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Kingdom Economics, Part IX, Human Rulers need to step down!

April 7, 2015

What now needs to happen is a return of the Title Deed (of planet Earth) to our Creator! This means that our Creator becomes Ruler over our planet and the current human rulers (politicians, central bankers, rhetoricians, scientists, religious pastors, imams, educators, pontificates, etc.) need to step down from their positions of assumed Authority. Who desires to be Ruled by flawed human pontificates’ and politicians who bow to the money cartel (also called our Central Banking cabal) and other deceptive human ’emperors’. The Day of Freedom from this Rulership is now nye! To create a better world and a planet of equals we need ALL human rulers to STEP DOWN from their pontificate positions (now) so that the individual becomes Supreme. Equality among all mankind’s citizens is my goal under Kingdom Economics! What is yours? Will human Rulers step down voluntarily? Probably not!

The END of man’s RULE is nye! Look at the results of 6000 years of Man’s Rule? Where are our human Rulers leading us? Is total destruction of our planet emerging? Evidence suggests, YES!

In reality, our Creator owns this planet and ALL the natural and super-natural resources which we experience. One planet under our Creator is emerging rapidly. This will not happen by a VOTE of the people on this planet. This will happen by the Super-natural Authority of our Creator’s spirit (word)! Human nature will fight this event to the END as human beings desire to play God (this is part of Human Nature). Playing God, is within HUMAN NATURE! Our Creator, however, is Sovereign and his Government over our planet is emerging daily. The death of Man’s Rule is coming and the contention for ultimate Authority is the End Time Battle (now emerging). Who will win? My sense is that our Creator has the key cards! Man will lose! Think anew!


Who Rules this planet called Earth? Think! Does Obama, Cameron, Putin, Jinping, or Netanyahu Rule this planet? Who should Rule planet Earth? Who does Rule our planet?

In reality, we are all ‘At-Effect’ (servants/responders) on this planet. The belief of being in CONTROL is a myth and a delusion. All history reveals that ‘man’ is ‘at-effect’ and can not change what is pre-determined by Providence! Providence created the Nation called America! Providence created the conditions which we now experience on this planet! Providence can be discerned by those who have a determined desire to understand! The vast majority of mankind, however, is mostly ‘blinded’ to what is happening on a daily basis! Man is NOT in control and events will eventually reveal this reality to ALL! A few are waking up! The vast majority appear to be BLINDED!

Capitalism is now OVER! A banking cartel has ‘rigged’ all our markets! Are you AWARE? The system of man is collapsing rapidly! Watch the markets for the coming financial collapse of the AGES!

Today, we have a population of some 7 billion human persons on this planet. If we go backwards in ‘time’ (mathematically) this number declines continually. In 1943 (when I was born) there were only 2.4 billion on this planet. In 1776 (when America started) we had some 1 billion on this planet (notice the decline). At the time of Yeshua and Pontius Pilate there were some 300,000, 000 on our planet. And in 6000 B.C. (or some years prior) there were only TWO people. Who created these TWO people? Did they spontaneously emerge from the slime of inorganic chemicals? Can you support the belief that ‘life’ derives from chemicals? I can’t! Where does our ‘spirit’…also called ‘consciousness’ derive from? Think! Wake UP! What is the Law of Biogenesis?

How Many People Have Ever Lived On Earth?  the estimate is: 108 Billion (source is Population Reference Bureau). My estimate would be slightly different (but similar)!

Year Population Births per 1,000 Births Between Benchmarks
12,000 B.C. 2   ?    ?
8000 B.C. 5,000,000 80 1,137,789,769
1 A.D. 300,000,000 80 46,025,332,354
1200 450,000,000 60 26,591,343,000
1650 500,000,000 60 12,782,002,453
1750 795,000,000 50 3,171,931,513
1850 1,265,000,000 40 4,046,240,009
1900 1,656,000,000 40 2,900,237,856
1950 2,516,000,000 31-38 3,390,198,215
1995 5,760,000,000 31 5,427,305,000
2011 6,987,000,000 23 2,130,327,622

The best estimate as of 2015 is as follows: Some 7.244 billion occupy space on our planet as of today! How does population increase over time? Does ‘life’ come from prior ‘life’? Is the Law of Biogenesis valid? If not, show me how ‘life’ emerges from non-life? I don’t think you can! Life does NOT originate from non-life! In fact, life does not ‘originate’ (period)! Life is ‘spirit’ and ‘spirit’ is everlasting (also called ‘eternal’). Life comes from a SPIRIT SOURCE! Think! Wake Up! All the nonsense perpetuated by our materialistic scientists is false! Life derives ONLY from prior LIFE! Think about what happens NOW! Reality is NOW! Think about the Law of Biogenesis!

The creation of ‘man’ (male/female) can not be proven (discernment and belief is necessary)! Can you DISCERN the reality of an ‘intelligent’ Creator? I can! The logic is easy when BELIEF is present!

The initial SOURCE for ‘life’ on this planet is our Creator! Those who discern this reality can recognize the reality of our CREATOR as the Source, King, President, Ruler, and Sovereign over this planet! Man is a mere servant (totally ‘at-effect’). We discover reality as we live and discovery comes from a Higher Intelligent Source! Life from Life is reality! Life from dead Matter is deception! Most will recognize the reality of these ‘words’. Some 85 % of human thinkers believe in these ‘words’. Those who temporarily ‘control’ our collapsing System, however, seem BLINDED to this reality! Now is the TIME to Wake Up! Think about the nature of ‘reality’ as we live it! Who is in Control? Who Rules this planet? Reality is: successive moments of NOW! Think! I am:

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