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Kingdom Economics, Part II, Subjectivity and Relativity!

March 29, 2015

The next portion of my New Model for our planet relates to the issue of Truth. Is there an ‘absolute’ Truth which Man can discover and implement? I would suggest, NO! Truth is dispersed throughout all of society (as a goal and objective) but no single person/group/community can assert final/absolute Truth for everyone (within our NOW reality). The concept of Truth (capital ‘T’) is beyond the ken of any person, group, or culture. This concept called Truth is a metaphysical concept. All metaphysical concepts are subjective to some degree. As human beings we each discover some ‘truth’ (small ‘t’) as we live our lives. Experience, however, teaches us that there is NO Truth (capital ‘T’) which is final and absolute over time.

Is there ONE person on this planet with Absolute Truth (for everyone)?

Seeking Truth is commendable! But we need to recognize that Truth (in realtime) can not be determined in any Final/Fixed/Absolute manner!

We could say that Truth is progressive over time and does change to some degree (as we live our lives)…as Man does not have the intellect to assume the role of God Almighty on this planet. This means that we must live with subjectivity, individuality, various opinions, and relativity as our ongoing mantra. TRUTH should be viewed as relative and subjective…this is Part II of my New Model for reality on this planet! All the Truth purveyors (scientists, theologians, pastors, imams, rabbis, philosophers, and educators) need to recognize that any single VIEW on an issue can be interpreted differently by others. This should seem rather obvious in today’s age of the internet!

This philosopher recognized the ‘Subjectivity’ of truth but refused to accept Relative Truth. This, to me, is illogical. If each person view’s Truth subjectively (right now) than we end up with Relative Truth (right now)! Subjectivity creates relative viewpoints of reality!

What does this mean, however, for any New Model for economics, politics, science, and religion? This means that Absolute (fixed) laws, rules, commands, edicts (designed for everyone by an elite leader(s)) are NOT possible in today’s world. Each person, group, culture tends to interpret reality uniquely to some extent. The goals of freedom and equality demands that leaders think in relative terms. Alternative points-of-view need to be allowed and encouraged. Absolute thinking by one person or group which is designed to be implemented upon the many is not realistic today. Albert Einstein initiated the concept of Relativity within nature. This same concept is now relevant for all social relationships on this planet.

Versions of Truth emerge daily! But who can enunciate ABSOLUTE TRUTH???

A relative and subjective world means that a new language needs to emerge. We all need to promote diversity at the expense of sameness. A good model for diversity within our social relationships are the many different belief systems now prevalent on our planet. The Shia, Sunni, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Secular, etc. worldviews reveals the diversity of beliefs on this planet. Look at the diversity within just the belief system of Islam below. This same situation occurs within Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Science, Philosophy, etc. Beliefs are subjective and this reveals the Relative nature of reality on this planet!

Relativity and Subjectivity is an obvious reality in our world today. The idea of Man ruling Man is impossible in a world of subjectivity and relativity. Whose beliefs will be imposed on who? We now need to recognize that Absolutes are really ‘relative absolutes’. Hard and fixed concepts (which one person or group thinks is reality) will be rejected by another person or group (at least to some degree). Take the economic concept of ‘VALUE’. What is the ‘value’ of a given piece of Art (for example)? What is the ‘value’ of a unique private Estate? The economic concept of ‘value’ reveals that this concept is interpreted uniquely by most everyone (to a degree). Capitalism is based on this economic concept. This now means that Capitalism is unworkable in our World of subjective views and opinions!

Just within Christianity we have some 4000 different versions of Truth (also called Denominations)! Which Denomination can claim ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

This measure of Truth is realistic for today’s World! Eternal dogmas are no longer relevant for today’s global multi-cultural society! 

The above enunciation seems Relatively Absolute, to me! This may be why I seriously respect T.J. and his general philosophy of life! I, personally, have many ideas which I view as Relatively Absolute (as of today)! My views, however, should not be assumed to be ABSOLUTE in some final/fixed/forever sense!

In conclusion, Part II of my New Model (gospel) is the reality of Subjectivity and Relativity…within all of our global society and within all our global economic/political markets. We live in a Relative World where fixed Absolutes are no longer relevant. This means that we do need a NEW MODEL for our planet going forward. Freedom demands relativity and subjectivity! Experience demands relativity and subjectivity! Common sense demands a world of subjectivity, diversity, individuality, and RELATIVITY! Today’s world is now crumbling and collapsing from all the fixed Laws, Rules, Edicts, and Commands of our political elite. Our Ruling Elite now need to Step Down from their role of Power, Control, and Rulership! Think on this new reality going forward! Enjoy! I am:

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