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Kingdom Economics, Part V, ‘Time’ and ‘Motion’!

March 31, 2015

We have now covered the concepts of Self Government, Subjectivity, Natural Resources, and Money. Now lets introduce the concepts of ‘time’ and ‘motion’. What is ‘time’? What is ‘motion’. The concept of ‘motion’ is quite easy to discern. We can sense that our planet is spinning in space. As I look at the Sun, I can sense that our planet’s spin is creating the ‘rising’ and the ‘setting’ of our Sun. This fact is now confirmed from satellite images of our Earth/Sun relationship as well. So we can conclude that our Earth is spinning in space at some 1000 m.p.h. at the equator. Motion is real and is separate from one’s consciousness (at least this is how I experience it).

Our planet spins and revolves. This ‘motion’ creates the illusion of ‘time’! Motion is not Time! In reality I ride this planet in the NOW and successive moments of NOW!

We can also discern that our Earth is revolving around our Sun. The speed or rate of motion of our Earth (in space) can be calculated at some 67,000 m.p.h. The orbit of our Earth takes an elliptical path and after some 365.25 spins we witness ONE complete orbit or revolution. We humans have given this result (one orbit around the Sun) the ‘name’ YEAR. This motion appears real and has also been confirmed from images taken by our satellites in deep space. Finally, we can also confirm from our deep space observatories that our entire Solar system (including our Earth) is revolving around a star cluster called the Milky Way at some 550,000 m.p.h. This motion also appears real and evident.

I ride our planet (within our Solar System) and revolve around a star cluster called the Milky Way (at some 550,000 m.p.h.). This motion is NOW and successive moments of now! There is no clock keeping time!

So we do have relatively solid evidence of MOTION (and we human beings experience this ‘motion’ as we RIDE our planet from morning to the next morning). Motion (of our Earth) has created our seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter). But what is TIME when compared to MOTION? Time is different from motion and this concept (‘time’) was INVENTED (much like ‘money’) just a few thousand years (prior orbits of our Earth) prior to today. Time derives from our thinking and is not a ‘result’ like MOTION. Motion (this result), however, gives us the perspective of change and we can create our CLOCK (human time) from this change. There is NO actual clock within our Universe, however, so TIME (this concept) is totally a human invention (designed to create order and regularity for our human activities).

There is no clock out in space keeping ‘time’. Time is invented by human beings (based on ‘motion’) to create order and regularity (especially for farming and economic production)!

The concept of human time (called clock time) gives us the ‘illusion’ of a Past and a Future. This ILLUSION, however, is not reality. In reality, there is NO ‘time’ as an event/thing (only successive moments of NOW). You and I live our lives in the NOW (always). I wake up in the NOW. I do my daily activities in the NOW (and successive moments of Now). I retire and sleep in the NOW. This process of living in the NOW continues from my birth until my passing (called death). There is no real PAST and there is no real FUTURE (which we experience as an event). All is NOW and successive moments of NOW. What many call the ‘past’ is really a NOW memory. What many call the FUTURE is really a NOW expectation/imagination. Notice that I (you) live our lives continually in the NOW (also called the Present Moment).

All life is lived as ‘successive moments of Now’! Past is a ‘now memory’! Future is a ‘now expectation! The illusion of ‘time’ confuses many!

Since there is NO real TIME such as past/future (only ‘motion’ in the Now) we could say that life is lived (always) in the NOW for human beings who are aware and conscious. I can live in past ‘memories’ (mentally) while in the NOW and I can live in future expectations (mentally) while in the NOW. But for those who are focused and AWARE all life is lived/experienced as: successive moments of NOW (continually). When I played tennis I called this living in the ZONE. Athletes who perform at the highest level are continually focused on the NOW moment and successive moments of NOW. One slip into a ‘past’ or a ‘future’ (mentally) could spell DEFEAT to an opponent (who is totally focused on the Now moment)!

Life is lived as successive moments of now from birth until death! The law of biogenesis says that life comes only from prior life! There is no life emerging from inorganic matter!

Since TIME does not ‘exist’ (it is merely a human invention/illusion created merely a few thousand Earth orbits prior to today) we can conclude that all theories based on the concept of a ‘past’ are mostly illusionary/imaginary experiences of the mind (memories or imaginations). One clear example of this is the theory of Charles Darwin called The Evolution of Man. This theory is based on an illusionary PAST and the idea that man evolved from some common ancestor (like bacteria) some millions/billions of years prior to today. This thinking is pure ILLUSION and a misrepresentation of life as we live it. Life is based on the reality of Biogenesis (that all life emerges from prior life). There is no common ancestor (other than another human being who gave birth to another human being). There is no ORIGIN of life from inorganic matter or from some single cell and/or from a pool of chemicals from some distant PAST!

Time is ‘invented’ (just like ‘money’)! Today we all live in realtime (also called NOW)!

So in conclusion, we can say that Part V of Kingdom Economics is the reality that LIFE is lived in the NOW (always) for those who are focused, aware, and conscious. There is NO ‘past’ or ‘future’ (except as a NOW memory or a NOW visualization/imagination). Think NOW and live NOW! That is the message of Kingdom Economics. The concept of billions of years in some imaginary PAST as many scientists espouse is pure MYTH and deception! Human TIME is ‘now’ time! Clock TIME is also ‘now’ time. Prior moments of NOW give us the illusion of a ‘past’! Everyone on planet Earth can communicate in Realtime today! Could there have been prior motions of our planet around our Sun prior to human beings living on this planet? That is possible (in theory)! This theory, however, is mostly meaningless as there were NO humans around to witness this motion/orbit/revolution! We need to think of events as happening in the Now and Prior moments of Now!

Imagine yourself riding our planet as the Earth orbits the Sun! We travel with the planet at 67,000 m.p.h. We then revolve around the Milky Way at 550,000 m.p.h. All this is happening right NOW! Where is ‘time’? Motion is an experience we can discern…but Time is within one’s consciousness! Time does not exist!

When we look at reality we can best discern reality by thinking in the Now moment. What do I witness Now? What do I experience Now? What do I observe Now? Who is talking Now? Which person’s are Conscious Now? Which persons are Aware Now? Who is living with a Now ‘memory’ about prior moments of now (some distant ‘past’)? Who desires to live life with a Now ‘expectation/imagination/visualization’ about a potential Now (which never arrives as a reality in the Now)? Kingdom Economics is based upon the idea that REALITY is a NOW experience (mostly)! Living in the NOW and contributing one’s talents in the Now! Enjoy! Think NOW! I am:

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