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Kingdom Economics, Part III, Natural Resources (who owns?)!

March 30, 2015

Part I and II have covered the issues of Self Government and human Subjectivity/Relativity. Let’s now focus upon the issue of Who Owns our Natural Resources! The future of economics for our planet depends upon the planet’s Natural Resources (oil, lumber, coal, gas, grains, steel, uranium, silver, water, air, etc.). For the past 6000 years our Natural Resources have been viewed as in the hands of those who CLAIMED the land and then occupied the land. Recently, governments have been primarily at the center of determining WHO owns what, where, and when? But is this necessary? Do ‘man’s’ Governments really OWN this planet? I would suggest, NO!

Who owns our planet (in reality)! That is the issue! For me this is simple: our Creator owns it! Our Creator also owns all that derives from the earth, air, and water (called our Natural Resources)!

In reality, our Creator OWNS our planet and ALL the natural resources. Man owns ‘nothing’! What now needs to happen is that OWNERSHIP of our planet and ALL the natural resources needs to be GIVEN back to our Creator (God Almighty). God owns our planet and all that derives from our planet and the space above. Man merely occupies this planet…the REAL title-deed belongs to our CREATOR. So what now needs to happen is that we the people need to recognize this reality and reject any claims by ‘man’ and by ‘man’s governments’. The entire planet Earth and all our Natural Resources belong to our SOURCE (also called our Creator, God Almighty, Logos, King of the Universe, or whatever other ‘name’ one desires to choose)!

View of our planet Earth from the Moon! Who created this planet and all our Natural Resources? Think! Who is the rightful OWNER?

The role of ‘man’ is to preserve, protect, and distribute these Natural Resources so that ALL human beings can benefit from these goods. Sharing the global resources is Part III of Kingdom Economics. Step #1 in this process is to cancel all the bogus records and deeds to our land claims and then RETURN the ownership to the rightful OWNER (our SOURCE)! This is simple and easy once one recognizes this reality (that God owns our planet and all that derives therefrom). The process is simple BUT the ‘will’ of those now in Control may need some changing! This can happen AFTER the coming global market CRASH which is rapidly emerging! Our current corrupted system is soon to collapse and vanish!

Before the emergence of ‘man’ there was the planet! Did it have a ‘name’? Who gave our planet its NAME?

What we now need to recognize is that ALL monetary wealth (which is supposed to represent our production since Day 1) consists of merely IMAGINARY numbers and symbols (on our records). What ‘man’ calls his Wealth is really (in reality) Metaphysical ‘numbers’, ‘names’, and ‘symbols’. This ‘imaginary’ wealth can be cancelled with the DELETE of a computer key. We would then be back to square one and the issue of WHO owns what can be ‘deleted’ from our cyberspace markets. ALL can be reprogrammed so that our SOURCE (Creator God) receives the Title Deed to all land and the entire planet (eventually)! It is actually rather simple and direct. The problem is WILL and the elite who now CONTROL (falsely) the system!

View of Australia from space. 85% of the people (on our planet) BELIEVE in a Creator God! So whose view should prevail when it comes to our planet’s OWNERSHIP?

We now need to internalize this reality that GOD owns our planet and ALL that derives therefrom! For me, this is easy and simple. I sense that some 85% of people on this planet will also desire this simplicity (once the current system collapses). The fight will likely be from the 15% who THINK (falsely) they are the owners! Can the 15% prevail over the 85%. I doubt it! Beliefs determine action and 85% of the people on this planet believe in a CREATOR GOD. The 15% will need to step down from their hubris (positions of Power) so that the 85% can create a new and better World! That is my missive for today! Part III of Kingdom Economics concerns: Who Owns our Planet! I am:

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