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Kingdom Economics, Part VI, ‘Words’ and ‘Ideas’!

April 3, 2015

When we get back to First Principles (rethinking all our philosophy about reality), we can discern that our ‘words’, ‘names’, ‘numbers’, ‘concepts’, ‘notions’, ‘thoughts’, ‘symbols’, ‘mental images’, and ‘ideas’ are Metaphysical units (not material ‘things’). Our historical philosophies have labeled these Metaphysical units as ‘things’ (implying that they are fixed units which can be ‘defined’ specifically). This is totally false and this philosophy does NOT represent reality as we live it. In reality ‘words’ are RESULTS (units of consciousness emerging from MIND). Let’s first review briefly the first FIVE parts of my NEW Model of reality. Thinking about what is REAL in the ‘now’ is the secret to discerning the NEW Model. Here are the five parts which have so far been covered:

We now need to get back to First Principles!

1. Self Government (each person, in reality, is a unique singularity)

2. Natural Resources (man does not own the planet and this means we have NO private property rights)

3. Subjectivity (all is subjective at the core of human nature and this means all is Relative)

4. Money (money does not EXIST, it is ‘invented’…as a tool to solve the riddle of ‘value’)

5. Time and Motion (time does not EXIST, reality is NOW and always NOW)

6. Words and Ideas (these units come from our Metaphysical Consciousness)

Philosophy has labeled a thought (say like ‘money’ as a ‘thing’ which exists within our Physical Universe. This, to me, is totally FALSE thinking. In reality, there is No Such Thing (as money) within our Greater Material Universe. Where is ‘money? Where is this supposed ‘thing’ called our Dollar? Typing a ‘name’ (like the ‘name’ Dollar) on a piece of paper does not make this ‘name’ a THING. This is a deception of the mind! In reality, there is No Such Thing as the ‘dollar’, ‘pound’, ‘ruble’, ‘euro’, etc. within our Material Universe. Try and FIND this ‘thing’ called the Dollar? Can you FIND it? I can’t!

This image reveals the true nature of a ‘dollar’ today! It becomes ‘nothing’ as the paper is burned. So where did Big Ben obtain new dollars from (his QE operation)? Think! His metaphysical MIND!

All I can FIND are paper notes with the ‘name’ Dollar engraved upon the paper. There is NO actual ‘dollar’ to FIND. So what is our ‘dollar’ (in reality)? I would suggest that this ‘name’, ‘word’, ‘symbol’, ‘number’ which we call the DOLLAR is really a ‘unit of consciousness’ (nothing and nowhere). Names, etc. derive from one’s MIND (not nature). In reality, there is No Such Thing as ‘dollar’ within our Greater Material Universe. So why do people lock-on to this unit of nothing and THINK that it is real? Why do people THINK that ‘money’ is real? Why do people THINK that ‘words’ coming from the mouth of some Authority are material ‘things’?

Words (from our elite Authorities) create the illusion of reality! What is the ‘definition’ of the WORD ‘dollar’ today? Can anyone on this planet FIND today’s unit called The Dollar?

The problem is that past Philosophers and our elite Thinkers have ‘defined’ words as THINGS. Our past elite thinkers have ‘defined’ words like ‘truth’, ‘beauty, ‘value’, ‘money’, ‘time’, and ‘dollar’ as real material THINGS (implying that ‘words’ exist). This, to me, is part of our thinking problem. As human beings we ‘define’ that which IS NOT as if it IS. Within Christianity our elite thinkers have ‘defined’ their God as ONE GOD (yet they espouse three God’s…a Trinity). They want the sheep (all of us) to buy into the concept that ‘three’ is the same as ‘one’. What baloney! Thomas Jefferson was able to ‘see’ through this logical deception! Yet the masses of sheep within Christianity can not discern this illogic! Why?

Three persons (should be viewed as three)! Who created the logic that 3 = 1??? And the bigger question is WHY? Could CONTROL over people be part of the logic?

Which human person created the above logic? Was it the Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D.? The math is ridiculous! One + One + One = Three (doesn’t it)? Yet many believers maintain 3 = 1. This proves that all of reality is SUBJECTIVE (there is no final Truth)!

My sense is that our Elite Thinkers (at the head of our education system) desire to perpetuate philosophical deception, illogic, and confusion so they can maintain CONTROL of their false deceptive MODEL of reality! This week, for example,  (April 5) Christians will be celebrating a false reality called EASTER. They (the 4000 denominations on our planet) have ‘assumed’ that their prophet, teacher, messiah, christ, anointed one…called Yeshua or Jesus actually ROSE from the dead! Those of us who live in the NOW recognize that dead people (the bodies of flesh) do NOT rise after the ‘spirit’ has left one’s body. When my/your ‘spirit’ leaves our body at DEATH the physical BODY decays and rots (starting instantaneously after the ‘spirit’ has departed). Yet, the elite perpetuate this myth of the RISING (of the body)!

This image reveals the logic of Prophecy speakers on the concept of The Rapture! Bodies (defy gravity) and selectively fly into the clouds above to MEET who? Why? Where? When?

Then we have all the prophecy elite perpetuating the false belief in this concept called the RAPTURE. This ‘rapture’ idea proposes that millions of ‘bodies’ (flesh and blood bodies) will SOON ‘rise’ and ‘fly’ into the CLOUDS via a catching away (also called a RAPTURE) of the Saints. Is this reality or pure MYTH/illusion! I would suggest (for those living in the NOW) that this is pure illogic, illusion, fantasy, and myth! Why? We now KNOW that ALL physical ‘bodies’ (flesh and blood) are held ON our planet via the force called Gravity. Gravity holds all physical ‘things’ ON the planet and keeps us from ‘flying’ into the Clouds…via a command or a Metaphysical ‘word’. Yet millions of believers (all around our planet) have bought into this illusionary/false concept called the RAPTURE. Why do people refuse to think (as independent singularities)? I am shocked at this lack of serious THINKING by so many!

Words (created from speaking) can reflect reality in the NOW or they can reflect one’s Deceptions, Illusions, Fantasies, Fears, and false Definitions!

So, in conclusion, I would suggest that mere ‘words’ are not THINGS. In reality, WORDS are ‘spirit’ and/or ‘metaphysical units of Consciousness. Spirit, when defined, is non–physical, non-visible, non-material, and NO Thing (nothing)! Saying a ‘word’ like Dollar does not make this unit a THING. Saying a ‘word’ like MONEY does not make this word a THING. Saying a ‘word’ like Rapture, does not make this a reality that people experience in the NOW. Claiming that a dead person RISES (their body, that is) does not create this reality! Saying that God is a Trinity (really 3 God’s) does not create this reality! We LIVE within TWO realms of reality (Mind/Matter). Words derive from MIND and bodies (things) derive from MATTER. Think anew! I am:

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