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Kingdom Economics, Part IV, Money (not needed)?

March 30, 2015

Self government, Subjectivity, Divine ownership (of our planet) means NO money going forward! The tool called ‘money’ was invented to solve the riddle of ‘value’ under the philosophy of Capitalism. The concept of ‘value’ is at the core of Capitalism and since this concept is subjective and metaphysical, MONEY was created (in the marketplace) to act as a substitute (or proxy) for this invisible/non-physical concept called VALUE. Yes, the core concept of Capitalism is this invisible concept called VALUE. Capitalism is now OVER! But let’s review this concept called VALUE for understanding!

Money was INVENTED as a proxy for the concept called VALUE. Value emerged because of our desire for Private Property! Capitalism emerged due to these two concepts (private property and value)!

Capitalism emerged because of the legal concept called Private Property. Since people wanted to OWN things (land and production from the land), the legal concept of Private Property emerged. This concept then led to the economic philosophy of Capitalism. As we barter goods in a marketplace we encounter this invisible concept called ‘value’. Barter leads (in time) to a more efficient process where exchange of ‘value’ is improved. Money is then ‘invented’ (in a marketplace) so that counting/calculating VALUE is more efficient. Money starts out as a thing which is perceived as containing ‘value’. In time the best item for representing ‘value’ became silver/gold. This led to a currency (shekel, drachma, lira, pound, or dollar) so that ‘value’ could be measured/calculated more efficiently and precisely.

Money was INVENTED. There is no money within Nature! Money was merely a ‘tool’ which was needed for the exchange of ‘value’ under the philosophy of Capitalism!

Historical Capitalism collapsed in 1971 with the closing of the gold window by Richard Milhous Nixon. Keynesian finance (also called financial Capitalism) then emerged with our index currencies…and this has led to our current digital currencies. Digital currencies are really ‘imaginary’ currencies located in a memory space called Cyberspace. Cyberspace is metaphysical and this distorts ‘value’ and also ‘prices’ (as we witness today). We have now lived with some 15 plus years of digital currencies and the bubbles which emerge from these metaphysical units. QE and QE to infinity are concepts which describe today’s bubble markets. This will soon lead to a market Crash and the need to rethink all our philosophy about economics. This is good!

People lived without MONEY (in many societies) but this was very difficult. Today, we have the technology and a social network which can replace MONEY! Robotics can replace Labor! Computerization can create new efficiencies for production, scheduling inventories, distribution, and accounting.

Yes, a Crash is coming…including a total wipe-out of all these digital currencies and the Digital Wealth derived from these currencies. We will then be back to barter and the need for a New System and a New Economic Gospel. Step IV in the model called Kingdom Economics is the elimination of ALL money from our planet. Under the Model of Kingdom Economics we will NOT need MONEY or the derivatives thereof. Goods, Services, Activities can be accomplished much better with volunteer efforts of the populace. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, healthcare, the internet, smart phones, electricity, solar energy, wind energy, consumer goods, etc. can all be increased and distributed without the NEED for any MONEY. The ‘curse’ of money can be eliminated from our planet!

Money was necessary because of Capitalism (private property and the concept of value). Money is a ‘word’ which was ‘invented’ from our consciousness! There is NO ‘money’ within Nature! It’s ‘invented’!

Freedom from the slavery of money, credit, borrowing, debt, bonds, stocks, derivatives, etc. will soon be a reality (for our planetary citizens). All money instruments and their history will disappear from our planet…under Kingdom Economics. People (we have some 7 billion as of today) can create all our Wealth…and Technology can act as the Labor for nearly ALL production of goods/products. Robotics will create abundant wealth for everyone as the New Economy under Kingdom Economics develops. Politics will change. Banking will be eliminated. The money cartel/cabal will be eliminated. Counterfeiting via QE will be eliminated. Debt will be cancelled and eliminated. People, places, things, and events will be the core of a New Economy (without MONEY)! Abundance for everyone is now possible!

The money cabal can be eliminated under Kingdom Economics (the New Model)! Central banks will disappear! The 1% who control all our Wealth will be part of the 100%! Equality will emerge!

The history of MONEY goes back some 5000 years. Money is INVENTED (from our consciousness) to serve a role within economics. We have now arrived at a day where we can eliminate MONEY from our planet. All we need to do is CHOOSE to eliminate this curse. The blessings of eliminating MONEY are many. People become primary. Natural Resources get distributed (and shared) so that production of real goods is maximized. Technology replaces hard Labor (the historical sweat shops). Computerization of distribution, transportation, and consumption patterns replaces monetary transactions. Financial corruption is eliminated. Social interactions replace the money cartel/banking/debt/slavery. Poverty gets eliminated in time. Economic prosperity for EVERYONE will emerge!

Wealth can now be maximized using Robotics and Computerization! Hard Labor is mostly eliminated! This trend is now global and frees up people for more efficient activities!

Part IV of the Model (Gospel) of Kingdom Economics is the ‘elimination of money’! After some 5000 years of slavery to MONEY we now get to enjoy our planet, resources, social interactions, and real prosperity for the entire population on our planet. All this is coming if people desire it! The CHOICE is ours. We can eliminate MONEY from our planet if we CHOOSE! Think about the benefits of this New Model under Kingdom Economics. Money becomes history. Gold and silver can be used to improve our lives as ingredients for health and personal growth. Digital technology can replace the need for MONEY with a new emphasis on robotics and machine driven production from Computerization.

A Digital Crash is coming! Value (expressed in money) is then eliminated! Trillions of digital units ($$$) will vanish into thin air (via the delete key)! We must now eliminate ALL money from our planet (starting NOW)!

Our internet society has helped us reach this stage where MONEY can finally be eliminated from our global marketplace. People and volunteering can replace the tool of money manipulation by Central Authorities and financial gimmickry. Think about this Part of Kingdom Economics (the benefits) and start to promote this mindset as you talk and text your friends and associates. The time to eliminate MONEY is NOW! The WILL to eliminate MONEY is NOW! Reality is really:  Successive Moments of Now! Capitalism is OVER. The banking cartel/cabal needs to step down so that a NEW Model can emerge! People replace MONEY! That is our future! Enjoy! I am:

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