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Kingdom Economics, Part VII, No Final Solution!

April 3, 2015

The mindset of our elite Authorities is that we need a FINAL Solution to our problems. Mr. Hitler was a great example of this mindset (mentality). What is the Final Solution to the mystery of Life? Is ‘killing’ everyone who challenges my Power, Control, and Authority the Final Solution? Just what is the Final Solution to our daily human condition? Those in POWER seem to think that ‘killing’ (or effectively eliminating challenges from competing Power Centers) is the Final Solution. America has a philosophy of Might makes Right (our military industrial complex under political Authority) as their Final Solution. This is nothing more than a deception for ‘killing’ (eliminating) all enemies who challenge America’s hegemony! Will this work? Is the concept called Democracy (America’s political slogan) the Final Solution for all of mankind? What is America’s Final Solution if not Mob Rule (Democracy)?

Is this the Final Solution? What about beheading everyone who disagrees with my theology? I eliminate all disagreement and everyone becomes clones of my theology!

Let’s briefly review the prior Parts (the principles) to my New Model for our planet:

1. Self Government (each person, in reality, is a unique singularity)

2. Natural Resources (man does not own the planet and this means we have NO private property rights)

3. Subjectivity (all is subjective at the core of human nature and this means all is Relative)

4. Money (money does not EXIST, it is ‘invented’…as a tool to solve the riddle of ‘value’)

5. Time and Motion (time does not EXIST, reality is NOW and always NOW)

6. Words and Ideas (these units come from our Metaphysical Consciousness)

7. No Final Solution (life is lived in the now and solving PROBLEMS is the reason for living)

The idea of a Final Solution creates a World where everyone is eliminated except me/myself/I. This mentality is much like setting off a Nuclear Bomb that destroys all human life on this planet while I am viewing the destruction from my perch on the Moon (say with a couple of friends). I destroy everyone via a series of Nuclear bombs, EMP’s, or similar and then I descend from my location (on the Moon) and Rule this planet with NO disagreements or dissension. I might agree to take one female with me to the Moon so a new race of clones could populate a new Earth. The vision of Noah on his Ark (a family of eight) would be another metaphor for this re-population of our planet.

Is Democracy (what Thomas Jefferson calls Mob Rule) the Final Solution? We end up with what we now witness in Washington D. C. and over in the Eurozone!

Does this image follow a philosophy of Might makes Right? We witness this over in the Middle East at the present time! Who survives and who Rules after the destruction?

The entire concept of Might makes Right and/or elimination of disagreement and contrary points-of-view makes NO sense if life is to continue on this planet. In reality, we are all unique singularities (with different points-of-view and perspectives on mostly everything). The philosophy of Might makes Right makes zero sense for resolving the human dilemma. Any mentality which promotes a FINAL SOLUTION is a mindset which is destined to fail. We need to internalize the concept that there is NO Final Solution to our problems and difficulties. In fact, we now need to embrace PROBLEMS and then all become ‘problem solvers’! The new philosophy should be a mentality of PROBLEM SOLVING and not a philosophy of: What is the Final Solution!

Who enunciated the above words? Why are our elite Authorities now pursuing failed policies? Isn’t a NEW MODEL needed going forward?

Problems (the so-called negative) comes PRIOR to any Solution! What is the Problem is a good beginning mindset for today’s leaders!

Problems are the real ‘stuff’ of life and overcoming ‘problems’ is what we now need to focus upon. This is an ongoing mindset which will continue indefinitely. We need to think of Problems as positive issues which create our jobs, progress, and our life goals. Problems are continual and are not likely to END for hundreds of years (orbits of our Sun). Part VII of my New Model under Kingdom Economics is embracement of PROBLEMS as the real ‘stuff’ of life. Overcoming problems needs to be our mindset going forward. The wisdom of Kingdom Economics is that Problems come prior to Solutions! Each solution to a problem is temporary and new problems emerge daily! Let’s all embrace a Problem Solving mentality! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. The Final Solution: Death to all and everyone! Is this where mankind is heading? A global Caliphate (under the Rule of Sharia Law) is this the Final Solution? What are the other Alternatives? How about Kingdom Economics?

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