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Kingdom Economics, Part X, ‘I’ am not my Body! Nor are ‘You’!

April 10, 2015

Let’s focus on the issue of ‘immortality’. A new article in Discover magazine (May, 2015) is entitled Immortality. This article says “two things are certain in this world: We are born, and we die.” The article then expounds on near ‘immortality’ by referring to cells which multiply indefinitely, like stem cells and certain cancer cells. It appears the Jelly Fish can also reverse its life cycle to some degree. These examples, however, do not deal with the real philosophy of ‘immortality’. In reality, I (we) are ‘immortal’ and unaware of our real self. Yes, I AM NOT MY BODY (and neither are YOU). Let’s think about who we really are at the core! An ‘inside-out’ mindset may be necessary for this discernment!

This great philosopher was ‘killed’ because of his challenging ‘ideas’! But he accepted bodily death with a smile! Why?

Socrates discovered the subjectivity of reality way back in 375 B.C. Was he prescient?

Thinking is sometimes difficult work but without deep thinking life is robotic (not worth living)! The wisdom of Socrates is relevant today!

The great philosopher, Socrates, had no problem drinking the hemlock tea which killed his body back in 399 B.C. Socrates died (his body) with a smile on his lips as he discerned (correctly) that his REAL self was his ‘spirit’…not his body! He discerned that the REAL person is not the body (which everyone looks at) but the inner ‘spirit’ (this virtual/metaphysical part which lives on after the body dies/decays/disappears). The REAL self is our ‘inner’ self which is called our ‘spirit’ and/or our ‘consciousness’ and/or our ‘virtual’ core and/or our ‘metaphysical core’. Evidence of this ‘inner’ realm is our WORDS (which derive from this inner self/core). WORDS are virtual/spirit/mind dependent (invisible but at the core of my/your being). Are you AWARE of this? Can you discern that your ‘body’ is not the real self?

Socrates taught in the marketplace and gathered a loyal following. The Rulers and Authorities, however, could not accept his challenges! His bodily death (via drinking hemlock tea) was the result! How many others have been ‘killed’ for similar behavior?

The vast majority of mankind lives, thinks, acts as if they are merely their outer BODY. The neuroscientist’s call the material body/brain the real self. They create images of a ‘living’ brain and then point to areas of one’s BRAIN to discern what is happening. These highly educated thinkers actually BELIEVE that their body/brain is who they ARE. They assume that a 3 – 10 pound organ called one’s physical/material BRAIN is who ‘I’ am! Witness at: These highly educated scientist’s are totally deceived about my REAL self (and yours also). We are NOT our Brain/Body! Socrates was correct in 399 B.C. and I, also, discern my ‘inner’ self which I claim is independent from this 3-10 pound organ of matter. My REAL self is ‘spirit’, ‘virtual’, ‘metaphysical’, and part of CONSCIOUSNESS!

The ‘immortal’ spirit leaves the body/brain at physical death! Were you aware of this?

What activates my/your body/brain is the invisible/virtual/metaphysical ‘spirit’! Our ‘words’ are the evidence if we think deeply on the issue!

The view that my ‘consciousness’ emerges from Brain activity is totally FALSE. There is zero evidence that ‘consciousness’ can emerge from material MATTER. Brain cells and brain neurons are composed of ‘matter’. My ‘consciousness’, however is NOT composed of ‘matter’ or ‘energy’ or anything ‘material’. My ‘consciousness’ is ‘spirit’ or ‘virtual’ (Plato called these ideas ‘forms’). Socrates and Plato introduced the philosophy of a higher intelligible self which is at the core of reality. Socrates had no problem with taking his death sentence (from unaware politicians/rulers at his time) as he discerned his real inner ‘immortal’ SELF. He realized that his audience was mostly blinded to this reality! They assume that Socrates was his BODY! Am I/you our body/brain or do we have a metaphysical core (self)?

Where do my/your WORDS come from? Do they come from MIND or Brain? Can neuroscience discover where our ‘words’ originate? I don’t think so! We now need to discover our METAPHYSICAL CONSCIOUSNESS!

The Model of Kingdom Economics is based on the core reality that we are ALL ‘immortal’ at our core. The evidence of this reality is our WORDS AND OUR IDEAS (which derive from this spiritual realm within us)! Think about the concept of: where do my WORDS come from? What are WORDS! Why do WORDS create our reality in realtime (NOW)? Within economics the ‘word’ MONEY is merely a WORD. Within finance the ‘word’ DOLLAR is merely a WORD. These two ‘words’ (totally spiritual/virtual/metaphysical) are used daily to give us food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. In reality, these words do not ‘exist’ as material things. They are derived from my/your inner ‘spirit’! Most people are totally UNAWARE (or could not care)! Yes, our WORDS create our reality and WORDS are the evidence of my MIND, my CONSCIOUSNESS, and my inner SELF. I think YOU are similar when AWARE of this message! Enjoy! I am:

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