator appears fearful (this lady discerns the hypocrisy within Central Banking)! Draghi is creating ‘trillions’ from his thinking MIND! Who gets the MONEY? Why is this hypocrisy?

Should the material marketplace (mining of silver, for example) determine who gets what? Should the minting of silver coins be done so that MONEY gets out into the society for use? Who should control the minting process and the coining process to assure that MONEY gets out into the marketplace? Should not an elected Government agency which represents the people be the source for minting and coining? Why would we want to turn this important and vital function over to a few Central Bankers (dictators, as today)? Why should we allow a few elite (who operate mostly in secret) to create our MONEY/currency and decide who gets what? Why should these elite be allowed (under today’s cyberspace system) to create our MONEY ‘out of nothing’? Should we allow select elite to punch computer keys and then create our MONEY/currency…from their thinking MIND?

Today, silver coins are created (minted) mostly by mechanical robots. This technology has replaced older processes and tecnologies. But our Central Bankers have a better option today. They can create currencies OUT OF NOTHING! Why is there no ‘transparency’ within our Central Banks on this issue? Think!

Central Bankers now punch computer keys to create MONEY! Who gets these computer digits? Why? Why is our economy about to collapse from our phony funny money? What is Cyber money? Think!

Think about what is happening today (now)! Where does our MONEY come from? Which Central Bankers think up NUMBERS (called a currency unit, like dollar) and then ‘punch’ computer keys to create all our MONEY (now digits within Cyberspace)? Should one person, like our prior Fed Chairman, called Ben Shalom Bernanke…be the Source for creating our money from his thinking MIND? Should a dictator like Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, H. Kuroda, or Stephan Ingves be allowed to THINK UP CURRENCY NUMBERS and then punch their Centralized Computer keyboard to create ‘trillions’ or ‘billions’ of counterfeit digits for their special friends, dealers, banks, politicians, and hedge funds? Think about the process that is being used today (now) for money creation! Look into the details of these criminal operations!

(Bloomberg) — Stefan Ingves, the governor of Sweden’s central bank, said he’s ready to expand the bond-purchase program unveiled yesterday by “a lot” should it prove necessary. This Central Bank Dictator appears to enjoy ‘counterfeiting’ the Swedish krona. Do the Swedes (the people) know about his criminal operation?

‘Thin air’ is another ‘name’ for creating money from the MIND (consciousness) of a Central Banker! Why are silver and gold being suppressed today within our corrupt Futures Market? These historical monies (the prices) are suppressed (daily) to give people the illusion that the digital system is needed! What a farce!

What we now need to understand is that our MONEY does not really EXIST.  Our currency units today are cyber currency units which DO NOT EXIST within our space/time universe. Centralized Dictators, like Mr. Draghi of the ECB (or Yellen of the U.S. Fed), now can create MONEY from their inner thinking (Consciousness). Is this sound economics? Do imaginary digits derived from my or another person’s MIND solve the functions of MONEY/currency? Yes, we all live within TWO realms of reality today. Realm #1 is our material world of physical/material things. Realm #2 is our spiritual world which we can call our mind and/or consciousness! MONEY should not be in the hands of Centralized Dictators, like Draghi, Yellen, Kuroda, Carney, or Ingves. We now need to rethink the entire discipline called MONETARY THEORY! That’s it for today! I am: Start doing some of your own thinking going forward!

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