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Kingdom Economics, Part VIII, Inside-out Thinking!

April 6, 2015

The vast majority of scientists and all materialists base their ‘thinking’ on an Outside-in model. What do I mean? Outside-in thinking looks ‘out’ at nature (all that we see and observe with our eyes) and assumes that this is reality. In other words, Outside-in thinking focuses on objects, things, particles, matter/mass. Scientists have been using this mindset to discover our particle world and all the sub-atomic particles within this world for the past 400+ years. Scientists have even been looking out to find/discover all of reality including the God particle (as if God were part of matter/energy).

Materialism is based on the Outer. Outside-in thinking is emphasized!
Macro Evolution is based on an Outside-in model of thinking! It’s all based on finding how matter emerged into living human beings!

After hundreds of years of this Outside-in thinking many are now recognizing that this model is bankrupt. Scientists and materialists have been unable to find/discover their own Mind, Spirit, or Consciousness. By looking OUT at the material world all one finds are objects, particles, sub-atomic units and energy in motion. The real ‘stuff’ of life (our spirit/consciousness) is left out of the model. Science is now at a crossroads and the philosophy of materialism is mostly DEAD. The new mindset and model which is emerging rapidly is the Inside-out model of thinking.

Image result for a materialist model of reality and thinking

Helgelian philosophy assumed an Inside-out mindset! Karl Marx, however, disagreed! Marx is an example of Outside-in thinking! Inside-out thinking assumes that each person is an observer/thinker prior to doing any discovery. The inner realm of thinking is derived from one’s consciousness. So what is consciousness? This invisible/metaphysical realm is rather subjective and elusive. Each person creates their own reality from this Inside realm of subjectivity. Let’s take a concept like ‘value’ or ‘money’ to discern this model of thinking. In reality, there is no such thing as ‘value’ or ‘money’ within our greater material universe. These inner WORDS come from one’s mind or consciousness.

We now need to re-think our model for thinking! The Inside-out model needs to replace the Outside-in model!

Within a barter marketplace, people use their Inner thinking to negotiate representative ‘values’ for objects which are exchanged. There is no such thing (an outer thing) as VALUE…so people must eventually turn to ‘money’ (another inner word) so that some object can represent VALUE. People have chosen all kinds of different objects as representations of their Inner concept of VALUE. Beads, shells, nails, tobacco, animals, silver coins, etc. have all served as proxies for this Inner concept called VALUE.

Mind (consciousness) now needs to be viewed as fundamental! Subjective experiences need to be viewed as primary! Things, goods, objects, matter need to be viewed as secondary!

Once an Outer object has been chosen (to represent ‘value’), people apply the Inner ‘name’ called Money to this object. Money (the word/name) emerges from the marketplace of people to solve a problem called the riddle of VALUE (what is the ‘value’ of the item I am trading to another person). So the word (money) emerges from our Inner consciousness and then gets applied to some object of nature (material reality). The birth of Capitalism follows this process in time.

Reality is both material and non-material! The Inner, however, needs to be viewed as primary! All Inner realities are somewhat Subjective!

Inside-out thinking is at the core of economics and social relationships. We now need to use a different model of thinking (called Inside-out thinking) rather than the materialist model of Outside-in thinking. That which comes from our Inner being (our consciousness) is what creates all reality. The materialist model (based on Outside-in thinking) needs to be replaced if progress is to resume for the human race. The New Model can be called Inside-out thinking as Consciousness is fundamental to all our realities on this planet.

The spirituality of reality creates our Inside-out thinking model!

Examples of Inside-out thinking involve the process of NAMING and LABELING. When I ‘name’ an object (say an object in space which is newly discovered) I am using my Inside-out mindset to create the ‘name’. When we think about all the ‘names’ given to all our planets, stars, moons, etc. we can discern that each ‘name’ derives from someone’s Inner self. This Inner self is one’s Consciousness (also called Mind or Spirit). The dualistic philosophy of Socrates, Plato, and Descartes can be used as historical models for Inside-out thinking.

My Brain functions AFTER my Mind activates my neurons, etc. Mind is prior to Brain. Mind is where my Consciousness resides. Brain operates my bodily activities. WORDS and IDEAS derive from Mind (not Brain)!

A Brain absent a Mind is dead/non-functional/static. The subjective aspect of reality is our MIND (and our Consciousness)!

Kingdom Economics is based on the idea that our awareness and consciousness is always part of a Now Reality! The Now is an Inner reality derived from Inside-out thinking!

Outside-in thinking comes from philosophers like Aristotle, John Locke, and Bertrand Russell. Whereas Inside-out thinking assumes that one’s Inner self is the primary source of reality. Inside-out thinking focuses on Thinking prior to Acting; Being prior to Doing; and Mind prior to Matter. What now needs to happen is a complete CHANGE in our thinking and our model for thinking. We need to discover our Inner self and recognize that this Inner realm is primary for creating a New Model for our planet! Think first and then act! Be, Do, and then experience! Enjoy! I am:

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